A Million Little Things Season 3: Finale Spoilers and Season 4 Update!

The final episode of “A million Little Things Season 3” was recently aired. A million little Things is created by DJ Nash for ABC. It is an American family drama Television series produced by ABC signature and Kapital Entertainment.

A Million Little Things Season 3 Finale

We’ve settled down to a finale having one utmost cliff hanger, However ABC’s group dramaA Million Little Things left so many storylines in fluidity in the third season’s two-part finale recently on June 9. There’s always some melodrama looming with the Boston-based group of friends. This is the show that used a character’s suicide to urge the pilot’s plot. However, there are various major bombshells in the last episode that we’re not even sure where to start from. The series is already confirmed to return in the fall. So we’ll just have to wait and see how it’s going to cope up all thes loose threads at once. As of now, it is a must-see.

Moreover, The show has been taking sharp twists all season long including storylines about quarantine, Black Lives Matter protests, and addiction. Out of these, the main feature in the finale called “Justice Part 1/Part 2,” is Sophie’s (played by Lizzy Greene) sexual assault arc. The whole season has served this story with exceptional sensitivity and realness.

A Million Little Things Season 3

This episode is different in no way. After Sophie reaches out to the police and finds out what feels sadly inevitable, that they can’t do anything. She decides to reveal her story publicly by giving a guest appearance on Maggie’s (Allison Miller) podcast. The fascinating part comes later because no one knows how huge this will blow up within media. It recollects and takes back to many real-life #MeToo scandals.

A Million Little Things Season 4

As promised, A Million Little Things Season 3 finale left a big cliffhanger. And it is only going to leave fans anxious for the show to return with answers. The series has already been renewed for Season 4 and it could be its biggest yet.

Also, Nash tweeted, ABC was asking for 20 episodes for Season 4. Season 3 had 18 episodes. Seasons 1 and 2 have 17 and 19 episodes, respectively.

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A Million Little Things Season 4: Release Date

A Million Little Things normally releases in September. However, Season 3 was held back to November in 2020 due to the worldwide covid 19 pandemic. Nash tweeted that the network is expecting to return to the usual September debut for Season 4. In the past, fresh seasons released in late September which makes Wednesday, September 22 or September 29, 2021 possible premiere dates.

Cast Details

The central cast will probably remain unchanged, and we are expecting to see more of Delilah this time. The character was on the whole absent in Season 3. Due to quarantine restrictions, actor Stephanie Szostak was unable to leave her family in New York and go to Vancouver to shoot. However, Delilah returned in Season 3 finale and if restrictions lift, she should be in Boston for Season 4.

A Million Little Things Season 3

What’s unclear is who of the friend group’s notable others will return in Season 4. Gary’s (James Roday Rodriguez) girlfriend Darcy (Floriana Lima) has lately considered shifting to a new state to keep her son and his father close, and Alan (Terry Chen) told Katherine (Grace Park) that he couldn’t wait for her to be ready to date him. So it’s likely that we won’t see those characters again. However, Maggie’s (Allison Miller) British boyfriend Jamie (Chris Geere) could visit back up again, with Nash teasing on twitter, “Who says it’s (Jamie’s storyline) over?”.

 Wrapping Up

Trailer for A Million Little Things Season 4 is not released yet. For previous seasons, trailer premiered a month before the release date of the Season. So keep an eye and stay tuned, we’ll update you with any information we get. Till then, let us know your reviews for the aired seasons and expectations for Season 4 in the comments below.

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