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In Cosmic Sin, a new sci-fi action film starring Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo that is currently accessible on streaming sites, a motley group of Earth warriors prepares to preemptively blow up an extraterrestrial planet when initial contact is established. Cosmic Sin is brought up to speed through an introductory text scrawl: It’s the year 2524, and mankind has conquered light-year space travel and colonised a few of extraterrestrial worlds. Between who or what we don’t know, an alliance has been established.

You may have noticed that Bruce Willis’ recent production has been exclusively comprised of straight-to-VOD Steven Segal-quality garbage and absolutely awful sequels that have justifiably tanked. ‘Breach,’ ‘Survive the Night,’ ‘Trauma Centre,’ ‘Reprisal,’ ‘Air Strike,’ ‘Acts of Violence,’ ‘Extraction,’ ‘Marauders,’ ‘Hard Kill,’ and ‘First Kill’ come to mind.

On projects like ‘Cosmic Sin,’ the production centres around the one or two days when Bruce comes up on set with little enthusiasm, sleepwalks through the motions, and runs the crew ragged so he can zip in and out on his private jet.

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What is There in Cosmic Sin?

The first Mars colony is established in the year 2031. The Alliance was established in 2042, and quantum propulsion technology now permits mankind to travel beyond the solar system. In 2281, the Mars colony fails, and the Alliance takes control of the three colonies: Earth, Zafdie, and Ellora.

In 2519, Zafdie makes an attempt to break away from the alliance. In this conflict, James Ford attacks the rebel colony with a Q(uantum)-Bomb, killing 70 million people. He is dishonorably discharged from the Alliance military after perpetrating this crime, his wife, Dr. Lea Goss, leaves him, and he becomes known as “The Blood General.”

The Sigea are an extraterrestrial species that invades and conquers various worlds in space. They may parasitically infect individuals by compelling them to drink a black liquid that subjugates them to the Sigea’s hive mentality.

cosmic sin

When Captain Juda Saule reports an extraterrestrial contact to the Alliance in the year 2524, the Vander Mining Corp is stationed at planet 4217LYA (Heracles System). General Eron Ryle has been alerted on Earth and has requested that Dr. Goss and Ford be informed of the situation.

Dash is meeting with Ford for a job at a local tavern when he is attacked by citizens, but Commander Marcus Bleck comes and intervenes. Ford resists Bleck’s plea for his attendance, only relenting when Bleck says that a successful operation will result in Ford’s reinstatement. Dash joins Ford at the McMillian Airfield for a discussion with Dr. Goss and Ryle about what transpired in the Heracles System. Survivors of the Vander mine are transported to the airfield for debriefing, but Goss has reservations. The survivors have fallen under Sigea’s sway and have begun murdering security personnel. Soldiers retaliate and triumph, but at the cost of 53 lives.

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How Cosmic Sin Ended?

In space, Ryle is able to call out to Ardene through the coms. He volunteers to assist blast the portal to lock off the Sigea while stranded in space. The Sigea have learned that the survivors are stranded at the orbital cannon and have converged on the outpost; Goss exposes herself to be a Sigea agent and offers them the choice to surrender, which they decline. The crew is preparing to make their final stand, protecting the outpost for as long as possible until Ardene can fire the cannon.

While the rest of the gang fights off the alien intruders, Ford boards a Sigea spacecraft and leads Goss to the portal, where she declares that humans and Sigea will never be at peace. While Ford is repelled back to Ellora, Goss makes his way through the gate. After a last goodbye to his kid, Ryle has Ardene and Braxton fire the cannon at him because he is unable to destroy his suit’s remaining fuel manually. As the Q-bomb crosses into Sigea space and opens a black hole, the chain reaction destroys the gateway. The black hole’s gate closes behind it, destroying the Segia attack fleet and their entire solar system.

Ford returns to the pub with the survivors of Ellora a week later for a drink. The Alliance celebrates their victory with the remaining Sigea having unconditionally surrendered following the destruction of their fleet and home star system. Dash, Ardene, Braxton, and Sol Cantos survived the battle, and the Alliance celebrates their victory with the remaining Sigea having unconditionally surrendered following the destruction of their fleet and home star system. Ford departs the bar after taking a shot.

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Wrapping Up

However, not much has changed on Earth in the last 500 years: people still drive pickup trucks and motorbikes and listen to early 2000s electronica, and Bruce Willis is still slinging shots at the country-western saloon in between barroom brawls. However, they do have a cool robot bartender. When a couple of lovebirds are assaulted by… something on a desolate deep space mining planet, they receive more than they bargained for. It’s humanity’s first encounter with an alien civilization, conveyed with the excitement and wonder of an adolescent slasher film.

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