Is a Franchise for Snow Removal in Chicago Right For You?

There are quite a few franchises out there to choose from, but there are a few that even have us confused. It turns out that there are a couple of franchises for snow removal in Chicago Illinois available for only a modest fee. No matter how modest, I wonder why someone would choose to be a franchisee only for a certain time of year. To me, this seems like something that goes against why most people go into business for themselves in the first place. I won’t name any names of these snow plow companies, but I do want to mention a couple of points before you decide to jump into one of the business opportunities.

Chicago Snow Removal Franchise

The Possible Problems with a Chicago Snow Plowing Franchise

First off, let’s talk about the obvious. Unless you live somewhere that is ALWAYS winter, there are going to be times of the year where you are making NO money. Exactly zero dollars is what you’ll be earning if there isn’t any snow on the ground.

Secondly, think about how much some of these big snow plows cost. Some companies that specialize in residential snow removal in Chicago have gigantic pieces of heavy machinery that a small franchisee isn’t going to be able to compete with. Does the franchise headquarters help with this overhead?

Thirdly, let’s think about the barrier of entry for the common person who doesn’t go the way of a franchise. Yes, they’ll have to purchase additional insurance, but the common snow plow is just an add-on to a pickup truck that the person drives anyway. So, setting yourself apart from the guy down the street is going to be a very difficult task.

One thing to consider, when trying to be profitable, is with commercial snow plowing jobs. This seems like it might be one of the more profitable verticals to fall into because the contracts are typically longer and the need is always there. For instance, you aren’t going to have to talk a property manager into providing clean sidewalks and parking lots to avoid lawsuits. Convincing homeowners might prove to be a little more difficult in this area. So, going the route of large commercial snow removal contracts might be your best bet if you are considering this business opportunity.

Snow Plowing – Best or Bust?

All-in-all, we wouldn’t pursue it, but we hate the cold. However, if you don’t mind getting up early (really early), getting out in the cold, and pushing some snow around, this might be a good opportunity for you.