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League of Legends, the enormously popular online game, has never had much of a plot. Riot Games’ (many) attempts to weave the world of Runeterra and its people into a broader storey have always gone short; the game featured a few fascinating personalities and towns, but nothing more to connect them all together. However, in that narrative vacuum, Riot and Netflix’s new League of Legends animated series, Arcane, finds plenty of potential to expand on the universe players are already familiar with while also welcoming new fans.

The tale of Arcane revolves around two of the League’s most prominent locations: Piltover and Zaun. These two cities are located in the same region of the globe and are similar to sister cities, with one on top of the other. Pilotover is the idealistic and scientifically oriented metropolis that has self-branded as “the city of progress” on top, with Zaun (albeit it was only known as “the Undercity” in its early days) below as the crime-ridden, unregulated technological nightmare.


What’s There in Arcane?

Years before the present, rebels from Zaun’s oppressed undercity march across a bridge into Piltover, prompting a horrific retaliation by Piltover police. During the subsequent chaos, Powder and Vi discover their parents dead in the wreckage and are adopted by Vander, the failed rebellion’s commander, as his own children.

Following a tip from their buddy Ekko, Vi and Powder loot a Piltovan penthouse with their adoptive brothers, Mylo and Claggor. Powder steals a set of mystical gems, smashing one by mistake when the penthouse owner returns. The ensuing explosion detonates, destroying a major chunk of the structure while also alerting enforcers to their location, which they narrowly avoid.

When the brothers return to the undercity, they run upon Deckard and his goons; while they defeat them in a fistfight, Powder is pursued and loses the loot. Vander, now a bartender and de facto community leader in the undercity, chastises the kids for their irresponsibility and tries to make amends with Grayson, the enforcers’ Sheriff.

Mylo is chastised by Vi for calling Powder a “jinx,” and Vi tells her sister that things will improve. Silco, a criminal lord in the city’s bowels, collects knowledge from Deckard and tests a new mutagen called Shimmer.


How Arcane Season 1 Ended?

Viktor’s Hextech efforts allow him to cure his leg and run for the first time, but they also result in the death of his boyhood friend and helper Sky. Before Jayce intervenes, he is on the verge of committing himself as a result of his guilt. Vi teams up with Jayce to shut down Silco’s Shimmer factories when her evidence to the council fails to persuade them that Silco is a menace.

They combat an army of Shimmer-enhanced warriors with Hextech weapons, but Jayce accidently murders a young labourer in the process. Caitlyn is abducted by Jinx after being abandoned by Vi, who said the two were “like oil and water.”


Jayce, a student at Piltover’s school, is revealed to be the one who manufactured the magical crystals taken by Powder and Vi, and is summoned to appear before Piltover’s ruling council for unlawfully dabbling with arcane power. Jayce believes arcane magic may be a new resource to push Piltover to higher heights because it saved him as a kid, but he is ejected from the academy for harming the city, and his research is anticipated to be destroyed.

Jayce’s faith is restored, however, when Viktor, the academy’s crippled assistant and professor Heimerdinger’s helper, volunteers to assist him with his studies. Jinx is subjected to a terrible attack as a result of both Vi and Silco’s appeals. Silco pulls away and nearly shoots Vi before Jinx shoots him down in a rage.

Jinx ultimately embraces her new identity and admits that she and Vi have diverged, comforted by Silco in his final hours, who proclaims his love for her before dying. Jinx launches the Hextech gemstone-turned-rocket launcher towards the Piltover council chamber just as the council supports Jayce’s motion to grant Zaun independence.


Wrapping Up

“We’re overjoyed by the fantastic reception to the first season of ‘Arcane,’ and we’re hard at work with the creative geniuses at Riot and [animation studio] Fortiche to develop our second episode,” Linke and fellow co-creator Alex Yee said in a statement.

League of Legends has been one of the most successful online games of all time since its introduction in 2009. Given that there are 155 champions in the League of Legends realm to potentially explore in different media, a second season might theoretically extend by presenting even more stories set in this world. Arcane’s first season began on November 6, with three chapters of three episodes each.

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