Battlefield 2042 Review & Ratings: Is it Worth Buying?

Battlefield 2042 has received a lot of criticism from both gamers and critics. From strange problems to a lackluster gameplay premise, Battlefield 2042 has gotten a lot of flak early on in its life. Is Battlefield 2042 worth your time, money, and attention in a world where competitor Halo Infinite is being lauded for solid execution and an overall engaging multiplayer experience? Read the article to find out whether playing Battlefield 2042 is worthwhile or not and if you find it worth it you can check this game on GAMIVO store (happy reading).

Battlefield 2042: The Positives & Negatives – A Premature Release?

Battlefield 2042 is an online-only multiplayer shooter that allows up to 128 players (limited to 64 players on Gen 4 consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4)) across a variety of vast maps and lets them run in the wild. It is the Battlefield game series that has consistently offered an unrivaled size for its maps, and 2042 often provides this regularly.

When you start the game, you may stop and observe tanks whizzing across desert dunes that are sand-colored or a large swarm of attack helicopters flying in the air. In these instances, it’s difficult not to be awed by the enormity of 2042.

  • The game’s shortcomings become apparent when you take out your controller and start to play. Although Battlefield 2042 has plenty of flaws, the most objectionable problem is that its fundamental shooting isn’t satisfying.

Automatic guns come with a high level of bullet spray, which makes precise targeting much less complicated than it ought to be. Long-range weapons, like sniper rifles, perform somewhat better, but they do not feel comfortable to hold. It takes a long time to kill soldiers, and that adds to the frustration. Shooting shouldn’t be like this for a shooter.

However, the lackluster shooting doesn’t matter when you have anyone to shoot at. When playing Battlefield 2042, that’s usually much more challenging to achieve than it is. Although it is possible to play up to 128 people on PCs, next-gen consoles have also made the maps larger.

The result is that war zones seem vast but aren’t. Be prepared for a lot of long treks through barren deserts while you search desperately for somebody or something to shoot your firearm at. A well-placed sniper shot could end the march through the field and add to the boredom. The least you can do is create vehicles to move around quickly, which is a straightforward task.

  • The seven maps that were available at the time of launch are a mediocre collection. There’s an excellent aesthetic diversity; however, the majority are too large to be useful. In addition, they’re all lacking choke points at which forces naturally collide.

The Kaleidoscope, with its imposing skyscrapers, and Renewal, which is neatly divided into two distinct parts, are the most impressive of the collection. However, even these are mediocre when compared to the popular maps from previous installments (Battlefield V, Battlefield 3, etc).

The most significant change Battlefield 2042 makes to the fundamental formula is the elimination of squad classes in favor of the brand new system of specialists. The named soldiers have distinct abilities, but many of them can use the entire arsenal of weapons and equipment you’ve not yet unlocked.

They’re a bold attempt to change Battlefield into something similar to the popular hero shooters like Overwatch and Apex Legends.

The elimination of classes steers Battlefield away from its original intent as a multiplayer shooter that is focused on teamwork. Instead, the majority of specialists advocate a solo approach, even though a few players that are available in the initial game feature abilities that are focused on revitalizing or enhancing your squad members. All of this makes playing Battlefield 2042 seem a bit lonely.

  • So does this mean you should skip on Battlefield 2042? Well, let’s not jump to the conclusion that quickly!

The bright side of Battlefield 2042: And it’s assuredly brighter than one could expect!

There was a time when cross-play (PC vs PSN vs Xbox multiplayer) was a dream and the most desired feedback of gamers. And after the improvement of the internet as well as a few tweaks in the multiplayer, this was made possible for a lot of games like Apex Legends recently. But have you heard of cross-progression?

Cross Progression means when you’re able to use your other gaming device’s progress on a different one, like unlocking/crafting a gun on PlayStation 5 and using it on your gaming PC. And while it’s still being offered rarely, EA has made this possible for Battlefield 2042.

CLICK HERE to check what content can be used across devices.

But what about the bugs, game launch, and other in-game issues faced by the gamers who pre-ordered it? To provide you with the best review and a report that would actually help you, we went a bit further than usual and got in touch with EA Help! The findings were promising. They informed us that while the game had a few bugs at the time of release, they had already fixed most bugs. They will barely take another week or so to make the game 100% playable on all devices.


It’s available on all variants of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Battlefield 2042 will cost the usual $59.99, but on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, it will cost $69.99. The price difference is justified by the additional benefits like improved graphics, doubled multiplayer count, and more! However, when paying for a game that appears to be a premature release, that needs to be COMPENSATED, in our opinion. Therefore, a good in-game content grant by the EA developers team (after fixing current bugs, of course) would be a justified move for the gamers!

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