Tattoo Shops Are Now Franchising

Now we’ve seen it all! You’ve probably thought about getting a tattoo before, or maybe you even have a few of your own to show off to your friends, but I bet you’ve never thought about owning a tattoo shop franchise! Now the opportunity is available to those who have enough collateral to make up for their lacking artistic advantage in the body art industry.

The competition is slim. Sure, there are a lot of tattoo artists out there, but how many of them do you think know how to market their services correctly? Furthermore, the overhead is fairly low. You don’t need to be on the busiest street corner to get customers. You just need to be close enough to free parking. After all, the people who would normally walk in from the street are just going to waste your time by asking a bunch of questions and then telling you they’ll have to “think about it.” So, getting “prime real estate” isn’t really an issue here.

How One Des Moines IA Tattoo Shop is Making Headlines

According to a recent survey done by a tattoo shop in Des Moines, IA, the industry is a prime point of entry for new entrepreneurs just getting their feet wet. We really like this idea and you should too! Especially considering that you can easily open one up in a smaller metro area and get started…like yesterday!

The linked tattoo website gives you a brief look at how a small town like Des Moines, IA can easily create enough revenue to not only keep the business going strong for years to come, but to have enough positive cash flow that you can roll over into other ventures!

Tattoo Terminal is paving the way for us entrepreneurs and we salute them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several more of these little shops popping up everywhere throughout the United States. In fact, we got word the other day that they are expanding into Missouri as well. Anywhere there’s people who want tattoos, you’ve got yourself a nice little market. And yes, there are people who want tattoos everywhere. The only thing standing between success and failure, as you may well know already, is good marketing.

This isn’t the type of business where you’re going to get a lot of first time shoppers. You’re going to get them at first, sure, but you are going to have to capitalize on your repeat business. Just getting your name known is half the battle. Getting people to come back is the tricky part.