Dune 2021: Reviewing The Blockbuster

Dune 2021 has been one of the most surprising movies in a really long time. The movie, as you all might know, has been breaking the box office ever since it came out, and has been subject to high critical acclaim. The movie surpassed all expectations when it came to its popularity, and has been a huge change of pace for the movie theaters considering how things have been for the past two years.

The movie, which is titled onscreen as Dune: Part 1, was released in a manner so as to ensure that the second movie in the franchise would only be made if the first one made enough money to warrant a continuation. And with the way things have been, Dune: Part 2 got greenlit just days after the release of the first movie.

Now, you might be wondering if the movie is any good. Some of you might also be hesitant about visiting the cinema just to watch this movie. So keep reading on to get the gist of the movie and read our full review to find out what we thought about the movie.


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Dune 2021: The Gist Of The Movie

Dune 2021

It is really an interesting thing to talk about. The movie, that is. Dune 2021 is a science fiction movie that involves supernatural elements and is based on the book of the same name by Frank Herbert. The movie is based around interstellar and intergalactic politics and primarily takes place in the big sand dunes of Arrakis, a planet that is essentially barren and uninhabitable, except for the fact that it houses one of the most valuable and life granting resources in the universe, which is the so treasured “Spice” that it contains within its sands. This Spice grants vitality to humans and makes interstellar travel possible, and hence Arrakis is a major asset to whoever rules it.

The movie starts off as the Emperor sends our protagonist and his family to Arrakis to rule over the land and look over the harvesting of the spice, only to orchestrate a coup against them using our main villain, The Baron. The Baron does all in his power to end the House Atreides and to put an end to their bloodline.

However, the star of the story comes in the form of Paul Atreides, son of the ruler Leto Atreides, and born to Lady Jessica, a Bene Gesserit who imparts the supernatural abilities of her kind onto her son, and makes him one of the most important people ever, and bestows upon him the responsibility of the One who will save the humanity from destruction and war. Duke 2021 shows the journey of Paul as he goes from a sheltered prince to finding his own destiny, pursuing what he was meant to do, and finally, killing his first man.

The movie takes the viewers on an epic journey through the lands of Arrakis and blends politics and personal vengeance together to bring to a conclusion the first part of the Dune movie franchise.

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Dune 2021: The Review

Dune 2021

Dune 2021 is an extraordinary movie, by all means. In fact, it is one of the most refreshing movies that I have had the pleasure of watching in a long time. Denis Villeneuve, the man behind the movie, has clearly put in his work here, and it shows in a magnificent manner. Dune was a movie that was previously thought undoable on the cinema, and there has even been a failed attempt by Paramount to produce the film. But Villeneuve, with all the talent that he brings onto the table, managed to make Dune into a film that is original and true to its original story.

Dune portrays the original story from the book in the most authentic way possible and takes creative liberties of its own without messing around with what has already been written. It respects the sanctity of the work by Frank Herbert and tells the story in the way it was always meant to be told. The entire direction and production of the film revolve around the novel, rather than the story revolving around the production, which is something that I really appreciate the entire team for doing.

The plot for the movie is quite strong and is one of the best that I have had the pleasure of watching over the past two years. The interstellar politics and its consequences are an amazing portrayal of the real world, and the film manages to incorporate many such instances of things that are directly linked to our lives into the story. The plot never falters over the course of the entire movie and makes for one of the most engaging experiences in a science fiction movie.

The portrayal of the Fremen is something that I really liked considering the complexity of the community, and the way the story is told. The movie manages to incorporate all the important elements of the characters and makes them into very fleshed-out beings that have an agenda worth fighting for. On the other hand, the emperor’s men are portrayed in a truly evil manner and add to the menacing vibe of the film.

Noteworthy Performances

Dune 2021 Cast

Chalamet and Ferguson are undoubtedly the stars of the show here, and both manage to put in performances that are well above the competition and believable to the point of eeriness. Chalamet manages to imbibe the character of Paul in a way that they become one with each other, while Ferguson manages to play the mysterious and cunning yet loving Jessica in a manner that can only be termed as elegance at its purest.

Jason Momoa deserves a special mention here for his role of Duncan Idaho, as he manages to incorporate the spirit of Paul’s mentor, and later, his aide, in the best way possible. We are greeted by Momoa’s presence at the very beginning of the movie, and it is hard not to feel the genuine chemistry that he and Chalamet share on-screen and to appreciate the raw grunt and softness that Momoa brings to the role.

Oscar Isaac, too, plays the role of Leto Atreides wonderfully, and there’s a lot to appreciate about his performance here, especially a scene where he and his son both share their doubts and experiences about taking over the throne in a moment of raw honesty and affection.

A Visual And Aural Masterpiece

Dune 2021 Sandworm

Coming to one of the most important elements of any science fiction film, graphics and VFX play a huge role here, and are really the cornerstones of Dune 2021. The biggest weakness that the original film had was simply the fact that the story was too complex for the technology that was available at that time.

But in 2021, that is not an issue anymore, and the quality of effects and virtual worlds here is simply astonishing and has a feel to it that is unparalleled. One particular scene of note is when Paul is attacked by a flying Hunter Seeker and manages to crush it with its bare hands. The amount of artistry and technological prowess in this scene is simply on another level and worth appreciating. Dune is a movie that is definitely meant to be watched on the big screen, and if you can manage it, in IMAX. The movie simply calls for it and will elevate your experience to another level. So it is definitely recommended that you catch Dune in the theater itself.

The music score for the movie is yet another win, with Hans Zimmer taking the lead and composing a score that fits the movie like a well-fitting glove. The sheer uncertainty and dangers of the desert are conveyed in the most beautiful manner by the esteemed artist here, and it fits in perfectly with the movie, in a manner that is neither overpowering nor too bland to be missed.

Dune 2021: Inspiring The Star Wars

Dune Star Wars

While watching the movie, it is hard not to draw comparisons with Star Wars and the works of Christopher Nolan. At times, the movie feels like something that came out of the Disney Star Wars universe and can be eerily similar to the original Star Wars trilogy at times. But that does not at all mean that Dune is a clone of Star Wars. In fact, you would be surprised to know that it was the original book Dune that first came out in 1965, and inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars.

So it is actually Dune that inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars, and not the other way round. And hence, the original Star Wars trilogy feels eerily similar to Dune, with all the sand and the futurism. Not to mention, intergalactic or interstellar travel. So it is imperative to remember that it was Dune that set the tone and inspired one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

Comparisons to the works of Christopher Nolan can also be drawn from the way that the movie has been made, and the way the sheer complexity of the plot has been handled. If you didn’t tell someone that the movie was actually made by Denis Villeneuve, they might actually mistake it for a Nolan movie. Because it comes really close to the way Nolan does his movies and achieves almost the same quality. This is one of those things where being similar can actually be something that adds value.

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Dune 2021: The Future

Dune Part Two

With the way that Dune 2021 has been doing at the theaters, the producers decided to go on and give the green light to Dune: Part 2. Dune 2021 told the first part of the story from the franchise, and it was waited until its release to determine whether or not the franchise should be continued further. The movie leaves off on a note that leaves a lot to be discovered and will keep viewers hooked on the franchise until the very end. The release date for Dune: Part 2 has been set to October of 2023, and has been confirmed by the officials. So it is still some miles down the road before we get to know what happens next in the story of Paul Atreides. And if the second film is anything like the first, the wait is going to be well worth it.

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Dune 2021: The Verdict

Just go and watch it. Preferably in an IMAX. But if not, then definitely in a theater at least. Dune is a movie that deserves a watch at the cinema, and anything less won’t do it justice. Although the film is available on HBO Max for the moment. It is one of the best science fiction films of the past few years and sets a new benchmark, especially after the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. That movie had set a new low for the genre, but Dune manages to breathe back life into it. So it is a huge recommendation from my side.

Rating: 4/5*

Where To Watch: In your nearest theaters / HBO Max

Watch the trailer for Dune 2021 here:

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