A Psychological Thriller “The Vanished”

The Vanished is a Netflix psychological thriller about a couple that loses their 10-year-old daughter and their subsequent adventure while on a family camping vacation. Throughout the film, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and thrills as a result of their desperation and craziness. Before you decide to make The Vanished your weekend binge, here’s all you need to know about it.

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What’s There in The Vanished

The idea of a lost kid is one of the most terrifying circumstances for parents. It’s a possibility that can never be totally dismissed, whether it’s a minor mix-up at the mall or a considerably more emotionally damaging incident. The Vanished is a tight, dependably surprising thriller from filmmaker and actor Peter Facinelli that offers few reassurances but lots of surprises.

Paul and Wendy Michaelson, together with their daughter Taylor and pug Lucky, drive their RV to a lonely lakeside campground. While Wendy is gathering supplies, Paul encounters Miranda, a beautiful woman from a nearby campground. When Wendy returns, though, they realise Taylor has vanished.

They try to reach Tom, the manager, but to no avail. Sheriff Baker and Deputy Rakes form a search team, but Paul and Wendy are instructed to remain put. Paul and Wendy submit a missing persons report after 24 hours and hear that there is an escaped convict in the region, but he is unlikely to be the culprit. Paul and Wendy decide to investigate on their own and discover a man sleeping by a campfire with a rifle beside him. Wendy grabs his revolver, assuming he’s the fugitive. The sleeping person stirs and reaches for the pistol, only to be shot.

the vanished

Miranda and her husband Eric become more wary of Paul and Wendy as local officials become more engaged. While they’re gone, Paul and Wendy search their RV for a strand of beads belonging to their daughter Taylor, but they can’t find it. Paul sees Miranda making love that night. The two couples go out on the lake together the next day to continue their quest.

They find a plastic bag floating in the water after six hours on the lake, but it has no clues. Eric and Miranda are accused by Paul and Wendy of abducting their daughter since they have been unable to conceive. Wendy takes out a gun, which leads to a fight in which Miranda is shot and Eric is stabbed. Paul and Wendy quarrel as they return to shore, disturbed. When Baker discovers Eric’s body, he searches Eric and Miranda’s RV for the beads, which he discovers.

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How The Vanished Ended?

Baker ultimately receives a Dear John letter from his wife, but then sees something odd about a photo of the Michaelsons—they are posing in front of the World Trade Center before the September 11 attacks, and Wendy is pregnant in the shot, hinting that Taylor was much older than 10 years old.

After contacting another police network, he discovers from Paul’s brother that their daughter died six years ago and that the Michaelsons have been living a dream in which they believe their daughter is still alive due to their inability to effectively go through the stages of mourning. Rakes verifies that the hair on Eric’s hand has Paul’s DNA on it.

In flashbacks, the couple murders Eric and Miranda, Paul plants the beads in the RV, and Justin discovers the blanket with the daughter’s genuine birth date. When the police return to the campsite, they discover another RV couple who have temporarily lost their kid and are concerned that she has been abducted by the Michaelsons, but the girl reappears. The Michaelsons have already departed the campground and are reminiscing with Taylor, who is playing on the video screen in their RV.

Who All Are The Cast of The Vanished

Thomas Jane played the role of Paul Michaelson

He founded RAW Studios, an entertainment firm that publishes his own comic books, the first of which being Bad Planet. With the crime thriller Dark Country (2009), in which he also appeared, he made his directorial debut.

Anne Heche played the role of Wendy Michaelson

She is an actress, director, and screenwriter from the United States. Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in the soap opera Another World helped her gain fame.

Jason Patric played the role of Sheriff Baker

He was cast in the television show Toughlove with Bruce Dern after graduating. Patric was cast alongside Peter DeLuise, Jami Gertz, Lukas Haas, James LeGros, and Adrian Pasdar in the film Solarbabies the next year. Patric would reconnect with Gertz in The Lost Boys and After Dark, My Sweet alongside Dern within a few years. In The Beast, he starred with George Dzundza and Stephen Baldwin.

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Wrapping Up

Although the film did not perform well at the box office when it was released during the lockdown, it is now receiving the attention it deserves. The film had a mixed reception from reviewers, but it was hailed as a juggernaut by fans. Everyone commended Thomas and Ann, the film’s primary performers, for their emotional performances in their portrayal of a broken family of two.

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