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False Identity, also known as Falsa Identitad, is a Spanish thriller series that captivated viewers with a gripping criminal drama. The American television series premiered in 2018 and quickly piqued the public’s curiosity.

Falsa Identidad: Season 1 Season 1 premiered in 2018 and consisted of 91 episodes that lasted between 57 and 42 minutes apiece. The characters, Isabel and Diego, were ready to start a family at the end of Season 1, but there is a lurking in the form of an adversary. At the end, Circe attempted to flee, and Paloma lost a loved one. Salas was ultimately told farewell by Fernanda.

Despite the fact that Falsa Indetidad initially aired on Telemundo, Netflix is without a doubt to blame for its worldwide success. The sitcom was been renewed for a second season on January 21, 2019, according to Telemundo. The network hasn’t offered any substantial updates since then, though we’re hoping for one soon.

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What is There in False Identity?

In order to escape their pasts, the main protagonists Diego and Isabel, played by famous Spanish actors Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi, must take the identities of a dead American traveller and his wife. The programme is well-liked for its character development, exciting episodes, and willingness to go beyond the criminal genre to examine friendship, betrayal, love, and other topics.

Telemundo launched the second season in September 2020, after the first season ended in January 2019. The series had 91 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes, which was extremely long for a television series season. Season 2, which ended in January 2021, was also 80 episodes long.

What Was False Identity Season 2 About?

Diego Hidalgo and Mateo Corona appear in front of the court to voice their grievances and arguments. Victoria tells her client to keep his emotions in check, but the wrath explodes quickly. Diego and his followers, who have been victims of violence, band together because they need to train and obtain weapons; Victoria leads Hidalgo to a hidden arsenal, and the find is spectacular.

Mateo tries to pay Judge Sequeira in order to gain custody of his grandkids, and the scales start to move in his favour; Father Rafael picks up Lamas from school. Ignacio, disguised as a driver, transports Jaimito to Mateo’s property, putting his life on the line in the process; Patricia and Rubén are prepared to transport Fernanda to the hospital, which they have been granted permission to do, but with caution.

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falsa identidad season 2

Salas challenges Mateo, warning him that while he had it signed up, he will one day pay them all; Corona considers Fernanda, a widow to whom he would have to explain how a nail takes out another nail. Victoria recognises Diego as the guy who infects her and inspires her to fight for her values; she had never encountered someone who made her feel this way, gave people hope, and knew how to use weapons.

When Diego gives Victoria a Joselito article, Victoria recognises Jaimito, and they immediately go seeking for him. It’s the link that may take them to Salas, but it vanished a few days ago. Mateo orders Amanda and Benito to be hauled in, exposing his deception; nothing more severe than a betrayal of his own blood, he fears the worst and the Cub suffers the repercussions.

Mateo has Benito, and he already has a plan to end the conflict with the Arismendi: trade Circe, his son’s killer, for the Cub, the youngest of the Vultures, and the fight with the Arismendi will be over.

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How False Identity Season 2 Ended?

Victoria continues her assignment and reports back to the authorities; she is no longer on her own. Because of the danger she is in, Diego insists on rescuing her and sends her a message. The Mister is concerned about his children’s safety, and Victoria gives him a solution. You might be able to assist the FBI with the knowledge you have; there is an imminent classified meeting.

Fernanda follows through on her plan, taking Mateo where she wants him and melting him with her caresses. He distracts Corona in bed with remarkable bravery. Alberto, Ricas, and Amanda are on the run. Fernanda flees, and the Pas spots her in mid-flight and informs his employer. Victoria and Nuria hope that the Man will steal additional evidence against Mateo and that they will only be detected seconds before they are discovered. It is an order from Mateo Corona that Darwin threatens Victoria and Mister with a gun; Diego and the federal agent, joined by guys armed to the teeth, go after them.

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Wrapping Up

The second season of False Identity finished with some horrible events and a beautiful proposal from Diego to Victoria, leaving viewers wanting more. The last episode of the second season was undoubtedly eagerly anticipated.

Fans are clamouring for a third season, but we don’t know if one will be produced. The release date for Season 3 of False Identity has yet to be officially confirmed by Telemundo. Don’t get your hopes up just yet; we’ve been keeping an eye on fan speculations that suggest a False Identity Season 3 announcement might come as early as mid-2021.

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