Have You Watched the Popular American Series Bill & Ted Face The Music?

We have seen the movie from a franchise after a decades-long pause between the two instalments. Yes, you guess right. We are talking about BILL and ted series.

Bill & Ted Face the Music series is an American origin movie and among the most popular science fiction Mixed with humour and comedy. The movies get a decent hit but not the blockbuster, still, they leave an imprint on the heart of the people.

The story of the film is written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. He faces two many ups and downs in his career. After the success of the Bill & Ted Face series, he gets the limelight and, get famous across America.


It was released in August 2020. The average length of the movie is around 93minute. The Two parts get successful, and it does not end on a cliffhanger. Some die heart fans demand the sequel, but it is hard to expect the sequel from the makers.

What Will Be the Plot of the Bill & Ted Face the Music

The movie’s concept is based on the Song( Tell by the future ruler to the best friend bill and Ted) for the future that saves a life. As the story move, their mind swings and instead of writing the song, they think about stealing the Song from the future. The entire movie is a pictorial representation of the problem they face. How they will implement this idea of stealing. I think the concept is enough to raise your excitement to watch.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

Spoiler Alert

The movie starts in 2020, where the two best friends Bill and Ted have failed to write a song to which can save the world. All the things getting against them like marriage, time-space events, careers.

Kelly( daughter) along with the time-travelling guide Rufus, arrives to take them to 2720 AD in California. Her mother also warns them that they have to arrive by 7:17 p.m. that night to compose the song or reality will collapse.

In fear, they will not be able to compose the song within the given time limit. She uses Rufus’s time-travelling phone booth to steal the song from their future selves. However, they get to know that their future selves have failed to write the Song, their partners have left them and they blame their past selves for their failures.

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After kelly didn’t succeed in the mission. After som many failures and hardship, Bill & Ted Face finally compose the song and save the world. To know how he saves, you should watch the movie.

What Is the Name of the Character That Paly the Part in Bill & Ted Face the Music?

  • Jayma Mays Play the role of Princess Joanna Preston. She is Bill’s wife.
  • Samara Weaving Play the role of Theodora “Thea” Preston (above left): They are the daughters of Bill and Joanna’s.
  • Erinn Hayes play the role of Princess Elizabeth Logan: She is Ted’s wife. Erinn Hayes sis has seen Dr Lola Spratt in Children’s Hospital in the movie.
  • Kid Cudi play the role of Himself: She is one of the famous artists for hip-hop who recently described Francis in the 3rd season of Westworld.
  • Jillian Bell plays the role of Dr Taylor Wood: He is a therapist as well as a consultant in the movie.
  • Brigette Lundy-Paine plays the role of Wilhelmina “Billie” Logan (above right) She is the daughter of Ted and Elizabeth’s daughter.
  • Beck Bennett play the role of Deacon Logan: He is Ted’s younger brother and the husband of Billie’s.
  • Erinn Hayes play the role of Princess Elizabeth Logan: She is Ted’s wife. Erinn Hayes sis has seen Dr Lola Spratt in Children’s Hospital in the movie.
  • Kristen Schaal plays the role of Deacon Kelly: She is the daughter of Rufus’. She also gets a Primetime Emmy Award for the character of Sarah Lynn in BoJack Horseman.
  • Anthony Carrigan plays the role of Dennis Caleb McCoy: It is a peculiar character because it’s a robot that has emotions.
  • Holland Taylor plays the role of The Great Leader: She is the wife of the Rufus’. She is one of the most powerful people in the entire universe.

The other important character include

  • Jeremiah Craft plays the role of Louis Armstrong:
  • Sharon Gee plays the role of Ling Lun:
  • Patty Anne Miller plays the role of Grom:
  • Kelly Carlin plays the role of Head Technician:
  • Win Butler plays the role of The Great Leaders Member
  • Ed Solomon plays the role of Stupid Demon:
  • Chris Matheson plays the role of Ugly Demon
  • Dazmann Still plays the role of Jimi Hendrix:

Release Date of Bill & Ted Face the Music?

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The film was released in theatre in the USA on 28 august 2020. It is also released the same day on VOD.

Controversy:- The script of Bill & Ted Face the Music is written a year decade but the casting start in July 2019. This controversy gets the limelight but steals no revelation from the maker on the delay.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

What Is the Rating of Bill and Ted Facing the Music on Different Platforms?

The series gets a decent rating in IMDB as well as in rotten tomatoes. It gets a 67 per cent rating in tomato meter in which more than 2500 people rated while in IMDb. It receives a 6 out of 10, for which more than 1000 people voted. The series also gets a few bad remarks from the critics, due to which it built a negative perception in the audience mind. Even after the negative critic response, still get the average response from the audience. I personally love the movie and it’s worth watching the movie.

What Are the Different Platforms Where We Can Watch the Bill and Ted Face the Music?

You can watch the BILL and Ted face the music on Netflix( but it is not available in America, but you can watch it from the location change, containing Netflix.)

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  • You can also watch it on different streaming sites like Hulu, VOD.
  • If you are an Apple user you can watch int on Apple Tv you can watch it on the google play movies.


If a person wishes to watch science fiction along with comedy, then you should go for it. It s worth watching. The movie Bill & Ted Face the Music. Some of the people worry about what if I have directly watched the third season? Is it necessary to watch, the previous season?

So the answer is yes because the film starts with the recap. If you want to take the feel of the movie, then you should watch the first two-part prior to this one.

Overall the casting and comic timing of the movie is fantastic and it will engage you throughout the movie.

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