Do You Find The Day I Became a God Exciting?

It’s a new Maeda Jun anime adaption, holy blows! We wanted to share our initial views on The Day I Became a God, what we enjoyed, and what we believe could be in store before the world ends in 30 days, now that the first episode is out. The Day I Became a God is a popular fantasy anime series that premiered in the fall of 2020. Even if it began as fantasy and ended as science fiction, with lots of drama in general, it would not be inaccurate to describe it a slice of life. The series was originally made as an anime, rather than being adapted from a manga or light novel, as is customary.


the day i became a god

What’s There in The Day I Became a God?

Despite the fact that the first episode concentrated almost entirely on Hina (aka Odin) and Youta, the primary duo had impressive entrances. To be honest, we believe Hina is a polarising figure due to her, umm, over-the-top divinity and sheer overbearing loudness. Her antics will certainly be endearing to committed believers, as will her faux nun character design, which is evocative of Index, but her vacillation between top-tier smug anime lady and annoying, literally childlike tantrums may irritate the moe-resistant.

Youta is a bit more reserved than Hina, mostly playing the straight man in their comedy performances, but he’s nonetheless lovable and expressive. In particular, his incredibly soul-crushing rejection from his childhood buddy Kyouko Izanami sticks out. Kyouko is almost as mysterious as Hina, so we expect her role in the tale to increase in significance, but her serious demeanour and open, direct manner of speaking have already brought a lot to the show’s dynamics.

If you’ve read any of Maeda’s prior works, you can anticipate this narrative to ramp up in intensity as it progresses, and The Day I Became a God does just that right from the start. The world is coming to an end in a month, which might be interpreted as “hey, get ready to get emotionally engaged in these folks before they all die or whatever.”

While this strategy provides a nice initial catch, it is maybe a little too blatant in terms of emotional manipulation. If you’re gung-ho about receiving those huge anime feelings, on the other hand, you’re probably in excellent hands. Take advantage of the chuckles while they last!

the day i became a god


How The Day I Became a God Ended?

Yta observes Hina’s everyday routine at the Yamada Sanatorium. He then completes his daily report. When Yta returns to Hina’s room, he learns that he has been granted an hour with her. She, on the other hand, rejects him. Shiba advises Yta that he must look Hina in the eyes before he can earn her trust while they are alone. When they reunite, she informs him that Hina may have lost her memory as a result of the procedure.

When a depressed Yta is alone outside and hears supportive words from his friends and family, he feels better. He chooses to bring a video game for Hina to play since he is motivated. She does, however, become trapped. Shiba admits that she went into her field of work when her daughter died while tending to Hina. Later, in order to assist Hina, Yta chooses to play the game overnight. When Shiba learns about Yta’s whereabouts, he becomes enraged.

Yta gets called out by Shiba when he is with Hina, and she urges him to leave. He then begs her to give him one more half-day with Hina. Hina recognises and pronounces his family’s names while he speaks to her. She, on the other hand, tosses his photo on the ground when he shows it to her. Shiba then informs Yta that his time is over.

Hina starts weeping and attempts to move towards Yta, stating she loves him, just as he is ready to leave. Yta brings Hina home, and everyone decides to finish the film. Yta chooses to follow in the footsteps of Hina’s grandpa and become a researcher in order to cure her illness.

Following that, everyone watches the film together. Hina says in a making-of interview at the end of the film that her memories are so lovely that they will never go away, and she refers to them as an asset.


Wrapping Up

With a quality studio like P.A. Works at the helm, The Day I Became a God is virtually a given as a Visual Arts/Key anime, but The Day I Became a God is extremely aesthetically pleasing, particularly the use of light to enhance the backdrop of this lush, “final summer” location. Similarly, a lot of entertaining character animation has already been used to bring a lot of the comic sequences to life. The characters have a throwback feel to them in terms of design, but Hina truly steals the show in terms of memorability.

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