Aftermath(A 2021 Film): An American Thriller and Horror Mystery Film.

AFTERMATH is an American horror and thriller drama film with many mysteries.

Peter Winther has created and directed the movie.

Dakota Gorman has written the storyline of the film Aftermath with Peter Winther.


James Andrew Felts, Lars Winther, Peter Winther, and Rick Sasner are the producers of the film Aftermath.

The film is the film of the production company The Winther Brothers Entertainment.

Quiver Distribution Company has distributed the film.

The film is about a couple of Natalie Dadich and Kevin Dedich. Both are struggling to stay together and get an offer of a new house, which has a mysterious past. After shifting to the home, they faced some troubles.

What Is the Plotline of the Thriller Film Aftermath?

Aftermath(A 2021 Film)

The thriller and horror film is based on a true story of a couple, Jerry Rice and Janice Ruther.

In the film, a couple, Natalie Dadich and Kevin Dadich have some disturbance in their relationship. They are trying to fix the problems in their relationship and desperate to save their marriage.

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One they get a deal of new house at cheap rate. They move to the new home to give a fresh start to their relationship.

In the new home, they face many problems. The new house has a mysterious and questionable history.

Natalie is a fashion designer, whereas Kevin owns a crime scene clean-up company with Dave and Garrett.

Natalie found that her dog gets disappeared in the house somewhere. She complained to the police. Police come and investigate the case.

They check the CCTV cameras and come to know that there is no one in the house. Kevin informs the police that Natalie is suffering from some mental issue.

One Day Dani comes to meet Natalie. She also gets disappeared like Natalie’s dog. The climax is full of thrill. The film scared you at some scenes.

The Release Date: When Will the Thriller Film Aftermath Come Into Existence for the Audience?

The makers had planned to release the film AFTERMATH in April. But due to some circumstances, the film had postponed.

Aftermath(A 2021 Film)

Now, The film AFTERMATH premiere on August 4, 2021, on the OTT platform Netflix, and distribution company Quiver Distribution has made the film digital and VOD.

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What Are the Names of the Actors and Actresses Involved in the Thriller Film Aftermath?

The main actors and actresses who are the part of the film AFTERMATH are as follows:

  • Ashley Greene had played the lead female role of Natalie Dadich.
  • Shawn Ashmore had performed the role of Kevin Dadich.
  • Jason Liles had played the role of Otto.
  • Sharif Atkins had performed the role of Officer Richardson.
  • Diana Hopper had performed the role of Avery.
  • Britt Baron had performed the role of Dani.
  • Jamie Kaler had performed the role of Dave.
  • Travis Coles had performed the role of Garett.
  • Ross McCall had performed the role of Nick Scott.
  • Susan Walters had performed the role of Farrah.
  • Paula Garces had performed the role of Claudia.
  • Sandra Prosper had performed the role of Anne Levin.
  • Juliette Jeffers had played the role of Dr Sasner.

What Are the Ratings of the Thriller Film Aftermath?

The thriller drama film gets positive reviews from the critics and audiences. The ratings of the thriller film on various platforms are:

The horror mystery and thriller film Aftermath has scored 2 out of 5 on Commonsensemedia.

The horror and thriller film has a good rating of 5.3 out of 10 on the platform IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Thriller Film Aftermath?

AFTERMATH is an original horror mystery and thriller series on Netflix.

You can watch the thriller film on the OTT platform Amazon

Stay tuned to get updated when the film will be available on other platforms.


If you love to watch horror and thriller movie full of mysteries, you will enjoy this film. The film is based on the true story of a couple.

The critics and audiences have given positive reviews to the film and cast.

Thank you for reading the article and if you have queries related to the series, drop them in the comment box. We will feel glad to answer them.

Till then, enjoy the film and stay tuned for the latest updates related to the film.

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