Is it Worth to Watching Bright Burn Season 2?

Bright Burn is an amazing super-power horror film starring Jackson A. Dunn. This story revolves around a boy who identifies with a certain superhuman power and quickly becomes evil and starts hating people. The direction by David Yarovesky who is known for directing Guardians of the Galaxy and The Hive too.

Brightburn 2

Overview of Bright burn 2

Bright Burn is the American superhero horror film directed by David Yarovsky, which is written by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn, and is produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Wong, released on 2019. It is a very famous and marvelous movie.


Brightburn 2

This film originally adopted the same rhythms just as the classic Superman origin story, which shows an alien boy whose name is Brandon and grew up in a small town in Kansas and discovered that he had superpowers.

Moreover, unlike Clark Kent / Kael, when Brandon had realized that his power made him surpass humans, he did not try to use them as superheroes, but instead he used them more like dark powers to free other humans and fulfill his bloodthirsty desire. Don’t you want some more information about the all new season of BrightBurn? Here’s the whole Plot and Storyline.

Plot and Storyline of Bright burn 2

Initially, this plot seems same as the Superman story. Tori and Kyle are portrayed as a childless couple. They both are ready to be parents but luck doesn’t favour them. And one day, a spaceship crashes to their backyard and they find a baby boy in that ship.

Brightburn 2

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Bright Burn refers to an inversion of the origin of Superman. This movie is made on a logical hypothesis that what if a super-powerful alien were sent to earth to destroy it completely?

Though Kyle is not much happy with taking this baby in, he cannot refuse Tori because he knows how much it means to her. As both of them become the parents, very soon they realize that this boy who they named as Brandon is not ordinary. He has superstitious powers due to his alien heritage.

Supposition of Fans From the Season 2

Bright Burn ends with a credit scene portraying the news footage of Brandon, now nicknamed Bright Burn in his hometown, featured with Alex Jones Esque, James Gunn’s frequent contributor Michael Rooker.

Brightburn 2

Just as Big T explained, Bright burn is not the only superpower on earth. Vice-versa, as per the multiple reports, there are serial killers as well who are similar to Supermen, including half-sea creatures, half-human monsters known to sink ships, and a witch who strangled people with ropes and told them to tell the truth.

So obviously, there are also evil versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the Bright burn universe. Bright Burn 2 characterizes the evil Justice League as a clear setting, completed with its own iteration of DC Trinity and related superheroes, people like Cyborg are simply calling for a physical horror transformation in this myth.

The other possibility is that, opposite to the reversal of the 2017 Justice League movie, as a powerful hero appears and threatens to defeat them all, Blaburn and his super villain has to unite. No matter how we look at it, “Unite the League” will have a whole new meaning in the sequel for sure.

The Official Triumph of the Season 2

Currently, Sony and Screen Gems has not confirmed that they are working on the BrightBurn 2. As the global box office revenue of the first movie on its first screening weekend was around $17.3 million, so it is expected to reach the budget of almost around 612 million USD.

Brightburn 2

At the same time, the critics and the public has received some mixed reactions, so it might be easier to tell whether word of mouth will happen next week or not. As we all know that, Bright Burn was never been that popular from the beginning, and therefore it may take some time for Sony to announce their sequel plans.

Bright burn 2 Cast

Elizabeth Banks portrayed as Tori Bryer and David Denman as Kyle Bryer has done a wonderful job. Banks is an awesome character for the role of a woman who is desperate to be a mother and a fierce protectress of her son. This is the moment of her disillusionment bears her powerful acting.

Brightburn 2

Jackson Dunn played the role of a 12-year-old Brandon Bryer and tremendously is the Bright Burn. He shines in his light. The young actor has won our hearts and we would love to see him more in this particular Sequel.

The Scope for Bright burn 2

The end part of the Bright Burn post-credit shows only two things, a destructive Bright Burn engaged with a monstrous activities and a YouTube-based conspiracy theorist, known as Big T, claims that there are many more extraterrestrial beings who exist.

Brightburn 2

He indicates the witch who uses her lasso to choke people and makes them speak the truth. The second one is half-man half-sea creature who drowns the ships. These two theories refer to Wonder Woman and Aqua man respectively.

An Evil Superman getting the taste of blood, and the two other potential superhuman beings are on loose, have driven fans crazy and make them believe in the possibility of a sequel.

The Official Launch Date

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Although there have been strong discussions of Bright Burn 2, but no specific date is out yet, regarding this venture. Sources assume that no official information will be out before 2022 as Gunn is now busy with Guardians of Galaxy 3 and The Suicide Squad shoots for a time being.

Brightburn 2

Bright burn will definitely be crowd-pleasing and a great success when it launches, so the creators hope to start work on Bright burn 2 as soon as other work is completed.

Where to Watch Bright burn 2?

Brightburn 2

The Bright Burn has generated moderate-to-good business, and has done tremendously well on Netflix and became one of the most-watched shows. This has overwhelmed James Gunn himself and he expressed his joy on Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going to be the next move?

It is a horror movie. Today we will be discussing the story of the first movie, the actors, the director, and the new update of the second movie for the fans of course.

Do you have any clue whether the Bright Burn is a Superman’s son or not?

Bright Burn is technically not a Superman heir. But his origin stories are notably and intentionally similar as he winds up killing the other Justice League member.

What do you think is Bright Burn’s weakness is?

During the entire story, his mother discovers that her son Brandon’s one and only weakness is the material from the ship that delivered him same like Superman’s weakness is just only Kryptonite from his home planet.

Do you have any expectations from all this new season?

This sequel can start with several directions, comprising a story in which Blaburn and his companions clashes with each other while trying to make a plan for ruling out the world.

Is there any stone left unturned by this all new season?

One of the amazing factors that will favor BrightBurn 2 is Sony itself. They are also trying to release new movies in the upcoming years, such as Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island horror film restart. In this way, if it is approved, then we are unlikely to enjoy it soon enough.

Wrapping Up

Bright Burn is simply an amazing watch. This explores the genre of horror against the backdrop of alien-superpower movies and it does so with neatness, precision and execution.

Brightburn 2

Yarovesky’s success lies with the fact that he has tremendously made us afraid of that little boy who turns out to be much more than his adoptive parents bargained for. This movie also thrives over the conflict between nature and nurture.

Brandon’s mother and father both stand on very different ideas of parenting that becomes a key factor in deciding their fate. Until the second part of this comes out, you are free to enjoy the first one on Netflix. It might not look like that but it is indeed one of the uncomfortably creepiest movies ever.

So stay tuned for further updates!

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