Army Of The Dead: Zeus Origin Story Leaked

Army of the Dead is the first original film by Zack Snyder in a long time. Given that fact, it was only obvious when questions began popping up about the origins of each character in the movie. Zack Snyder has put a lot of thought into developing each character for the story. And the same goes for the villain Zeus from the movie. There’s a proper back story, an origin story for the alpha villain. It was already a subject of discussion among everyone, and now today, we have some news for fans. So what’s the big news? Read on the article to the end to find out.

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Army of the Dead: About the Movie

Army of the dead

Army of the Dead is Zack Snyder’s spiritual successor to Dawn of the Dead. After undergoing years of development hell and acquisition by Netflix, the film finally underwent production and Zack Snyder made it into the film he wanted it to be. The movie is a zombie heist movie of the action genre and features an incredible ensemble. The story is an all original story created by Snyder himself and is the first film in more than ten years that he has written.

The film was released on May 14, 2021 in select theaters in the US and then eventually released on Netflix a week later. It went on to become one of the highest streamed and highest grossing Netflix Original films, becoming a huge success for Netflix. The hard work and investment had paid off for Netflix, it seems. The film was highly praised for its humor and execution, but as with most Snyder movies, was criticized for its runtime. It seemed that it was a movie meant for people who enjoyed Snyder productions. It had all the elements that a signature Snyder film had and it was widely said that it strictly for fans of Snyder and ensemble action flicks.

The movie also received a generally mixed response from the audience, despite the high grossing and streaming figures. Again the runtime of the film proved to be a central point of criticism and the humor was praised. The film was a financial success but turned out to do badly when it came to reviews and ratings.

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Army of the Dead: Zeus Origin Story

Army of the dead zeus

One of the most central characters in the film was Zeus, the main antagonist. And there has been a lot of speculation about the origin story for him. And now a lot has been revealed about his origin story. And it involves aliens and Area 51. A few of the things that were told about Zeus were the facts that he has his origins in the military and his real name was Richards (true to the name of the original actor), but the movie doesn’t really tell us any more than that about where he comes from. Snyder had talked about a variety of back stories for him. And had also said that the same would be revealed in the next movie in the franchise, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

But today, in a new release of his book, which highlights the making of the film, a lot has been revealed about all the characters in the movie. And it is a delight for all fans of the film. It provides a lot of information about our beloved characters. And it also tells us about Zeus’ origin story, and where he came from. The book said: “Zeus’ origin takes place off-screen, but it comes about as the result of a military experiment gone terribly wrong. An unfortunate highway accident while he is being transported out of Area 51 then unleashes him on an unsuspecting Vegas.”

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Fan Reaction

Fans of the movie had already anticipated this outcome. This theory was already theorized by a lot of the fans who said that the character had his origins in the military. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when the book revealed the same. However, Zack Snyder had also passed shade on the same ideas that the book now showed. He had hinted that there might be more to the story of Zeus and more to know about him. So this is still a huge reveal by the studios, as a lot of the other fan theories such as alien abduction are now off the table. So that is something.

The military is clearly not done with the character, as was showcased by the movie, so there is obviously a lot we don’t know about the character, such as an army of zombies or robot zombies, which might still be on the table. Richards’ story is completely done in the movie as was shown in the ending. But there is a lot to hope for, given how well the movie has done at the streaming platform.

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Army of the Dead: Where to Watch

If all of this has you convinced about the movie, you might be wondering where you can watch it. The movie is surely a gem for Snyder lovers and lovers of the genre. And they might want to watch it as soon as possible. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix, breaking records and doing generally well.

You may watch Army of the Dead on Netflix by clicking the link below

Watch Army of the Dead on Netflix

The film currently holds a rating of 5.8 out of 10 on IMDb, our preferred rating and review platform, based on thousands of user reviews and ratings. The rating for the movie is honestly not that good, as it is one for Snyder lovers. So if you’re not a huge fan of the creator, you might want to pass on this one.

army of the dead

What are your thoughts on the movie? What do you think about the new conspiracy theories? And what about the reveal today? Do you think it does justice to the character? Let us know in the comments down below.

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