Best Ways to Add Subtitles to a Movie

Looking for fresh ideas for your next movie night? Watching foreign films might work! You’ll expand your viewpoints. The scenes, acting, themes… Everything is different. From Japanese to European to South American; there’s a broad range of movies to explore.

The only question is: how will you understand them? Dubbed films are a solution, but not the perfect one. We recommend true movie fans to download subtitles in their native language, while watching the movie in its original format. That’s a simple and quick process!

How to Add Subtitles to Movies

Download the Subtitle File

First, you’ll need a .srt file for the movie’s subtitles. You can check several services, including Subtitle Seeker and Search by the movie’s title. You’ll see subtitle files for the same movie in different formats: .mp4, .avi, or .mov. Check the movie’s file type, and download a subtitle file that works for it. Otherwise, the text won’t be synchronized with the movie’s audio.

Place Both Files in a Single Folder

Now, you need to put the subtitle file in the movie’s folder. If you don’t already have a folder for the movie, then create one and name it accordingly.

This is a necessary step, as most video players won’t find the subtitle file unless it’s in the same folder.

Rename the Subtitle File

This isn’t a necessary thing to do for all video players, but it’s a simple step and it’s better to do it, just to stay on the safe side. Most players will automatically add the subtitle if it has the same name as the movie file.

For example, if the movie’s title is braveheart.mp4, then you should name the subtitle file

Play the Movie and Add the Subtitles

Now, it’s time to play the video file with your chosen player. If you don’t know what software to use, VLC is a safe and popular choice.

Once the movie starts playing, go to Subtitle > Sub Track. If the files are in the same folder, the player will show the subtitles you can add. Choose them, and you can start watching.

Sync the Subtitles

You’re all set to watch the film. The popcorn is ready, you get comfy on the sofa, you even hug your partner and play the file. As the conversation starts, you notice that the subtitles are off! This is frustrating, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. You can still have your movie night.

The subtitles can be adjusted in almost all video players. If you use VLC, you can press H to delay or G to speed up the subtitle file. With each press of the key, you’ll adjust the subtitles by 50 milliseconds. Keep doing this until you notice that the audio and text are in a perfect sync. Finally, you’re ready to relax and watch the film!

Reasons to Choose Subtitles Instead of Dubbed Movies

If you’re used to watching foreign movies that are dubbed in your language, you might be wondering: why should you bother with subtitles in the first place? There are several reasons to switch to this method:

You’ll Have More Options for Films to Watch

Not all movies have been dubbed in your language. Dubbing is a complex process that requires actors, studios, and an entire production. If you want to watch a new release or something not that popular, you’ll end up disappointed.

Subtitles, on the other hand, are easier to make. They are available for almost any movie you can think of.

You See the Genuine Acting

Although you can see the acting in dubbed movies, the voice-over takes away a lot! No matter how professional it is, it still suppresses the real emotions of the actors. Truth be told, sometimes dubbing can be downright BAD. Cheap dubbing production will ruin the film for you.

With subtitles, you’ll have to make an effort to read. But at least you’ll enjoy the actors’ real performance. As for the reading part, your eyes and brain will get used to it. It is possible to watch and read at the same time.

Subtitles Help with Language Learning

If you’re trying to learn a foreign language, watching subtitled movies is a great strategy! You’ll listen to proper dialogues while reading the translation at the same time. Without much effort, you’ll be memorizing new words and phrases.

Go ahead; choose a foreign film and add subtitles to it. Fun times are guaranteed for your movie night!

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