A Mysterious Classic Horror Story

Are you looking for a film that combines Cabin in the Woods, Scream, and Midsommar? What if I told you that film was also made in Italy? Even if you’re not in the mood for it, you’re going to receive it anyhow. Last month, a teaser for the new Netflix film A Classic Horror Story was revealed, and now we have a complete trailer that offers us a clearer peek at what’s in store.

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What is There in the A Classic Horror Story

Elisa makes preparations to carpool with her parents to her parents’ house in Calabria for an abortion, despite her reservations. She joins an RV piloted by travel blogger Fabrizio, who is joined by doctor Riccardo and outgoing couple Sofia and Mark. When Elisa’s morning sickness forces the group to stop, Mark takes over as Fabrizio’s driver.

Mark drinks beer while driving that night and crashes into a tree as he swerves to avoid running over a goat’s body. When Elisa wakes up the next morning, she sees the gang tending to Mark’s fractured leg. They see they are no longer on the road and have arrived in a clearing surrounded by trees.

Despite the fact that they come upon a primitive cabin in the clearing, they do not enter. Three disfigured scarecrows are crucified with pig heads on spikes in a type of shrine, which Fabrizio and Riccardo discover. They flee, terrified. When Elisa walks into the cottage, she notices a ceremonial mural representing three deities: Ostro, Mastosso, and Carcagnosso, who represent the leadership of a community that worships them in exchange for prosperity and wealth through human sacrifice.

They decide to camp out in the RV for the night. Everyone but Mark chooses to investigate the screams emanating from within the home when they hear them. They find a girl caught within a hay cocoon in the attic of the house. The gang is shocked to learn that the girl’s tongue has been disfigured.

They see three masked individuals pull Mark out of the RV and drag him inside the cabin, where he is tied to the living room table. The party is forced to witness as three masked men torture and murder Mark by gouging out his eyes and crushing his feet with a wooden hammer while hiding in the attic. While the remainder of the gang waits for daylight to flee through the forest, the trio drags Mark’s body outdoors. They learn they are not the first victims of the disaster after seeing a graveyard of abandoned automobiles.

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How A Classic Horror Story Ended?

As they return to the clearing, the gang finds themselves marching in circles. As night falls, the group discusses their own tales while drinking the last bottle of beer. Elisa awakens to see all of the sect’s members gathered in front of the home, holding Sofia, Chiara, and Riccardo as prisoners on a ceremonial stage.

The rite begins with masked characters symbolising Ostro, Mastosso, and Carcagnosso. Sofia’s eyes have been gouged out, and Riccardo’s ears have been twisted. Their mutilated limbs are attached to the colossal scarecrow in which Chiara is imprisoned. As Elisa and Fabrizio watch from inside the cabin, Sofia and Riccardo have their throats slit.

She wakes up at the head of a big table, her hands nailed to the armrests of a wheelchair, during one of the cult’s meals. She is led into a control room, where she learns that all of the events she has witnessed have been captured on concealed cameras, with a production crew directing the proceedings. Fabrizio confesses that he is attempting to make a classic horror narrative by directing an amateur snuff film. Elisa goes around the film’s production team’s camp after regaining her freedom.

a classic horror story

Chiara is still alive and working as an actor for Fabrizio, she discovers. In a trailer, Elisa overhears the two discussing the recording’s next stages. The local mayor is discovered to be a mafia member and the financier of his film. Elisa murders Chiara with a shotgun when she exits the van. She then shoots Fabrizio in the leg, and he begs for compassion, but Elisa murders him as well, all while filming everything on her phone.

She finds a way out of the jungle by climbing over a barrier that erroneously designates the area as a restricted military zone. She emerges from the jungle on a beach, covered in blood, and is videotaped by beachgoers as she dives into the water.

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Do You Want To know Why Fabrizio betray the others?

As the film nears its conclusion, it becomes clear that Fabrizio is not telling the truth. He’s actually collaborating with the Mafia to create a completely new kind of genuine horror for the Bloodflix streaming network. Fabrizio’s truth is revealed as he moves in to hug Elisa after drugging the others with a laced bottle of beer. She learns the truth after overhearing others discussing in his earpiece.

Elisa is knocked out before she can accomplish anything, unfortunately. She ultimately wakes up at a Mafia family dining table. Her hands are nailed down, and everyone in the room taunts her.

Fabrizio’s mother, commonly known as “Mama,” is the mastermind behind it all and the Mafia’s boss. The mafia has been around for a long time. The filming took place on a military base, and the dead deer on the road was purposefully placed for the youngsters to collide with. Fabrizio and his crew have also put up a slew of caravans and props, which Elisa discovers late in the game when she tries to flee.

Fabrizio is the writer and director of these flicks, and he is hell-bent on delivering excellent cinematic experiences. He exalts himself as an artist and appears to be enamoured with himself. After killing Chiara, Elisa shoots him dead with her shotgun, putting an end to his bragging. She records Fabrizio’s death and reveals her face to the world, which is a beautiful twist of fate.

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Wrapping up

What does the future hold for filmmaking? Here’s where the plot thickens. It turns out that the movie’s events were faked. The aspiring filmmaker is creating snuff flicks with mafia funding. After that, they’re posted on Bloodflix for your watching pleasure. Isn’t that what the audience wants? We’ve grown so over-mediated that the only thing we’d think to do if a brutally abused lady appeared on a public beach is aim our camera phones at her.

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