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Fantastic Four: All We Know About The MCU Release

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is one of the most popular superhero franchises worldwide. In fact, it is one of the most adored ones too. And that all goes back to the day it was released in the comics by creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Fantastic Four was an instant success, and the audiences just loved it. When the story made it to the big screen, it was received with a lot of enthusiasm, but it all quickly died out when the movies turned out to be less than desired and did not live up to the expectations. And that was meant to happen given the direction and storytelling of the movies. But now, we might have something really good on our hands that does justice to Fantastic Four, and we are going to talk all about what the future might hold for it in the MCU.

How many of you here are fans of Marvel? We do know that a fair share of you like DC a lot. But Marvel is sort of an underappreciated studio around here. And I personally feel that Marvel deserves just as much attention and love as DC does. In fact, both the studios are amazing at what they do, and I love watching content from both. It is DC time right now, given the arsenal of content they have on hold right now, but Marvel is sure to come back to the screen too. So it is quite an interesting time for comic book lovers. And being one of them, it is a really exciting time for me. And especially when we are talking about Fantastic Four. Who doesn’t want to see a good clobbering time again? Or see flaming humans or a disappearing woman? Or to see Mr. Fantastic in action?

This already has my brain hitting me with lots of dopamine, so without much further ado, let us get right into the future of Fantastic Four.

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Fantastic Four: The Marvel Debut

Now when we say Marvel here, we don’t really mean Marvel as a comic book studio. Rather, we mean Marvel in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fantastic Four, so far, has not been a part of the hugely successful MCU, and the fans have been demanding it for a long time. And now we can finally say that it is really happening. A Fantastic Four movie is in the works at the MCU studios, and it is really going to happen. The movie has just gone under production and is in its early stages, but we can confirm that it is definitely a reality.

Jon Watts takes the helm for the movie, and I feel that he is the right choice for this movie given his performance with the Spider Man movies. He is currently working on the upcoming Spider Man: No Way Home. But post that, it is expected that he is immediately going to start work on the Fantastic Four movie. So while there is still some time before that happens, it is not too far off, and Watts will get to work his magic on the upcoming movie soon.

Not much about the movie has been revealed yet, possibly because not much has been worked on yet. We still do not know details about the casting for the movie. Nor are we aware what the plot for the movie is going to be. However, my instincts say that it is going to be a proper origin story for the Fantastic Four and will show the circumstances that made them who they are, and fight against the villains in true Fantastic Four fashion.

It is expected and highly demanded that Doctor Doom make an appearance as the film’s villain, given that he is one of the best and most powerful villains in the MCU itself. So it makes a lot of sense to bring him into the MCU. He will surely turn out to be the best villains we have seen on the screen to date. A blend of smarts as well as pure evil, he is a charismatic figure and adds a lot of glory to the villains. It was also theorized that a Doctor Doom movie might be in the works, but that never happened, and it might just have been shelved by now. So this is the chance to give the character the treatment that he deserves, and I do hope that Marvel gives it to him.

Kang The Conqueror might also make an appearance in the film, given the recent references from Loki, the show. But it is still not confirmed whether that is the case, and it remains to be seen what role Kang is going to play in the MCU.

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Fantastic Four: Cast

Coming to the cast for Fantastic Four, nothing has really been decided yet, given the infancy of the movie. But that doesn’t stop the fans from desiring what they want. And the fans have made their own theories and their own demands regarding the same.

Fans have been pushing for John Krasinski (“The Office”) and Emily Blunt (“Edge of Tomorrow”) to be cast as the husband and wife Reed and Sue in the movie. The couple, who are a dynamic duo in real life, are expected to bring the same chemistry on set. But that is just what the fans desire, and might not have any basis in real life.

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Fantastic Four: Release Date

Now this is quite an interesting thing to talk about. Mostly because we don’t really know the exact release date for Fantastic Four, but we do have an idea of when it might release. One thing is for sure, and that is the movie is going to be released in 2023. However, expanding upon that, it is quite unclear on what date the movie is going to be released. Marvel recently gave us a look at its release schedule for the year 2023, and it highlighted three important dates in the release schedule, which were: July 28, October 6, and November 10. And I am quite positive that one of these dates is going to be the day Fantastic Four comes out. Quite an interesting question, isn’t it?

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Fantastic Four: Final Words

With that, I feel that we have covered a lot of ground for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. It is going to be a big release for Marvel, and one that has been in fan demand for a long time now. So I’m personally really excited about it. I really want to see the film get the treatment that it deserves, rather than the underwhelming experiences we have had so far. So there is a lot riding on Jon Watts with this one.

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What are your thoughts on the Fantastic Four? Are you a fan of the series? Have you watched the previous films? Let me know in the comments down below.

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