Cow Review: Not For Everyone

Andrea Arnold is not a name you might ever have heard of. And that is alright. She is not really a huge name in the industry. And her newest venture isn’t like anything in the existing industry either. It’s weirdly different, and weirdly empathetic. Cow is a film about, well, cows. The film is a pastoral about the daily lives of these innocent and lively creatures on a dairy farm. It is a film that gets into the nitty gritty of how things work on a dairy farm and how the day goes by for these creatures. Not a detail is left to the imagination as the cameras follow the cows on their daily routine. Sometimes, even the cows look back into the camera, as if to say hello to the audience. Read our full Cow film review to find out our thoughts on the film.

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Cow Film Review

Andrea Arnold has definitely got herself a winner with Cow. Arnold manages to effectively capture the essence of the being of the animal, working day and night to get all the shots and insight into the life of the docile creatures. From their movement around on the form, to the moments they procreate and give birth to a little one, Andrea Arnold manages to capture it all in stunning detail. She manages to capture what a day in the life of cows is really like, not just from an outside perspective. The hard and painstaking work is on full show here, and it takes an animal lover to really appreciate it.

Cow is not just about the animals roaming around on the farm giving birth to babies. Instead, it is a film that showcases the actual brutalities and realities of the lives cows live. It does not shy away from showing the dark side of animal farms, and we are all here for it. Cow grotesquely shows us the calves suckling from artificial teats. It shows us real calves getting their horns removed, in the undignified way they usually are. And that is where the movie really gets dark and violent and grotesque. Not everyone is up for watching a show of such violence and dark reality. It simply is not for everyone. And Andrea Arnold didn’t make this film for the faint of heart. So only watch this if you really have the heart of a lion.

What Else?

Cow is a very heartfelt film made with a lot of emotion and a lot of empathy. These are the points where it absolutely wins, and the points that make it hit as hard as it does. The film gets up close and intimate about the smallest parts of a cow’s life, and takes the viewer on an emotional journey. The moment a cow stares into the camera, you can just see the twinkle in its eyes. And the sad realization dawns over that the twinkle will soon be gone. And that is why Cow is not for everyone. It is not for the people who can’t deal with the reality of cow farms, and for those who get too emotional easily. Cow shows us what it is all really about: Milking cows and then killing them for meat.

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Cow Film Review: Should You Watch It

As we said, Cow is not an easy film to recommend. It is not your typical entertainment film. And it is not for the faint of heart. In fact, there might not be a lot of people who might actually even appreciate the film. But that’s okay. Cow is a phenomenal film for what it is. And it is a film with a very niche viewerbase. Others might want to pass on this one. Unless it is something you want to explore.

What do you think about the film? Did you find it moving? And did it deserve all the praise it got? Let us know in the comments down below.

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