Bull Season 6: What To Expect

Bull is one of the most followed shows on TV right now, and I have personally been loving it so far. The way that things have transpired for the show since last season has been nothing short of stellar, and the producers and showrunners are making strides that are unprecedented in the context of the show. With the coronavirus pandemic underway, Bull managed to be a one in a thousand kind of show as it seamlessly blended the new style of living into its entire premise and story. Consequently, Bull Season 5 went on to garner warm responses from the audiences, as well as the critics and managed to become one of CBS’ favorites. But what is the case for Bull Season 6? Is it going to follow in the same footsteps? Or is it going to dare to be different? That is what we are going to answer today.

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Bull Season 6: About The Show

Bull Season 6

For those of you who are new here and don’t know about the show, Bull is a procedural drama that revolves around the character Dr. Jason Bull, who is a brilliant criminal psychologist and is an expert on how people think. He is a criminal psychologist who is well sought out after everyone and even owns his own firm, which he uses to analyze data and to find out what exactly it is that affects lawyers, judges, criminals, and witnesses, and makes use of his findings to aid in their investigation and trials.

Pulling the strings on everyone around him, he has a brilliant supporting team at his disposal, and he engages each member of his team to the maximum and ensures the best results for his psychology practice and criminal investigations. All of this makes for a very interesting show that will engage you in the best way possible and will keep you going till the end of the season.

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Bull Season 6: What To Expect From The New Season

Bull Season 6

For Season 6, things are expected to shift focus from the pandemic to more grounded problems in Bull’s life. From what we know so far, after his remarriage, Bull’s daughter is now in danger and is going to be taken away by someone who resents Bull. The captor is going to try and manipulate Bull, and it is being said that Bull will have to create a psychological profile of himself. This puts Bull in a very compromised condition and one that we are not so used to seeing. And I feel it is going to be quite interesting to see that.

When asked about the sixth season, Nichole Millard stated, “I think Kathryn and I would feel comfortable saying Bull’s whole character journey is one of control that is kicked off in our first episode of the season when his child is taken from him. And then we’ll see that idea of control for him personally threatened in various ways throughout the season. And the end will be how he can get back to equilibrium and maybe change a little on the way.”

That certainly sounds interesting, and it seems that the showrunners have a lot in store for us fans, so I’m really interested in seeing the direction that the show takes, and what plot twists the writers have written into the story.

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Bull Season 6: Timings

Bull Season 6

Bull Season 6 has already started streaming and premiered its first episode on October 7. So it has been really nice to see the show back on the air again. The timings for the show are currently set to 10:00 PM ET on the CBS network. So be sure to tune in every Thursday at the exact time to catch the show.

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Bull Season 6: Outlook

Things are currently going really well in terms of ratings and viewership for Bull, and I’m really happy to see that considering the current scenario for many shows on CBS. With a huge number of cancelations, nothing is guaranteed on the network, and it is nice to see Bull Season 6 retaining its position.

Bull is currently streaming on CBS. You may watch it at the following link:

Watch Bull on CBS

The show currently holds a rating of 7 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for Bull Season 6 down below:

What do you think about the latest season? Are you enjoying it so far? Let me know in the comments down below.

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