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Certain Women is about the subtle, persistent, aggravating things that keep you up in the middle of the night, rather than the all-guns-blazing drama that the title indicates. Or, to put it another way, the major things, such as patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, homophobia, and rural America’s creeping disenfranchisement, as reflected via minor everyday losses and mistakes. Laura isn’t the only one who wishes people would pay attention: in the second narrative, Gina (Michelle Williams, in her third picture with Reichardt) needs her husband Ryan’s (yes, the same Ryan) help in purchasing some sandstone from an old-timer named Albert’s front yard.

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What’s There in the Movie Certain Women (2016)?

Laura Wells, an attorney in Livingston, Montana, has been dealing with an unhappy client named Fuller for eight months. He’s been seeing Laura at her office on a regular basis since he lost his job owing to a working incident that left him incapacitated. She refers Fuller to another lawyer since he will not listen to her advise. After reviewing the case, the lawyer informs Fuller that, while his firm was definitely at blame for his injuries, he can no longer sue the corporation because he already accepted their paltry payout. Fuller had a fight with his wife on the way home from the appointment with the second lawyer, and is thrown out of their automobile. Laura Wells gives him a ride home.

Laura gets contacted by the police late that night. Fuller has returned to his former workplace and is holding a security guard hostage. Laura agrees to speak with Fuller after being prepared by the cops. She enters the premises and discovers Fuller holding his captive; Fuller orders her to collect his personnel records, which contain the case file from which the firm settled his disability claim.

Fuller has Laura read the full paperwork, which shows how he was defrauded of his proper payment. Fuller decides to release the guard and asks Laura to stall for him by walking to the front and informing the police of his demands as if he were holding a pistol to his head.

Gina and Ryan Lewis are a married couple with a teenage daughter who are constructing their own home from the ground up. Ryan’s behaviour irritates Gina because she believes he continuously undermines her with their daughter. They decide to stop at the house of Albert, an old man they know, on their way home from their new home’s campground to attempt to persuade him to sell them the sandstone on his land. Gina tries to persuade Albert to sell her the sandstone throughout their conversation, but he appears inattentive and only interested in conversing with Ryan.

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Certain Women (2016)

How Certain Women Ended?

Albert eventually agrees to offer the sandstone to Gina and Ryan on a trial basis. Gina, who is surreptitiously recording the talk, motions for them to go. Gina laments about Ryan’s lack of support during the bargaining in the vehicle on the drive home, and they argue if taking the sandstone is the best move.

Gina and Ryan come a little time later and load a truck with the sandstone. She catches Albert looking out his window and waves, but he does not return her wave. Jamie works as a ranch hand on a farm outside of Belfry during the winter and lives in seclusion. She spots cars turning into the school on her way into town one night and follows them. She discovers that she has stumbled across a seminar on education law taught by Beth Travis, a young lawyer.

After class, Jamie and Beth (Kristen Stewart) head out to dine. Beth adds that she lives in Livingston, a four-hour drive away, and that she must make the eight-hour round journey twice a week to get back in time for her regular work. Jamie attends class week after week despite having little interest in education law. She brings one of her horses to class one week and rides it to the cafe with Beth. She is taken aback the next week when she discovers Beth has resigned and a new instructor has been hired as a permanent replacement.

Jamie then exits the classroom and travels directly to Livingston. She spends the night in her car and the next morning travelling to legal offices in the hopes of finding Beth. She had flashbacks of the last time she travelled to the city while on the road. Jamie finds Beth in the parking lot after finding her location and tells her that she drove over knowing that if she didn’t, she would be late.

Reichardt sought a change of scenery after shooting most of her major films in Oregon. She woven three of Meloy’s short tales set in Montana together, and after investigating locales, she decided that Livingston, rather than Meloy’s hometown of Helena, was the best fit for the film’s aesthetic. Neil Kopp and Vincent Savino were part of the production crew, with Todd Haynes serving as executive producer. The main characters, including Michelle Williams, a two-time collaborator, were cast in 2015.

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Wrapping Up

Even though each narrative dealt with relationships, Haynes noticed that the images in Certain Women segmented the women’s lives—the isolation and loneliness they felt. To underscore this, Reichardt staged pictures in which her subjects are separated and fragmented by door frames, windows, mirrors, and architectural components. She used noises from the environment, such as wind.

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