Excellent Gambling TV Shows to Watch On Weekends

People who enjoy Gambling mostly do so because of the adrenaline rush from undertaking a risk that ends up in a reward. These people are risk-loving and enjoy the entertainment that playing casino games create. The shows mentioned below are all highly rated and an exciting watch. Shows on the backdrop of gambling are full of suspense and excitement that normally accompanies real-life gambling games.

Top 5 Gambling Related TV shows to Binge Watch on your Weekend

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete is an American crime drama that has received positive reviews from not only viewers but critics. The series is based on the story of Marius Josipovic. He is a released convict who adopts a new identity which happens to be his cellmate, Pete Murphy. He does so as to escape the gangster he had conned. After taking on Pete’s identity, he seeks out Pete’s estranged family and “reunites”.

The family members have no clue that Pete is not the real one. Even though Sneaky Pete is not entirely based on gambling but there are many episodes portraying parts of the industry. If you are interested in suspense and poker, in the best payout online casinos, CasinoDeps.co.nz website is the best for you! You can watch Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime Video and it has three seasons.


Creators David shore and Byran Cranston
Starring Giovanni Ribisi, Bryan Cranston, Marin Ireland
Run Time 40-60 minutes per episode
Premier year 2017
IMDB score 8.10/10

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a comedy-based television drama. It has been airing for five seasons. The story involves a hit ensemble of an elite surveillance team. This team has the responsibility of maintaining the security of one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. The series is full of exciting episodes dealing with opponent casinos stealing away high-rollers.

The elite team deals with card counters and random streaks of luck that drain the casino. But it is full of laughs even in highly stressed situations. The characters involve a range of people from an entertainment coordinator to a valet who believes he is all-knowing. This is also an audience favorite as it was the only NBC show in the year 2005 that was renewed for a second time and then it went to air for 5 years!

Creator Gary Scott-Thompson
Starring James Caan, Josh Duhamel, Nikki Cox
Run Time 50-60 minutes per episode
Premier Year 2003
IMDB score 7.4/10

Stan Lee’s Lucky man

Superpower and Gambling, this show has everything! Stan lee’s Lucky man follows the story of Detective Harry Clayton who works in Central London’s Murder Squad. He is, unfortunately, suffering from a gambling addiction. He meets the orphic Eve and comes into touch with an ancient bracelet. And guess what? This bracelet bestows on him supernatural luck. Clayton has previously, due to his gambling addiction, lost his family.

His wife and daughter had left him and Clayton also owes thousands of pounds to a casino owner. Now, in possession of the magic bracelet, he decides to use it to his own advantage. Will it work out just fine or is controlling luck not always for the best? When this series was first released it broke records for Sky network. It averaged 1.49 million viewers every episode. It currently has three seasons.

Creator Neil Biswas and Stan Lee
Starring James Nesbitt, Amara Karan
Run Time 45 minutes per episode
Premier Year 2016
IMDB score 7.2/10

Poker After Dark

This is a poker television program that used to air on NBC. It is unique as it shows us an intimate look at the games that take place at one table for a period of 1 week. The opening blinds start at $100-$200 and then the amount gradually increases. There is a commentator but it is limited, thus, allowing the viewers to listen to the table talk.

The show mostly brought professional poker players and held mini-tournaments in the style of No-Limit Texas Hold’em. The final winner wins the amount of $120,000. But each season has special episodes featuring amateurs playing against pros or double eliminations and such exciting games. It has 13 seasons but since they are all stand-alone, you can watch any at random.

Presented by Shana Hiatt, Maranela Pereyra and Leeann Tweedon
Narrated by Ali Nejad
Run Time 42 minutes per episode
Premier year 2007
IMDB score 7.8/10

Last Few Words

This series will make your weekend more enjoyable. Even if you are not into gambling, you can still enjoy them since they are all highly rated by both viewers and critics! Also with the rise of gambling (around 26% of the total population all over the world gamble!), more gambling based interesting series are to be aired in the future, for sure.

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