Want to have the nostalgic feel back? Below is a new and updated guide that completely gets you up and running and playing your preferred PS2 classics in less than five minutes.

Knowing whether your PC can run PCSX2

This is a common query that people want to know before downloading the PS2 emulator. It is truly a quite hard console to emulate. Do not think that because it is old it would be easy for a new PC to run.

Download PCSX2

Head on to PCSX2 official website where you can download the software. The software is accessible to different systems such as Mac and Linux Windows. Just clicking download, a file known as pcsx2-1.4.0-setup.exe will download to your PC and it is around 17MB.

Download PS2 Bios

It is key to download PS2 Bios after downloading the emulator. You can get this from RomsHub. Click the download key and wait for the ZIP file to download then extract the ZIP folder into a different folder and name it PS2 Bios. You can extract it using the Windows default ZIP extraction device.

Navigating the User Interface

We will discuss each UI option and explain its role

System: this is where you visit when you want to play a game. Click Boot CDVD full. The remaining options are selected by default hence you should not be worried.

CDVD: your ISO Selector is found here. They are the PS2 games you download to your PC.

Config: it allows you to configure every feature of the PCSX2 emulator. Such as audio, video, emulation and controller settings.

Misc: a window that displays your console info and system About pages.

Debug: here, you are allowed to look for any errors in the system and solve them. You perhaps will never need this option.

How to Install and Play Games on Your PS2 Emulator

EmuParadise is the recommended website for this. In 2018, the site removed all the content from their site such as all their emulator game files but there is a way to go about this.

Step 1: Temperley Installation

Temperley is an extension that you can use to download games from the website. To download Temperkey visit the ps2 bios room and download and activate Temperkey on your Chrome browser.

Step 2: EmuParadise ISO Download

After you have downloaded Temperkey. Visit EmuParadise PS2 ISO page and download your favorite game. When you get a game, scroll to the page bottom under the option called “Direct Download Links”, select “Download using the workaround script”. You game will start downloading. Note that the rate of download depends on your internet speed.

Step 3: Extract and Put in Games Folder

The ISO file comes in a ZIP folder and you can extract it through your preferred ZIP folder extraction device. If you need a fast and free tool, then we advise WinRAR. After extracting it, put it in the games folder in your PCSX2 root folder. Your root folder will certainly not be the same as ours depending on the destination folder you chose when installing the emulator. But it is always in your program files folder by default.

After finding the games folder in your PCSX2 root folder. Copy and paste the ISO game file here.

Booting and Playing Games

After putting your ISO in the right folder, go back to the PCSX2 User Interface. Pick the CDVD choice. Pick ISO Selector. Browse for the ISO file in your games folder. Select the games that appear in your ISO section.

Head to the System option and pick “Boot CDVD full” and your game will starting

Additional Tips

Saving your Games

It is pointless to play a game if you cannot save your progress isn’t it? It is simple, just click on the User Interface while in-game to save your PCSX2 game. Head to the System Options and select Save State. Choose the memory slot. Select slot 0 if it is your first game. Well, your game is now saved. You can as well press F1 button to save your game. Head back to System and pick load state to load your game, then pick slot 0. The game will load in the exact state you left it. You can similarly use F3 to do this in the game.

Setting up Your Controller

Any controller should be fine to use by just linking it to your PC. We used an Xbox One Controller and no configuration was needed. But if you need to configure a controller, head to Config-Controllers- Plugin settings. You are now on the right path to set up your controller.

Going to full-screen mode

Simply double click the game screen while in-game to enter full screen mode on your PS2 emulator. This process should help you enter full screen.

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