Bhoot Police: First Look At The Film

Bhoot Police is making the headlines today, and for good reason. The new first look poster for the film is out, and it is amazing! Jacqueline Fernandez is at the forefront of the film, and she is going to bust every last ghost down. Some may call this the hindi version of ghost busters, but whatever it is, it is going to be really good. The new poster for the film is making the headlines today, and the internet is going crazy. In the movie’s defense, the poster does look rather intriguing, and is sure to steal some glances from onlookers. Rarely have we seen a poster like this for movies like Bhoot Police, and that is quite a big deal, especially for a country that rarely gets to watch films of the genre.

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Bhoot Police: First Look

Why the sudden commotion? Many of you might be asking this question. And the answer is that Jacqueline Fernandez just revealed this poster for the film on her Instagram account, with the caption, “Laaton ke Bhoot baaton se nahi maante! Meet the fabulous KANIKA in #BhootPolice. Coming soon on @disneyplushotstarvip

#SaifAliKhan @arjunkapoor @yamigautam @jaavedjaaferi @RameshTaurani
@akshaipuri @pavankirpalani @jaya.taurani @tips @12thstreetentertainment_film @tipsfilmsofficial #BhootPolice”

She famously quotes the line Laaton ke Bhoot Baaton se nahi maante, which roughly translates to “Rod is logic for the fools”. She also reveals the name for her character in the post, which is a star character in the film. Jacqueline Fernandez plays the role of Kanika, who is supposedly a ghostbuster in the film.

The poster itself is guaranteed to invite second looks. It is rather attractive, and that vibe is spot on. The background is really spooky and adds a lot of depth to the poster. The scarecrow and the haunted house convey the horror element of the story quite well, while Jacqueline steals the show with her beauty. Sporting a fur lined coat with a white crop top and black jeans, she is the star of the show, or rather, the poster here. She is so splendidly dressed, it is hard to believe that she might be a ghostbuster. Yet, the expression on her face and the whip she holds are what add to her mean and strict vibe.

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Bhoot Police: More About The Movie

Bhoot Police Cast

There is a lot you need to know about the movie that we know so far. The first of which is the fact that it is not just Jacqueline Fernandez on this one. The movie sports a star studded cast, and is not just limited to Jacqueline. The film is going to be starring stars like Arjun Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and Yumi Gautam alongside Jacqueline. That is an excellent cast, if we’ve ever seen one. And we have a lot of hopes riding on the stars, and expect a hell of a show from them. The Saif Ali Khan poster for the film has also been revealed. And while it falls short of the Jacqueline poster, both in terms of aesthetics as well as public consensus, it is nice to see as always. Arjun Kapoor has also been confirmed in a similar way, and fans are really excited.

The movie supposedly belongs to the horror comedy genre, and we rarely see movies of this genre in our country. So Bhoot Police is going to be a breath of fresh air, and that is why we have so much hope riding on this film. The cast is good, and so is the premise, so there’s no reason for it to fail.

There is no release date for the movie as of now, but it is expected that it will be revealed soon. Till then stay tuned in for the latest Bhoot Police updates. We update our page everyday and are up to date on the latest news.

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