American Horror Story: Double Feature Releases Alien Poster

American Horror Story is one of the most popular shows out there. And one of the weirdest ones and quirkiest ones too. The way it blends horror with surrealism and ridiculous visuals are just something that is out of this world. And the quality of content is also very good. It is not like some cheap horror show like the ones we are used to seeing on an everyday basis. Rather, this anthology is quite tasteful in its demeanor, and hence very palatable to fans of horror shows. American Horror Story: Double Feature is the newest addition to the series by FX. It is the tenth season in the American Horror Story franchise, and we have been waiting for it for a long time now. And there have been some recent developments for this, which we are going to talk about today.

American Horror Story: Double Feature has been on the books for quite some time now. It is a different concept than what we have seen on American Horror Story so far. The show is now going to be divided into two parts. The first part of the show is going to be Red Tide, which is going to take place by the sea. While the second part of the show is going to be Death Valley, which is going to take place by the sand. These words have had such significance that fans have created many theories upon them. And rightfully so. The advertisement and promotion for the show have also just been insane so it makes a lot of sense. It sounds like a very intriguing concept to have two stories running in parallel throughout the season. And hence the name American Horror Story: Double Feature.

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American Horror Story: Double Feature : What You Need To Know

American Horror Story Double Feature

The newest season of American Horror Story is one that has raised a lot of brows so far. The last season, which was titled 1984 also received some very good responses from the audience, so the stakes were naturally higher this time. So far, FX has managed to keep a lot of the material for American Horror Story Double Feature under wraps. Which is typical of Ryan Murphy, the brain behind the show. He always breadcrumbs his audience into thinking more and more and creating thousands of theories as to what could come next. And this is what happens every season. Ryan releases bits of the upcoming show and drives audiences crazy. Then with time, he releases more and more aggravating and provocative material to drive the fans even crazier.

Season 10 has not been any different. Ryan has been releasing posters and glimpses of the season, but not giving much away. It has all been quite obscure, with fans having to fend for themselves. But we do have some information so far. Reportedly, season 10 is going to be a fan favorite. Because our beloved Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are returning to the show. These two stars didn’t make a single appearance large season and have been absent for a long time. Their return to the show is going to mark a huge improvement in the popularity of the show. And so is the rest of the cast. Our beloved AHS members are all going to be returning for the double feature, and fans are really enthusiastic about it.

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American Horror Story: Double Feature Poster

American Horror Story Double Feature
American Horror Story Double Feature New Alien Vs Siren Poster

In recent news, American Horror Story: Double Feature has released a new poster for its release. And it is as weird as it gets. While that is to be expected when it comes to the show, it is still quite a perplexing one. And we really like it. The new poster from FX shows a Siren and Alien battling it out to see who comes out on top. The poster also plays on the double feature. It shows both the shore and the sea, just as the show had promised. Is this a look into what the new season has in store for us, or is it just a ruse? The poster also revealed one other important detail that we will talk about soon.

American Horror Story: Double Feature was originally intended to be released in 2020. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, things didn’t really turn out exactly as they had been planned. And hence, the show had to be moved forward to 2021. The production and the release date took a huge hit. Naturally, FX had a lot more responsibility on its hands. It had to come back with a bang for the tenth season. And it seems that it is on the right track so far. With the promotional material getting weirder and more intriguing with each release, things look really good for season 10. But we would still recommend waiting for the actual release to make a decision.

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American Horror Story: Double Feature Release Date

We previously talked about one final detail in the poster that we didn’t talk about. And you probably know what that detail was by now. The alien vs siren poster for American Horror Story: Double Feature also contains the release date for the show. And we are pleased to announce that after so many delays, the show is finally here. FX has set the release date for American Horror Story: Double Feature to August 25, 2021. That is not too far away and we really look forward to it. So mark it on your calendars if you are a fan of American Horror Story.

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American Horror Story Double Feature: Where To Watch

American Horror Story Double Feature

American Horror Story is available on a variety of platforms to watch. The show is available on Amazon Prime Video, FX, Netflix, and Disney+ Hotstar. We personally prefer Netflix and Amazon Prime out of these platforms, but you may watch at your convenience. American Horror Story: Double Feature is also highly likely to be released on these platforms.

You may watch American Horror Story at the links below

Watch American Horror Story on Amazon Prime Video

Or Watch American Horror Story on Netflix

Or Watch American Horror Story on Disney+ Hotstar

American Horror Story currently holds a rating of 8 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all TV shows and movies.

What do you think about this latest development in American Horror Story? Are you intrigued by the new concept? Let us know in the comments down below.

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