Candyman: The Theater Preview

After a long drawn wait and a lot of hype for the movie, Nia DaCosta is finally bringing out the Candyman movie everyone has been waiting for. Ever since its announcement in 2020, the movie has been having a lot of buzz around it (pun intended). The original movie was a hit in its own right, and was loved by people the world over. And now 2021’s Candyman is almost here, with a lot of expectations around it. Most of it being due to the connections that the movie has established with the original movie. The 1992 movie saw us following the main character and seeing him become a hive of very potent bees, and become an urban legend. However, among all the buzz, there is one question that remains on the mind of every franchise fan. And we are going to talk all about it today.

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Candyman: The Return of Candyman

The original 1992 Candyman movie made quite a lot of noise when it came out. It saw the rise of one of the best movie villains of all time. And quicky became an urban legend, even in real life. The original movie had the premise that the walking terror could be summoned by looking into a mirror and saying Candyman 5 times. The cycle of killing continues and keeps making its rounds as our villain does not want to be forgotten.

The original film saw Tony Todd starring in the role of the feared Candyman. He quickly became a household name after the release of the movie and become known as one of the best villains of all time. The actor earned a lot of critical acclaim for his role in the film and was loved by people the world over, and won awards for his role. Now, with the release of the 2021 film, everyone is wondering whether the star of the show, Tony Todd will be coming back to reclaim his beloved role. Some of the cast of the original film is definitely making a return, but the same cannot be said with certainty about Tony Todd.  But we have some news that may hint to a possibility.

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New Rumors


A website by the name of Bloody Disgusting has recently unearthed the voice of Tony Todd in a new trailer for the film. “I heard you’re looking for Candyman,” says Tony Todd in the 30 second trailer for the film. And the voice is distinctly his, and there is no question about it. And it is followed by the laugh of the scary villain. So we are quite positive that our beloved candyman is indeed going to be important to the new film and is going to be quite central to it.

The director also had some words for the fans. “It’s such a great amount about personality and about what brutality can resemble,” DaCosta said in a statement last year. “It’s not simply this extremely realistic lynch horde, it can likewise be the power of improvement, or the miniature animosities within attempting to arrange what your next craftsmanship piece will be. It has many structures, so that is important for what we needed to discuss in this film also. Also, that is an integral motivation behind why [Anthony] fits in the workmanship world since he can truly show that in a fascinating manner. Our perspectives are about the multifaceted ways that viciousness can take the frame and can kill in America, and that is the place where the film will be.”

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Candyman: Where to Watch

Now fans of the original film are waiting for the film, and are really excited for it. So it is no doubt on everyone’s mind where the film will premiere. We are pleased to announce that Candyman is almost here. And the release date for the movie is going to be August 27, 2021. The movie is going to be released in all theaters and you can catch it in a multiplex near you. We do recommend you to watch the movie if you are a fan of the original.

What do you think about the upcoming movie? Are you excited for it? Do you think Tony Todd is going to be in it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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