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My Unorthodox Life” has been renewed for a second season on Netflix. Julia Haart, a fashion businesswoman who abandoned her ultra-Orthodox upbringing to conquer the contemporary world, appears in the episode. The unscripted documentary follows her and her four children as they try to make sense of life after leaving their ultra-Orthodox Jewish environment.

Haart, a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community who left in 2013, is at the focus of the Netflix series, along with her husband and four children, as they adjust to life without the constraints they had become accustomed to.

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What is There in My Unorthodox Life

You are subconsciously trained to think ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ when strong, powerful women sashay along in Dior dresses with hopelessly expensive wine in hand while between frank conversations about their sexually liberated selves—’Pack my vibrator!’ However, Julia Haart, the CEO of Elite World Group, one of the largest model management agencies in the world, is not a former socialite turned reality television star and has never met the Hiltons of Hollywood. In her own words, an uneducated Haart was married into a conservative Jewish household at a young age, to a husband she didn’t love, and with four children, she ultimately leaves her family home to make a living: aged 43!

Julia Haart becomes the CEO of a multi-million-dollar brand eight years later. ‘My Unorthodox Life’ is a look at Haart’s life in the year 2020-21, with intermittent flashbacks to how she spurned her ‘too many rules’ past and the trip she wants to pursue with her new boyfriend Silvio Scaglia.

Batsheva, the oldest of four children, has one foot in her orthodox community and the other in the contemporary divide that her mother introduces her to. One scene in particular captures the 27-year-predicament: old’s a well-groomed Batsheva is shown pleading with her strict but charming husband Ben to allow her to wear pants, which are banned in their faith. The disparity between Haart Srworld .’s and Ben’s world is evident. Bat (as she is affectionately known) defies both her mother’s and her older self’s advice to be brave and break the self-imposed restrictions of her older self—and even divorce her spouse.

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my unorthodox life

What’s There in the Episodes?

Julia Haart, CEO, talks about her path; her daughter Batsheva insists on wearing pants; and her daughter Miriam chooses a style for her blind date. Julia is hoping that the runway show goes off without a hitch; Miriam considers changing her identity; and a visit to the old neighbourhood brings her troubling memories.

Julia is worried that her racy memoir will upset her children, so she consults Miriam. Batsheva dislikes a predictable parenting plan. As the youngsters pore over the book, a gloomy tone descends; Batsheva speaks up for Ben; Julia enlists the help of a matchmaker for Robert. Julia organises a get-together; Robert ditches his fears and begins a quest as a result of a plea for aid.

Sukkos collides with Paris Fashion Week, and Julia reconnects with her sister in a beautiful castle. Julia takes out her son, Aron, to open up his world when Miriam shows off a new date but fails to arrive on time for Batsheva. The youngsters battle for an Elite position in front of the demanding CEO; Aron confides in his father; Silvio chastises “Z dates.” Ben takes Batsheva to a rage room; Yosef delivers devastating news; Miriam introduces Shlomo to a potential suitor.

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What Orthodox Jewish community Thought?

The show’s anti-Orthodox ideas were strongly criticised in articles published in Orthodox media sites. A secondary source is required] Many ladies took to social media to share pro-Orthodox experiences with the hashtag #MyOrthodoxLife and to voice their displeasure with the show for misrepresenting their Orthodox identity.

“Most people outside of Orthodox communities do not understand that Orthodoxy in general is far from monolithic,” author Roberta Rosenthal Kwall wrote in Jewish Journal, and the show ignores how “Orthodox women are often highly educated and professionally accomplished even in the world of Jewish law, long a male-dominated field.”

According to writer Andy Gottlieb, who wrote a review for the Washington Jewish Week, the programme is insipid and the characters are selfish. The programme is “spewing a violent sort of hatred aimed to represent observant Jewry in a terribly bad light,” according to Rabbi Yair Hoffman, writing in the Five Towns Jewish Times.

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Wrapping Up

‘My Unorthodox Life’ is a fascinating spectacle because to Julia Haart’s hedonistic demeanour, along with her exceedingly affluent lifestyle and a taste for grandiosity. But, considering that Julia Haart’s life has taken a superhero-like U-turn and she has removed herself from an oppressive environment, it’s a crime that she hasn’t harped on it.

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