Dexter Season 9: Teaser Review and Reveal

Dexter is finally bringing Season 9 to us. Showtime premieres a new image from Season 9. It shows the titular serial killer’s new profession and his unknown identity.

Audience loved the teaser and can hardly wait for Dexter Season 9’s release.

After eight long years, Dexter is finally coming back with another season. The previous season i.e. Season 8 of the show concluded on a cliff hanger and finally viewers will know Dexter’s life after passing from sight from Miami. Recently, Showtime released the first teaser of Dexter Season 9 where we find Micheal C Hall’s character with a new alias known as Jim Lindsay.

Season 9 of the show will have a total of 10 episodes. The story will go around a small town where Dexter has taken up a new identity. Audience is thrilled to see the first look of the show. They expressed their love and excitement for the upcoming season all over social media.

Dexter Season 9

After its debut in 20016, Dexter quickly became one of Showtime’s most loved series and a cult classic.  Michael C. Hall received various accolades for his role of the antagonist. Season of Dexter series as a forensic blood splatter analyst who feeds his destructive hobby side by side, Dexter concluded with one among the most controversial sign offs in TV history. In the last episode, Dexter faked his death after his sister Debra, passed away and became a secluded lumberjack in Oregon.

Dexter Season 9: Teaser

Showtime revealed an image from season 9 of Dexter on Twitter. The image shows an employee badge with the known face of Dexter Morgan. Dexter will now be going by the name Jim Lindsay and is a sales associate at Fred’s Fish & Game, according to the badge. Below is the official look at Fred’s Fish & Game’s familiar-looking employee, Check it out!

Director Marcos Siega, officially confirmed that Dexter’s new secret identity could be referring to Jeff Lindsay, the show’s creator. Dexter working a low-key job, like a fishing supply store, indeed would be ideal for the serial killer to remain out of the limelight. Moreover, employment at Fred’s Fish & Game would probably give access to Dexter for a lake that could give a slew of hiding spots for corpses.

Dexter season 9 is anticipated to be darker than the previous eight seasons, steering far away from the OG setting of robust Miami, Florida.

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Reaction on Dexter Season 9 Teaser

With the release of Dexter’s teaser, Showtime has added fuel to the engine of anticipation around it. The teaser starts with Dexter Morgan, the bloodstain analyst being known by all as Jim Lindsay.

Furthermore, his friendliness with local school students suggests that his new epithet might have taken the recognition of a teacher. At the end, we find him gazing at a knife that suggests his internal dark passenger is just out of sight not dead. Fans are hailing colossal love on the teaser of the show. One of the fans wrote, “Cannot wait for favorite ever show of all time its coming back”. Whereas another viewer wrote that it’s time for Dexter to give what his dark passenger wants. One of the fans also drew attention that the new pseudonym is also like an admiration to the name of OG novelist of the book on which the show is based. Check out the tweets of the crazy fans below.

Dexter Season 9: Cast

Aparently, including Micheal C.Hall actors such as Clancy Brown, Kurt Caldwell Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jack Alcott, and Jamie Chung will also play important roles in the show. Well, not much has been told about the season. But we are expecting the show will continue to show how Dexter lives his life in a small town with a new identity. And makes a way to channel his inmost demons.

Dexter Season 9

Wrapping Up

The show is expected to return with Dexter Season 9 in the autumn of 2021. Recently, director and executive producer of the show, Marcos Siega, shared a page from Showrunner, writer Clyde Phillips’s script. Many were wondering about the identity of the man mentioned in there, Jim Lindsay. Just few hours later, Showtime shared information that confirmed the titular character’s new secret identity and career.

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