Best Zombie Movies on Netflix: Check Out The List!

How many of you here are fans of zombie movies? I bet many of you are. Considering the type of response that we get to zombie movies, it is only evident that a lot of you here are big ardent fans of them. And that is to be expected given the number of zombie movies that we have seen lately. But fans want the best of the best, and that is why we are here today. The best zombie movies on Netflix is one of the most hotly debated topic among fans today, and we are going to find out why exactly that is the case.

I have researched a lot on this and scoured the web and my own experience for the best zombie movies that are available on Netflix right now. And it is suffice to say that the list contains some really legendary movies that are loved by zombie fans worldwide. And we are going to talk about the best zombie movies on Netflix today, because that is the streaming service that is used by the majority of you. So without much further discussion, let us get right into the list of the best zombie movies on Netflix, and talk about them in a little more detail.

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Best Zombie Movies on Netlix: The List

1. Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead is far from the best Zombie movie out there, but it is definitely one of the hottest right now. Created by Zack Snyder as an original story after such a long time, Army of the Dead is a proper zombie movie that will have you reaching for the blanket at night just because of how amazing and horrifying it is. A gripping movie by Zack Snyder, I would highly recommend it to fans of the zombie genre.

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2. Bird Box

best zombie movies on netflix

My personal favourite on this list, Bird Box is a movie that came out during a very difficult time and highlighted the problems of the pandemic in a very offhanded fashion, without ever trying. The movie stars Sandra Bullock in the main role and follows her journey through a land where everyone is going crazy and they need to cover their eyes to prevent being infected by the alien virus. It is one of the best zombie movies on Netlix, and perhaps one of the best of all time. I really like it and would highly recommend it to fans of horror, zombie, or even thriller movies. A true masterpiece.

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3. Zombieland

best zombie movies on netflix

Zombieland is another amazing movie that has been famous for a while now. The movie came out quite a long time ago, but has become a staple for fans of zombie movies with its perfect blend of corny jokes and mind blowing action. It is a movie that will have you rolling on the floor laughing yet horrify you at the same time. It is a fan favourite and one that definitely deserves to be on the list of best zombie movies on Netflix. It has all the elements that make zombie movies great, and then some. The acting by the cast is yet another major win for the movie. A must watch in any case.

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4. It Comes At Night

best zombie movies on netflix

It Comes At Night is perhaps one of the most scary movies on this list, with a plot so strong and filled with violence that it can make even the bravest of hearts shudder with fear. It is a movie that I wouldn’t watch at night. It resides in the genre of post-horror movies and gives itself a vibe that is quite eerie and gives a vibe that is scary yet off putting at the same time. Only watch it if you are a die hard fan of horror movies.

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5. Resident Evil: Afterlife

best zombie movies on netflix

I know many of you here are ardent fans of the Resident Evil franchise, and this is the movie that you have been waiting to talk about. Resident Evil Afterlife definitely earns itself the title of one of the best zombie movies on Netflix owing to the sheer violence and authentic story that it has. It is one of those popular franchises that are just pure fun, and definitely earns a lot of praise from the fans. And so, it is going to be the last movie on our list of best zombie movies on Netflix.

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Best Zombie Movies On Netflix: Final Words

With all that being said, I am sure that you are going to love the list that has been put together for your pleasure. The best zombie movies on Netflix are the best for a reason, and I hope you find it to be the same way. I’m very excited to hear your views on this.

Watch Bird Box on Netflix

Watch Army of the Dead on Netflix

Watch Zombieland on Netflix

Watch It Comes At Night On Netflix

Watch Resident Evil: Afterlife on Netflix

I hope you find this list of movies to be helpful for your viewing experience. Let me know all your thoughts in the comments down below.

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