10 Things to Catch Up Before You Watch Avatar 2!

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is one of the most anticipated movies of the upcoming year. Do you know that in the year 2006, Cameron mentioned that he would be making consecutive sequels of the movie Avatar if it had favourable outcomes. And thanks to all the fans for the remarkable success of the first movie, Avatar, because in 2010, he confirmed the same. Yeah! We now have the most awaited Avatar 2 as well as Avatar 3 on the list to hit the box office. Are you also as excited as we are?

On top of that, there is a pleasant surprise for all the fans. Wait! Don’t lose your patience! Roll your eyes till the end of this ‘article’ and it will definitely add to your ecxitement.

 Avatar 2


What Is the Genre of Avatar 2?

Directed by James Cameron, Avatar 2 features three specific genres- action, adventure, and most importantly Science Fiction(SciFI).

Cameron predominantly chooses SciFi as the main genre because it connects the content of the movie to a human curiosity of the unknown and further serves as a hope to find the ideal environment, tribe, state or any other aspect. Too much SciFi fact? Well, let me make that a bit easier for you. It simply means that SciFi is aimed at implying a new set of norms in a creative and transformative fictional world that all of you are surely going to enjoy. This amazing mix of the cognitive and the creative is what assists SciFi to stand out from all other genres.

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But don’t worry! Cameron will not disappoint you because he chose the two best genres to complement his SciFi film. Yes, you are right! Action and adventure! So get ready for the action packed, breathtaking SciFi fiction, full of spectacular adventure.

 Avatar 2

Who Is the Writer of Avatar 2?

Your favorite James Cameron, who is best known for his SciFi creativity, is in charge of the characters in the movie, and Josh Friedman supervising the action theme is taking care of the screenplay. While both of them are taking care of the correct blending of all three genres in the movie, their screenplay parts are divided to enhance the technological improvements.

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Wow! Doesn’t this writer-combination sound incredible? Of course! Now this raises the anticipation level even more because we are sure that just like us, you too can’t wait to see what creativeness and engagement they put into the movie through their distinctive writing styles.

What Is the Release Date for Avatar 2?

The release date for the second movie of the Avatar Franchise, Avatar 2, is presently decided to be on the 16th of December, 2022. But the trailer is already out. Have you watched it yet? What are you waiting for? Do it now!

Do you also wonder why there is such a long gap between the first release and the second one? Keep reading down as we have got that covered too!

 Avatar 2

Why Is There a Long Gap Between Avatar and Avatar 2 ?

The superhit James Cameron movie, Avatar was released on 18 December 2009. And now the awaited sequel, Avatar 2 is to premiere in the theatres on 16 December 2022. Ahah! A long gap of 13 years. The reason behind this is the subsequent addition of sequels by the makers.

However, Avatar 2 was initially aimed for a 2014 release. But the necessity of technological development to predominantly shoot the ‘complex underwater performances’ advanced to further delays. This gave the makers more time to effectively enhance the pre-production and visual effects.

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The film has been subjected to 8 backlashes with the latest in July 2020. Yes the huge gap was a long waiting period for all the fans but at the same time it also brings in good news! Now we will be able to witness a more advanced SciFi fiction with some startling new features that has never been accomplished before.

 Avatar 2

What Is the Plot of Avatar 2?

James Cameron confirmed in an interview that Jake and Neytri are married and are blessed with a daughter in Avatar 2. The storyline however focuses on Jake and Neytri’s marital life and the problems they face. “There’s a three-page argument scene between Jake and Neytri, a marital dispute, very critical to the storyline”, Cameron had said.

Further it is also supported by Cameron that the point of view of the movie is based on the eight-year-old little daughter of Jake and Neytri, who would be hiding under a structure to witness the dispute.

Who Is on the Sets of Avatar 2?

Cast if the Na’vi

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully

Zoe Saldana as Neytri

CCH Pounder as Mo’at

Kate Winslet as Ronal (new character)

Cliff Curtis as Tonowari (new character)

Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana CCH Pounder Kate winslet Cliff Curtis

 Avatar 2

Cast of Humans

Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge

Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman

Matt Gerald as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet

Edie Falco as General Ardmore (new character)

Brendan Cowell as Captain Scoresby (new character)

Michelle Yeoh as Dr. Karina Mogue (new character)

Jemaine Clement as Dr. Ian Garvin (new character)

Giovanni Ribisi Joel David Matt Gerald Edie Falco Michelle Yeoh Jemaine Clement

 Avatar 2

Mystery Cast

Stephen Lang as Miles Quaritch, this character died in Avatar but you know SciFi can do anything. The comeback process of the character is not revealed.

Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, will not play the same character as the first movie though the name remains the same.

Oona Chaplin as Varang,she is a new cast member.

Stephen Lang Sigourney Weaver Oona Chaplin

 Some Undisclosed Roles

Vin Diesel

CJ Jones

Avatar 2

They have been selected as part of the new cast members but their characters remain hidden. What’s the fun if they disclose all the roles beforehand, isn’t it?

Who Is the Producer of Avatar 2?

Predominantly co-produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau, the producer tags of the movie are 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment and Lightstorm Entertainment.

What Are the Filming Locations of Avatar 2?

The shooting for the film started on 15 August 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California as the chief filming location. Isn’t it wonderful? I mean who doesn’t admire the beaches of California! Some action scenes are being shooted in New Zealand. The work for the visual effects commenced on 31 July 2017 at Weta Digital in Wellington.

Since the first movie, Avatar 2 will have extraordinary ‘underwater’ scenes, actually filmed underwater. A lot of more technological advances including lighting work will be showcased in the sequel.

The filming has entirely wound up with the current focus on ‘live action work’. This sounds so surprising, isn’t it? Yes, this is exactly what you are going to witness soon!

Who Is Composing the Score for Avatar 2?

It was announced on December 17,2019 that Simon Franglen would be given the responsibility to compose the score for Avatar 2 as well as Avatar 3, after James Horner, who scored the first Avatar.

Is There Any Sequel to Avatar 2?

Director James Cameron confirmed three significant sequels to Avatar 2Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5, which makes a total of five movies of the Avatar Franchise.

As promised earlier, here comes our surprise for all the fans! The release date for all the upcoming sequels of the second movie.

Avatar 3 on 20th of December,2024.

Avatar 4 on 18th of December, 2026.

And Avatar 5 on 22nd of December, 2028.

Here you go! Get ready for the most awaited Avatar 2 because we know how eagerly you all are waiting to see the magic Cameron puts in the world of Pandora. This time Cameron might take you through an emotional rollercoaster ride of his characters.

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