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American Housewife Season 6: The Cancelation

American Housewife Season 6

American Housewife Season 5 was one of the finest that the show had to offer, but it seems that the folks over at ABC do not feel the same way. In fact, they do not even believe that the show is worthy of any continuation. And that is perhaps the most depressing news about the show that we have heard in the longest time. One of the most popular of its kind, American Housewife was a show that incorporated drama, reality, and comedy into a package that never felt too much to consume, or too pungent for the palette. Yet, it had a certain weight to it that couldn’t be explained. And maybe that is the reason that ABC has gone on and canceled American Housewife Season 6. This is perhaps a piece of surprising news for many of you, but for others, it is infuriating, to say the least.

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American Housewife Season 6: About The Show

American Housewife is a show centered around Katie Otto, a housewife who has recently moved to Westport with her family and is now struggling to adjust to the rich and high profile ways of life in her new neighborhood. She is confronted by her phony neighbors and their huge egos. Within them, she must learn to adapt herself and to find a new home in this place. Not fitting in is not an option, and Katie must understand that.

The show was initially released in October 2016 and went on to get a positive response from the audience over its first season. The show was renewed over 6 months later by NBC and picked up for a second season in their official statement. The show was shifted around the primetime schedule for the channel owing to its popularity and never really enjoyed a stable spot on the schedule.

Over its run, the show always managed to garner ratings that were higher than average, and the show was found to be quite satisfactory for the audiences. The show peaked in popularity during the fourth season, and was one of the solid and consistent performers on TV.

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American Housewife Season 6: Canceled

A shock came to the viewers in the form of a cancelation by the network for the show. In an unprecedented move, ABC canceled a few of its regular shows from the network, and that included American Housewife Season 6.

Averaging a demo rating and viewing figures that were barely below those of the penultimate season, American Housewife was canceled after its five season run, which spanned across 103 episodes, and secured a good position in the top sitcoms of the year. So it was really shocking to see the decision ABC had made regarding the show. It did not make any sense on any level and left the fans in a state of perpetual disappointment with the network.

The show ran on till earlier this year, after which the final season was released, followed by the announcement of the show cancelation.

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What The Team Had To Say About The Cancelation

The team behind the camera, too, had a lot to say about the cancelation of the show, and shared some empathetic and emotional words on their social media handles.

Diedrich Bader, the man behind Greg, said, “Sorry to say that American Housewife will not be returning for another season. It was an absolute honor to work w the entire cast (new&original) the crew and the writers and I want to thank our fans for all your support over the years. I’m going to miss playing Greg. He was a sweet man.”

When someone so close to the show expresses their emotions, it is hard not to feel bad for them. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the way that Greg came onto social media to make the announcement. It truly signified the end of American Housewife Season 6, and the end of an era for sitcoms.

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Meg Donnelly on American Housewife Season 6

Meg Donnelly, too, did not hold back, and shared her sentiments over twitter. She stated, “can’t even think of words right now at all. guess for now, i want to thank all of u 4 watching, even w our endless time slot switches everyday on set of #AmericanHousewife was pure magic. i can’t fathom i won’t be going home to Stage 23 anymore. we love you so much. thank you”

All things being considered, it was a really emotional cancelation and one that had many fans in tears. It is easy to see how distraught everyone is with the show’s end, and maybe that will make room for something new. Something that flows along the same lines, but is somehow different. We never know.

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American Housewife Season 6: Final Words

Whatever the cast might have been, American Housewife was one of the most important shows on TV when it came to sitcoms, and its cancelation will forever be a subject of debate among the fans. I am personally not happy about it, and I feel that ABC canceled a perfectly fine show for no reason. Nevertheless, it is what it is, and the folks over at ABC have made their decision. Which means no American Housewife Season 6 for us.

American Housewife is currently streaming on ABC. You may watch it at the following link:

Watch American Housewife on ABC

The show currently holds a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for American Housewife here:

What do you think about the cancelation? Are you okay with it? Were you a long time fan of the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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