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Are you someone who belongs to a creative field? And you are also someone who is looking for a really amazing and very handy tool for doing something really really creative like graphic designing. And if your answer is yes then my dear friends you are at the right place because here we have come up with a perfect solution to your problem. A tool that is so much capable of doing the

Are you someone who is in need or is looking for a tool that will help you in doing something which is surely gonna solve all the problems of yours?


Canva is such an amazing tool that it has already gained so much of its popularity among graphic designers. That it has reached a point where it has already become famous and one of the most preferable online software to be used by graphic designers for doing graphic designing. Not just famous but it has also gained over 30 million users and also has a valuation of almost about $6 billion.

So, here to all those people who are looking and digging really deep into the internet to get an online tool that will be so capable of fulfilling all your requirements out of it, all related to graphic designing. Then, my dear friends, Canva is the one for you all to fulfill all your needs related to graphic designing and giving you all the advance as well as basic features in it. Canva is surely something that has made a lot of things easy, so this is why you and so many others out there have looked at it so closely.

Although there were times when people did not like it so much and did not give it their positive response, you should definitely have a look at it now because it has changed a lot of things in its technology and has come up with such unique and multi-purpose features and also has overcome all its problems.

Besides Canva there are some other goods as well which are available out there in the market to be used for graphic designing by a graphic designer, but there is no doubt that canva is such a great tool that will not even make you feel like having and trying for some other tool anyways.


Previously if you have ever tried Canva for graphic designing you must have faced a lot of issues like it was comparatively difficult to use. Also, Canva has required a curve which is to be called a learning curve, and also did not consist of all the features which you might have wanted or required at that time.

But now, when you see it after the last time whenever you have experienced it, it is so much different back then. It has completely changed and if you will try it now then I am so sure that you will definitely gonna replace your current tool on which you have been working over for a long with this Canva software graphic designing tool.

Because Canva has introduced tons of features which are available in it for the purpose of designing. The Canva has just made it easier for all those people who come to it to get some really cool features for graphic designing and also has provided support for it in a better, more convenient way.

So, we will now discuss Canva in detail, and we will also give feedback about how we perceive this software as a user. We will tell you about what we really liked about this software and what we didn’t like about it. And we will also tell you in what conditions it will suit you the most, also its features, and will also guide you with the process about how you can design an image by using this software Canva.


In simple language, if we tell you then the Canva is a platform where you can simply create social media graphics with such convenience. It helps you to create presentations, posters, documents, and some other visual content as well. This software also helps you to get the templates to use while designing. And the best part about this amazing app is that it is all free for those who do not require its advanced features and just want to use it for minimal work. And if you are someone who is gonna use this tool for professional purposes then Canva also offers a pro version where you can get all the advanced features available in the software and then you can simply use it for your designing purpose. And this Canva software not only just offers you Canva Pro but also offers you Canva for enterprise for some additional functionality. You can also pay for some physical products which have to be printed or may be shipped.

Canva has such an amazing history when it comes to the development and valuation of its goodwill among people and also as a software brand. In June 2020, Canva was raised as $60 million at a valuation of $6 billion, which is almost like a doubling of its value from 2019.



This Canva software has such an amazing and interesting history to tell. It has been developed over years so much and has earned so much growth out there in the market of technologies. We will start by telling you about the founder of the Canva software so, Mr. Melanie Perkins, Mr. Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams have together founded this amazing software named Canva at the very start of the year 2012, that is Jan 1st, 2012 in Perth, Australia.

Canva has achieved a lot of fame in the very first year of its launch, more than 750,000 became active users for this extremely amazing app Canva. Mr. Guy Kawasaki is the famous social media technology expert who joined the company Canva as a chief evangelist or you can also say it as a position of a brand promoter in the year 2014, April. After the entrance of Guy Kawasaki, in 2015 the Canva achieved more growth and has launched Canva for work as well, he has focused very much on marketing materials.


Canva software has achieved some amazingly profitable revenue margins in the financial year of 2016-17 which got raised from around $6.9 million to somewhat around $24 million, but also a loss of $3.5 million. And in the year 2017, this company Canva has reached the point where it has 294,000 actively paying customers which was very much profitable to them.

After this they kept growing, it was heard in the year 2018, Perkins that the company Canva has raised its value by $40 million from Sequoia Capital, Blackbird Ventures, and Felicis Ventures and also that the company is valued at $1 billion.

This company canva kept on growing at a fast and continuous rate that is heard during the year of 2019, May that the company again got raised of around of funding $70 million from some General Catalyst and Bond and also from its existing investors, who is valuing the Canva with the worth of $2.5 Billion.


Now, then in October 2019, the canva has announced that it has again raised the additional value of the worth of around $3.2 billion, and also launched an enterprise product as well.

In the same year of December 2019, the Canva again announced the Canva for Education. So basically the idea behind the Canva for education was that the Canva for educations was the free product for the schools and all the other educational institutions who intended to facilitate collaborations and work as a bridge between students and the teachers.

Soon after this, in the year 2020 in June, Canva again announced that it has gotten into a partnership with the FedEx office, and some of the others following the office will be depot. Also, in this year June 2020, Canva’s valuation has again raised and has been valued at $6 billion.

Also in the year 2019, May the Canva has experienced a breach in data which simply means that data of almost 140 million users were hacked. All that is exposed include the official name of the users, their usernames, addresses, and as well as all about their geographical information as well, and not just this but it also includes the password hashes for some of the users. This situation was very sensitive but then again the Canva has handled this situation very remarkably awesomely. Although, this made a lot of people very angry and people started criticizing them with emails and others whatever ways they get. But this also got buried deep down under all the self-regulatory marketing content.



  • The very first advantage of using Canva as a graphic designing tool that is worth mentioning here in the pro section is that this one for the university publications gives readily accessible colors and fonts.
  • Another advantage of using Canva as a graphic designing tool that is worth mentioning here in the pro section is that this one has a good selection of templates to choose from.
  • Furthermore, using Canva as a graphic designing tool has a plus point of having a lot of resources for the purpose of designing, like pictures, clip arts, backgrounds, and other designing elements which is worth mentioning here in this pro section.
  • Adding to that having and using Canva as a graphic designing tool has an advantage that is worth mentioning here in the pro section which is that this one has the ability to share a particular design with some of the others at the university or of any institution.
  • Canva has the ability to download the designs as a png, pdf, jpg, SVG, even MP4 video or gif which is an advantage of using Canva as a graphic designing tool that is worth mentioning here in the prosection.
  • Also, the Canva is such compatible software that even as a new user you will face no problem while using it. You can easily edit the pictures and design not just this but it will also allow you to alter it whatever way you want to alter it. And also we most of the time lose what we made previously this causes a lot of wastage of time and energy therefore just to solve this problem it also allows you to keep the previous design and create a duplicate of it and then easily make any required changes.
  • This Canva software is so handy also you can easily find its guide videos available in youtube and in google as well. You can see and get the instructions for the same.
  • The free version is super good, the paid version makes everything easier and quicker to do!
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  • The drag and drop for any item
  • Pre-made templates are combinable with any scheme that you want
  • This amazing software for graphic designing also exports a very wide variety of software extensions that will be available in extraordinarily high-quality images. And also its pro license even allows .svg and background-less exports.
  • Another advantage of using Canva’s pro license is that it has some ultimate and the most amazingly collective set of fonts available in it which can be easily the match for some other fonts which are available on the internet. Well if we say so basically, this word named Canva provides all its (pro) customers an amazingly perfect and easy-to-use, and cross-compatible set of design options. And above all this, it also gives you the option to customize everything.
  • For me, Canva shines in its usability. There are so many different types of preset, pre-sized canvases that are available out there in the web market. As a designer, marketer, presenter, educational technologist, or even as someone who has just now started using it, Canva provides you all your levels/types of UI and UX geared up for you all. How amazing, right?
  • Well, basically if we say then Canva’s strengths are truly based all on its real features, features which are original of Canva and also this such a beautiful fact that even the newest user who has just started using this app a few moments ago can end up producing a uniquely professional-looking design in just a little time.
  • Automatic sizing for different social channels
  • Grids to guide novice designers
  • Ability to upload fonts and images to personalize your designs.
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  • I have a hard time coming up with any improvements, perhaps increasing the number of free elements to use in design.
  • Maybe, Canva should check if you start editing a previous document to see if you want to change the current design or create a new one as a clone of the current document (design).
  • I’m sorry, I really can’t think of a 3rd. Overall, I really like working in Canva.
  • If you place an item outside of the area that you’re working can be tricky to retrieve or delete, sometimes you even notice it
  • I had some issues with the mobile version (crashing and closing, can be my old smartphone fault too) I stopped and keep using the web version
  • Would be amazing if you can ventilate your existing account from other sites like Shutterstock, freepik premium, or flat icon.
  • Canva has recently introduced online presentations and website options, both of which could stand for improvements. To elaborate: the presentation/video templates and interfaces are slightly more difficult to navigate.
  • Again, Canva’s newest user options attempt to make “going to the web” easier. Unfortunately, even the most rudimentary export struggles to display. It would seem that there are no auto-scale/different display modes built into the scripts in the software. I managed to find a way to cut out the code not only for the very bothersome logo and then resize the display output; however, I don’t fancy that every Canva user will either a) want to take the time to do this; or, b) have enough coding experience to make it work for them.
  • Again, Canva has recently introduced some potentially great features, namely the website and online presentation (native to the software) templates. Sadly, these two features fail in their intended executions. Perhaps I am too much of an advanced user and maybe novice users will find these features more user-friendly.
  • The issues are two-fold: even with the pro license, the URL and presentation mode display with a huge Canva logo in the corner. As an advanced user, I was able to resize the presentation and find the code for the ‘Canva’ logo and snip it out. However, I doubt that what I imagine is a large portion of the Canva market share (i.e. plug and play novice users) will be able to make such adjustments.
  • It’s easy to overestimate your design ability
  • The UI is a little…cluttered.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Canva’s top competitors?

Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, and Hootsuite are common alternatives for Canva.

Can you please guide me with some of the best features for the Canva tool?

Well, if we say then as per according to the existing customers or say it users they all have reviewed Implementation as the highest rating, with almost of the full score.

Who uses Canva?

The most common users of Canva are from Small Businesses and the Marketing & Advertising industry.



After going through all the details and the information which we have gathered about this brand and the app. We have come to the conclusion that we will be more than happy to suggest you go for it. We have checked almost every big or small aspect, and every measure which one has to take while choosing something over the internet as there can be so many things regarding the secret of your work details or maybe personal information. Although there was once an issue which has been faced by this brand in the past, there is nothing like this that might ever happen to it again.

We have also checked for the brand and its consistency in the market. Which you must have also gotten from the history part of this article. In which we have mentioned that- how old it is so there is already no question about that.

And also there are so many things to be praised about but the one which I personally loved about this Canva software is that this brand has transparency to its customers and future users.


Yes, Canvas has shown every detailed information about their brand very honestly. As if they have nothing to hide from their customers, potential users, and investors as well. This is the reason why you can always trust any brand like this, but right now in our case, it is Canvas.

A good brand has consistency and transparency first and without any doubts, they have both of them. In addition to all these things they also have crazy uniqueness in their designs and features. The designs which you will find in this software are super amazing and super rare.

The price of the products is not very expensive and on top of that, you can also use it for free if you are not using a pro version for this. It will provide some cool templates to design anything quickly for beginners, also have some amazing fonts which also have options for customization, not just that it also has advanced tools which you will be needing and able to access after getting the pro version for this.


Payment methods are very simple and almost available for every country. Which means it is very flexible in terms of payments and everything. I really love their website. It is super cool and easy to handle. I would definitely recommend this to you. You can go and try out this tool now and if you are someone who needs it for professional purposes definitely go for a pro version that is amazing. Totally a trustable brand you should go for.

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