Burden of Truth Season 3 Cast | Release Date | Rating and More

The Burden of Truth is a CW legal drama created by the very talented Brad Simpson. It stars Kristin Kreuk, Peter Mooney, Star Slade, Meegwun Fairbrother, Anwen O’Driscoll, Sara Thompson, Michelle Nolden, and Varun Saranga.

Burden of Truth Season 3

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This is the series focussing on the attorney Joanna Hanley i.e. Kreuk who walks away from her partnership at a corporate law firm in order to figure out why and how a mysterious sickness was disturbing the high school girls in her home town of Millwood at Manitoba.

More About Burden of Truth Season 3

Burden of Truth Season 3

With the end of the season one, Joanna was unknown of her dad and replaces her last name to Chang refers to be her mother’s maiden name. And in the season two, she has joins a Winnipeg firm in which a new client involves her with a case which consists of full political and cyber intrigue.

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The Burden of Truth Season 3 Plot

With the ending of Season 2, we saw that Joanna was finding out who actually did kill her father. After scattering her father’s ashes, she became ready to head back for Singapore. But a fraction of seconds ago she’s about to leave, Joanna turned up at Billy’s house.

Burden of Truth Season 3

Therefore, the Season 3 is supposed to pick up from the same point it ended in Season 2.

The Burden of Truth Season 3 Cast

Burden of Truth Season 3

The regular cast of this series has been expected to make a full return with a bang in the third season and it includes Kristin Kreuk, Peter Mooney, and Alex Carter.

The Burden of Truth Season 2 Ratings

The Burden of Truth Season 2 averaged a rating of 0.08 in the 18-49 demographic and 478,000 viewers. In comparison with the first season which is down by 42% and 34% respectively.

Burden of Truth Season 3

The Burden of Truth series originates on CBC in Canada, so the price must be right for the network to pick up a third season before the season 2 even debuted. The early renewal was more of a surprise, since last year’s Nielsen ratings in the US were low, even for a CW summer series. Though it has already been renewed for a third season.

The Burden of Truth Season 3 Release Date

Burden of Truth Season 3

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It was officially announced that the third season of ‘Burden of Truth’ will be happening on 25th March with the shooting expected to start from the summer. For now on there is not an official release date to be announced.

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