Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Review

Fear Street has managed to secure itself quite a fan following with its first movie Fear Street 1994. The film has an ardent fan following that has been waiting for quite some time for the release of the second film in the trilogy. Adapted from the stories penned down by the famous author R.L. Stine, Fear Street makes the most of the stories. It never falls short of the expectations put in place by R.L. Stine. And that is what makes it tick with fans of series such as Goosebumps, also penned down by the author. While remaining true to the original source material, Fear Street Part 2 manages to maintain its own identity, and the changes made by Netflix to the original source material are definitely noticeable. So what’s the film like. Read our full review to find out what we think about the new Netflix film.

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Fear Street Part 2: The Review

Fear Street 2 is a weird movie. While it is true to the roots of the original, Fear Street: 1994, it can seem a bit too conservative at times. It is stuck in the constant dilemma between innovation and staying true to its roots. Being the second installment in the trilogy, we can certainly understand the dilemma. It wants to ease the viewers into the third film in the trilogy, without having to bear the burden of innovating too much. And it is very understandable. So the movie plays it quite safe in that regard. This does hold the movie back a bit, as it can be too safe at times. But it is what it is. This can sum up the movie in a way.

Fear Street 2 does hit the screen with a bang, as it follows through on the initial film story. The rush and adrenaline from the first movie is definitely there and it can be seen here too as the film manages to maintain that same feeling and we feel that we are transported into the climax of the first film. The physical fatalities and the gore is definitely there and carried over from the first movie, and is one of the views that the movie has retained the good parts of the first movie. The physicality and goreyness of it all just adds to the drama and we love it. Although the film does have its pitfalls. It lacks novelty and variety in its story, and can be very bland in that way. So that is something you’re going to have to consider when watching it.

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Fear Street Part 2: What’s The Climax Like

Fear Street Part 2: 1978

Now we have to talk about the most interesting part of any movie, and that is the climax. Fear Street Part 2 does not fail to deliver on that part, and executes it beautifully. While the film lacks in novelty and the buildup is lacklustre, the climax all but makes up for it. The climax for the film is quite gripping and the ending for the movie is quite fitting and a good setup for the next film in the franchise. It wonderfully sets up Fear Street Part 3 and fans of the franchise are especially going to love it. So all in all, there is in fact a lot that Fear Street Part 2 gets right. Although it is definitely far from perfect. It definitely relies on the first movie in the trilogy to carry it forward, and that is not a bad thing, but the movie cannot stand on its own for sure. The psychological and horror elements are definitely a selling point, but everything makes a lot more sense if you’ve actually watched the first movie in the trilogy.

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Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Where to Watch

Now some of you might already be interested in watching the movie. While we don’t wholeheartedly recommend the movie, it can definitely be an interesting watch. So we would recommend that you catch the movie if you’re a fan of the series. But other than that, it is tough to recommend.

You may watch the movie on Netflix here.

What do you think about the movie? Do you like it? Is it worth a watch in your opinion? Excited for the third movie? Let us know in the comments down below.

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