Emily In Paris Season 1: Renewal News

Emily In Paris Season 1 has been an amazing opener, to say the least. The show, which is still in its early seasons, has been doing really well on the network and has been met with an audience response that is more than satisfactory. And perhaps that is one of the best things about it. Rarely do shows garner such a positive response from the viewers in the first season. But Emily in Paris Season 1 managed to do it, and in stellar style, I must say.

Given the success of the show for the first season, viewers are asking about the future of the show and whether it is going to be renewed for a second season. And that is a good question to ask. Because we finally have an answer to that. But for those of you who haven’t watched the show, maybe it is better to get into the details of the show first and to introduce you to the world of Emily In Paris Season 1. So without much further ado, let us get right into the discussion.

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Emily In Paris Season 1: About The Show

Emily In Paris Season 1

Emily in Paris is an American-French drama that is streaming on Netflix. It is a comedy starring Lily Collins who plays the role of the aforementioned Emily in the series. The show centers itself around Emily as she is relocated to Paris to pursue her new job. She is recruited in a French marketing firm that goes by the name of Savoir to add an American perspective to the conversation and to add cultural diversity to the company. But things are a lot different from Emily, coming from a completely different background, and the show highlights her struggles fitting in and finding new company for herself, and embarking on the journey of love.

Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins here, is a digital marketing executive in her youth, who has moved to Paris in hopes of finding a path for herself with a high profile French company. She is brought in to strategize their social marketing strategy for them, and is an integral asset to the organization. However, life outside of work exists, and this is where the series takes us on wild rides and rollercoasters, as Emily goes through her own adventures that are not so simple as they might seem on the surface.

Emily In Paris Season 1 was particularly endearing for the way that it handled all the social interactions and romantic prospects that Emily had. At the end of the first season, Gabriel finally breaks up with his girlfriend Camille and spends the night with Emily before he moves away to Normandy to open his own restaurant there and take a fresh start. But things soon change, and he decides to stay in Paris, unbeknownst to Emily.

Now, while this opens doors for his bubbling relationship with Emily, Camille has other plans. She tries to get back together with him now that he is finally staying back in Paris, and things can get really messy from there. This ending to the first season is fodder for a lot of things, and is going to be interesting in season 2. The next season of the show is expected to pick up right after the events of the first one and is going to show the new relationship dynamics between Emily and Gabriel, and the way Camille is going to fit into everything. It is going to be juicy for sure, and I cannot wait to find out what’s in store.

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Emily In Paris Season 1: Reception

Emily In Paris Season 1

While Emily In Paris Season 1 was well received by the audiences and went on to become one of the top shows on Netflix, many critics and enthusiasts had different opinions on the show. The audience response was really amazing for the show, but the critics had mixed responses across all demographics. Emma Gray, the art critic, criticized the show and said,  “the show doesn’t even make an effort to quirk her up or give her a more relatable, girl-next-door roughness: she’s always immaculately coiffed and made-up and garbed in effortfully eye-catching outfits. But there’s not much to the character, except for enormous amounts of self-confidence and the inexplicable ability to attract new friends and love interests on every street corner”.

In my opinion, though, the show is clearly one that needs to be watched as it is a really entertaining one and will have you in a range of emotions throughout its run. It is a really nice show and deserved better response from the critics.

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Emily in Paris Season 1: Renewal

Emily In Paris Season 1

Now, this is the part that most fans of the series would be curious about. Will the show be returning for a second season after that ambiguous ending to the first season? And the answer is a resounding yes! The show was renewed by Netflix back in November 2020 and has since then begun filming from the May of 2021. That is great news for the fans and it is going to be amazing to watch the second season of the show.

Netflix started releasing teasers and posters last month for the release of Emily In Paris Season 2 and made it quite clear that it was happening. Then, the platform announced that the show would be premiering on the Netflix platform on December 22, 2021, and would continue the story from the first season. The release date for the show is almost here! And I’m so excited to see what the show has in store for us. It is surely going to be amazing, and I really look forward to it.

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Emily In Paris Season 1: Final Words

With the second season of the show almost here, it is time to bring out the Emily In Paris Season 1 episodes and go through them again. After all, it is better to recap the show rather than go through it with nothing in mind. If you haven’t watched the show, I would recommend you to watch it soon. It is really worth your time if you are a fan of comedy dramas.

Emily In Paris Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. You may check it out at the following link:

Watch Emily in Paris on Netlix

The show currently holds a rating of 7 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show here:

What are your thoughts on the show? Have you watched it? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments down below.

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