After The Success Of Ghostbusters New Releases, Will They Remake Other Iconic Movies?

We often see it with movies, old classics are revived, with new releases or remakes hitting the big and small screens. Ghostbusters is one of the most recent examples, with Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which stars Paul Rudd, grossing well over $150 million at the box office since its release last month. So, it begs the question as to which classics could be next.

The Goonies

A Goonies sequel has been teased for a while, with the director of the original Richard Donner suggesting he had plans to release a modern-day version of the 80s classic. But up to now, there hasn’t been much progress or news of anything in the pipeline. Fans of the iconic movie have kept the brand alive through other channels, such as the Goonies Return slot, but they will be hoping for a fresh release on the big screen in the not too distant future.


Jaws is the type of film that will always make an appearance on the top ten of iconic movie lists. And, while Jaws has been around for over forty years, it’s still watched regularly today. One of the reasons many call for a remake of the original, rather than a new release altogether, is because the technology used today could make Jaws even better. However, there are rumours that Steven Spielberg has blocked all attempts so far to recreate the original.


Disney’s Pocahontas took the world by storm when it hit screens in 1995. It quickly became a box office hit in that traditional Disney guise and won countless awards. The animated movie tells the story of English settlers arriving, with Pocahontas going on to save the life of explorer John Smith. A reboot would present the opportunity to move away from the animated version. In addition, actors and actresses employed in a remake could make the movie more educational and appealing to people of all ages.

The Breakfast Club

John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club very much broke the mould when it debuted in 1985, with its coming of age style. All five characters have the opportunity to tell their story throughout, which is a format that could be translated brilliantly into a more modern take, with multiple topics on the potential agenda. In a world where people are encouraged to express themselves and speak on matters important to them, The Breakfast Club 2022 would be more than welcome. Although it’s thought many of those involved in the original aren’t keen.

There are tons of films that will get mentioned when reboots and remakes are talked about, but there has to be a reason to bring them back. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than a vanity project. And, let’s face it, many will still say the original is best, regardless. However, we happen to think the four movies we mention are ideal for the reboot treatment.

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