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Riders of Justice is a vehicle for Mads Mikkelsen, who meets up with regular writer/director partner Anders Thomas Jensen for a picture that’s part violent vengeance narrative, part broken-people psychodrama, and part wacky ensemble comedy. It premiered in 2021 and is now available on Hulu.

What is There in Riders of Justice?

In the first scene, an elderly guy with a white beard and his little niece are considering a red bicycle as a possible Christmas present in Tallinn. The youngster says she doesn’t want red and would rather wait for a blue bicycle. Nothing is guaranteed in life, according to the elderly guy, and Christmas is still a long way off. Maybe she’ll understand it, maybe she won’t.

The proprietor of the bicycle business dials a number. A white vehicle pulls up behind a blue bicycle fastened to a pole in front of a Danish train station. Two hooded guys exit the van, cut the chain, and load the bicycle into the van.

Markus is now serving in Afghanistan as a soldier. He phones his wife, Emma, who informs him that their daughter Mathilde’s bicycle was stolen at the railway station, and that the family automobile is now non-operational. To go to the railway station, Emma and Mathilde take a walk.

Otto and Lennart are hard at work promoting a useless algorithm that they believe can forecast future occurrences. All occurrences, according to Otto, are the result of a succession of preceding events, although we often classify them as coincidences due to a lack of evidence. Their superiors are not impressed, and they are fired.

How Riders of Justice Ended?

The Riders torture Bodashka for information, which leads to Emmenthaler’s identification. When Markus and his friends head to Emmenthaler’s apartment for some better computer displays, the Riders attempt a drive-by shooting on them, but Markus is able to kill the attackers and save Bodashka, who was shackled in the car.

All of the assailants’ automatic firearms are collected by Markus. They all go back to Markus’s house to hide from the rest of the Riders of Justice who are on the lookout for them.

Mathilde creates a chronology of events surrounding her mother’s death on her bedroom wall with sticky notes. She gradually recalls the day her bike was taken from the railway station. This one occurrence appears to be the beginning of the entire sequence of events that followed.

riders of justice

Markus, Otto, Lennart, and Emmenthaler set out to find Kurt and his accomplices at a restaurant. Markus is able to assassinate Kurt and three of his companions. Otto returns to Markus’s house and notices Mathilde’s wall, which has all of the events written on it. It all started when her bike was taken, he observes. He explains to her that the accident was caused by an endless number of events, and that trying to pinpoint a single cause is futile.

Palle was not aboard the train that crashed, according to Bodashka, since Palle and he were together and out of the country. Lennart and Otto had persuaded Emmenthaler to accept a less precise face recognition result, and the suspected guy turned out to be an innocent Egyptian tourist who looked suspiciously like Palle, implying that their crusade against the Riders of Justice had been carried out in mistake.

Who All Are the Cast?

Mads Mikkelsen played the role of Markus

He rose to fame in Denmark as an actor for his roles as Tonny in the first two Pusher films (1996, 2004), Detective Sergeant Allan Fischer in the tv show Ivan in Adam’s Apples (2005), Rejseholdet (2000–2004), Niels in Open Hearts (2002), Svend in The Green Butchers (2003), and Jacob Petersen in After the Wedding (2005). (2006).

Nikolaj Lie Kaas played the role of Otto

Nikolaj Lie Kaas is a well-known Danish actor who rose to prominence in the 1990s. In 1998, Kaas graduated from Denmark’s National Theater School. In 1991, he made his cinematic debut as Otto, the rebel son of a traitor, in Sren Kragh-film Jacobsen’s The Boys from St. Petri. Kaas has three times presented the Zulu Comedy Galla [da] on Danish television.

Nicolas Bro played the role of Emmenthaler

Bro was raised in an acting household, with his mother, Danish actress Helle Hertz, and father, actor Christoffer Bro. His brother, Anders Peter Bro, is also an actor, as is his sister, Laura Bro. Vigga Bro and Lone Hertz, his two aunts, are also actresses. In 1998, he received his diploma from the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance.

Roland Møller played the role of Kurt

In Odense, Denmark, Mller grew up in a criminal atmosphere. He had ten assault convictions and had served a total of four and a half years in prison before being granted parole in 2002 on the condition that he leave Odense. He went on to Den Rytmiske Hjskole, a music folk high school, and then to Copenhagen, where he began working as a songwriter with the rapper Jokeren.

Wrapping Up

On November 19, 2020, the film premiered in Danish theatres, grossing 150,486 tickets for the opening weekend plus pre-premieres, besting Another Round for the best-selling opening weekend in Denmark that year.

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