Do We Really Need Another Batman Movie?

Batman is one of the most iconic superhero figures ever, so it’s not surprising that several incarnations of the Caped Crusader have appeared on the silver screen in the past couple of years. Robert Pattinson’s version is the next one to hit our TV screens, taking over from Ben Affleck.

However, DC Comics’ superhero movies haven’t been well-received, with Marvel viewed as superior. Seeing as there are lots of manifestations of Batman in recent years and DC doesn’t have a strong track record at the box office, a serious question needs asking – is another Batman film really necessary? Weirdly, the answer is yes.

Batman Is a Hit

Some versions are objectively better than others, which is why it’s enough to turn off superhero fans when their favourite Batman takes a sabbatical. Still, others look forward to more representations of the Caped Crusader, and it seems as if they are in the majority since Batman movies always perform well at the box office.


The result is that there is always demand for a new Batman release. This is obvious from the number of supporters who consume Batman content in several forms, not only the movie releases. For example, comic books sell like hotcakes regardless of the fact they have been published for many decades. Comic book readers don’t tire of Bruce Wayne, this is demonstrated every year at Comic Cons around the world. Batman is emulated by attendees who dress like him and visit the booths selling anything from mugs, action figures, and t shirts.

Meanwhile, other fans prefer more high-tech items like Batman: Arkham VR and Gotham Knights, which is set to be released this year. Batman-themed games are amongst the most popular means of engaging with the franchise, something that other sectors in the entertainment industry have picked up on. The online gambling industry, for instance, uses The Bat’s likeness to encourage users to play. Some of the best online gambling sites offer titles like Batman and Catwoman Cash in order to stand out from the crowd. Mobile games are another example of the entertainment industry appealing to Bat-fans, with titles like Batman: The Enemy Within.

Pairing familiar heroes with new offerings, the Multiverse encapsulates this perfectly. For example, while there are too many Batman versions to name on one hand, it doesn’t appear to prevent new portrayals from making comebacks in the most recent editions. The fact that Michael Keaton will be in The Flash around 30 years after he donned his black cape and fans remain excited showcases the power of DC’s legendary creation.

Batman Portrayals Vary Significantly

Part of the reason why Batman movies aren’t running out of steam is that the actors who portray him take artistic licence. None of the editions are the same as a result. Think about Christian Bale for a moment. When he and director Christopher Nolan decided to make Bruce Wayne darker, they took the character in a left-field direction.

Batman had never been as solemn before, and it connected with people on a whole new level, making it one of the most successful series in superhero history, pre-Avengers. Of course, people almost missed the light-hearted nature of these movies, the element that reminds them why they love watching Batman so much, hence why Adam West and George Clooney will make the list of the best-ever Batman. The trailer for Robert Pattinson’s portrayal isn’t by any means traditional, yet it isn’t the same as the Nolan/Bale combination either.

This brings another dimension to the release and explains why the tracking suggests it will perform well commercially. Audiences are intrigued to see how the British actor will build on the character arc, which will always be the case when a new actor takes the reins.

The Batman – The Details

The Batman is due to be released in March 2022. But, unlike previous versions where The Joker has been the main antagonist, a couple of retro villains will fill the gap. Paul Dano is Riddler and Colin Farrell is Penguin. Familiar faces such as Commissioner James Gordon and Catwoman will appear, too, and they’ll be played by Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Kravitz, respectively.

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