Best Shows for Children of All Ages on Disney+

Disney launched its streaming service back in 2019. It was almost a dream come true for 90s kids who are devout Disney fans. It made it easy for kids and adults both to enjoy great shows on the website. Previously, classic Disney shows were only accessible through various cable service plans like Charter Spectrum.

But now, with Disney Plus you can reminisce even old shows like Mickey Mouse, or Miley Cyrus online. Disney also has a ton of fresh content that you can stream along with movies and documentaries.

So, if you are planning a marathon of entertainment for your kids over the holidays, you should get a subscription. They can make up for a cozy night in with popcorn or hot chocolate. Whether you want to introduce them to nostalgic shows or watch some new ones, there are countless options. Here are some of the top-rated kids’ shows on Disney Plus:


Chip n Dale: Park Life

The fantastic kid’s show is suitable for ages above five, and your kids are going to love it. It follows the life of best buddies Chip and Dale who live in a giant city park. The life-size adventures of the two are fun and will make your kids laugh. Moreover, the lovely dynamic of their friendship is classic Disney! The two friends are nothing like each other as one is a dreamer, and the other is cautious. Some classic Disney characters like Pluto and Butch also make appearances.

Monsters At Work

The TV show is part of the Monsters Inc universe but with a bunch of new characters. The protagonist Tylor idolizes James P. Sullivan from the Monsters Inc movie. So, in pursuit of being exactly like him, he aims to become a master scarer. But when he reaches the company, he realizes that scary is no longer cool! Everyone now wants to become a jokester, instead. So, the setback takes him to the MIFT with others like him. Soon, he makes some new friends and goes on a bunch of misadventures.

The cartoon series is witty, funny, and full of adventures. It is perfect for kids aged four and up and should be on your Christmas watchlist.

Among The Stars

If you are looking for something fun to watch but also educational, this is it. Among the Stars is a 6-part documentary that follows some missions on the International Space Station. The documentary has some facts and is quite credible with its information. The explanations of some complex scientific phenomena are easy enough for kids to understand. So, if you want your child to learn a bit of science as well, among the star can be a great option.

Mira, Royal Detective

Mira is an Indian girl from Jaipur. She has recently been appointed as a royal detective. So, the story is all about her adventures and bravery. Not only does she help the royal court, but also the entire town! The cartoon animation is cute, and your kids could enjoy the resourcefulness of Mira. They might even learn a trick or two from the brilliant character!

The Ghost and Molly McGee

The fun and comical show follow Molly, a girl who has recently moved to Brighton with her family. The new house has one small catch, though. There is a ghost living in her bedroom! Younger children might get a little scared when Scratch tries to scare Molly. Although, older children might find it funny. The unusual friendship between the two slowly grows over time. Molly’s character is infectiously fun, and her smile will brighten up your day.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a fun way for some learning. It is suitable for all ages, and your kids can learn some early math and other skills along with Mickey. He takes them on an adventure date through his Clubhouse. Moreover, children are prompted with various problems that they have to solve to continue through. The colorful animation and fun musical backgrounds will keep even toddlers busy in front of the screen.

The Little Mermaid

Ariel the Mermaid is a classic Disney character that everyone loves. The mermaid along with her father, King Triton, lives under the sea. Her best friends are Flounder the fish, and a crab named Sebastian. The show has an antagonist named Ursula that tries to make a devious deal with Ariel. So, following the prince she loves, Ariel lands in some trouble. The classic movie from the 90s can be pretty nostalgic for adults and is still a great watch.

Smart Guy

The show follows the life of a boy genius T.J. He gets bumped to high school from fourth grade and has a whole new life! T.J. struggles a bit with the changes around him and tries to make friendships with kids a lot older than him. He has shared classes with his older brother that only add to the fun. The recommended age for this show is seven and up, and it has three seasons.

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