American Underdog: First Look Revealed

2021 has been a good year for sports dramas. And so was 2020. And it seems the trend is going to continue for some while now. American Underdog, the story of the legendary Kurt Warner, has been announced. It is a huge one for fans of the NFL and the Super Bowl. Kurt Warner is an inspiration and his story a driving force behind many people’s dreams and ambitions. And American Underdog is all about his rise to becoming a champion from when he had nothing. Last week, the first look trailer for the movie was released, giving us a look at who the movie will be casting for the role, as well as what the movie might hold, and the way everything is put together. So we’re going to talk all about the first look trailer. Keep reading and don’t miss out!

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American Underdog: First Look

The first look for the new sports film or biopic, as some may say, is quite an interesting one. It is revealed that Zachary Levi will be portraying the role of the legendary player Kurt Warner. And it seems like he is going to do a great job of it. Behind the scenes, we see executive producer Kurt Warner himself talking about the movie. It must surely be a proud moment for the coveted sportsman to be making a movie based on the events of his own life. He also talked about why his movie is made to be released in the theaters.

“I’ve heard so many people over the years say that they’ve been inspired, they’ve been encouraged because of my story. That’s what I think is so cool.” Warner said when asked about his film and the purpose behind it. And we feel that it is quite justified for him to feel this way. After all, he achieved something so great against all the odds. American Underdog is the story of how Kurt Warner went from someone whose job was stocking supermarket shelves to a Super Bowl superstar who was treasured all over the nation.

Even Zachary Levi had some things to say about it. “Everybody knew the story. He was working at a supermarket, and then plays arena football, then gets in the NFL, he wins the freaking Superbowl. We’re all in some journey in our lives. I think that that’s incredibly relatable.” Levi said, adding on to what Warner himself had stated.

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What Else?

That is not all that we got to know with the first look at American Underdog. We also got to know some other key details about the movie. For instance, we now know that Anna Paquin is going to be playing the wife of Kurt Warner, and she seems like a good fit. We also know that Dennis Quaid is going to be playing the role of Warner’s coach in the movie.

The first look is also complemented by Levi’s statement on playing the role he had been assigned. “It’s very difficult to step into the shoes of not just an NFL quarterback, a hall of fame NFL quarterback, who threw a football his entire life and still throws a football beautifully.” And we can certainly understand his apprehensions. Still, we expect a great performance from the actor.

American Underdog: Release Date

After going through the first look trailer for American Underdog, you might have decided that the movie is for you. If so, you might also be wondering when the movie is going to hit the big screen. If that is the case, we have some good news for you. The movie is going to be hitting the big screens on December 10th, 2021. That is not such a long wait! The movie is going to be here in no time. When it releases, be sure to catch it at your nearest theater.

What do you think about American Underdog’s first look? Are you a fan of NFL? Are you aware about Kurt Warner’s life story? Let us know in the comments down below.

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