Flack Season 2: Everything you wanna know!

Amazon Prime has premiered Flack Season 2 in the United States and Canada. There are total of 6 episodes available for the subscribers.

When Flack Season 1 ended, Robyn’s life had crashed on itself. All of her bad decisions caught up to her and everyone turned in her opposition. By the end, she was lucky enough to have her job but was questionable for a while.

It’s time for us to find out where she is now. Flack Season 2 will pick up from where the finale of season 1 left. Robyn says she is sober! We’ll find out what she’s actually up to as a way to make amends. Keep reading to know everything about Flack and its Season 2.

What is Flack?

Flack is an Amazon original series. It follows a quadruplet of women in the swift, often brutal world of crisis management PR. The show is one among the most underrated properties of Amazon. A soapy, shimmery showbiz-adjacent drama is about messy and broken people. It’s both incredibly entertaining and wildly cynical.

Flack Season 2

Flack Season 2 is even messier and darker than the series’ first season. Season 2 thrusts its characters into more and more difficult scenarios and forces them to make more and more difficult decisions about how far they’re willing to reach. There’s almost no line they won’t cross, from covering up affairs and hiding illegitimate children to faking sex tapes for clients desperate for a fresh hit of fame.

People behind Flack

Flack is produced by Hat Trick Productions and CASM Films. The  executive producers are Oliver Lansley, Anna Paquin, Helen Williams, Cerise Hallam Larkin, Stephen Moyer, Mark Larkin and Jimmy Mulville.

Flack Season 2: Release Date

Flack Season 2 is released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 11. There are six episodes in total for the season. It revolves around Robyn on making amends at first. Season 2 also witnesses some amazing development for the other characters, Eve and Caroline especially. The two women seem standoff-ish and strong but we will come to know what’s actually under the wrap.

There will obviously be questions about Daniel Dae Kim in this season. In this season, he does not appear just as a one off guest with an issue for the firm to quickly fix but is there for the full season. He has a very intriguing character.

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Flack Season 2: Cast

The main cast of Flack Season 2 includes, Anna Paquin as Robyn, an American publicist living and working in London, Sophie Okonedo as Caroline, Head of Mills Paulson, Genevieve Angelson as Ruth, Robyn’s sister, Lydia Wilson as Eve, Robyn’s best friend and colleague at Mills Paulson, Rebecca Benson as Melody, an intern at Mills Paulson, Arinze Kene as Sam, a nurse and Robyn’s boyfriend, Marc Warren as Tom, a ballet dancer, Rufus Jones as Mark, Ruth’s husband and Andrew Leung as Craig, an IT worker at Mills Paulson.

Flack Season 2 also welcomes guest stars Sam Neill (Jurassic Park and Peaky Blinders), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Hawaii 5.0), Martha Plimpton (The Good Wife), Jane Horrocks (Absolutely Fabulous), Doon Mackichan (Smack the Pony), Kevin Bishop (In the Long Run) and Paul Ready (Motherland).

Anna Paquin as Robyn- The Star of the show

The series revolves around Anna Paquin’s Robyn, an specialist fixer whose outstanding thinking has resolved many problems that seemed impossible. Well sadly, Robyn’s uncanny skill of managing the problems in other people’s lives doesn’t extend to her own. And she’s tangled even more ferociously than last season.

Flack Season 2

In Flack Season 2, Robyn initially seem to try and turn her life around. However, her antagonism from her sister and her frequent need to be the best at work soon has her addicted to drugs once more. Adderall, it swiftly shoots up into a fairly serious cocaine habit. In this season, Robyn’s spiral finds her commit more and more desperate acts like, to get drugs, to feel better, to keep her job and to feel a bond with someone else.

In this extremely thankless and unlikeable role, Paquin’s performance is what holds the season together. Surprisingly, it’s easy to both loathe and feel for Robyn simultaneously throughout the season. Her behaviour is pretty abhorrent yet easy to understand. It’s easy to bring out in her frequent mistakes even when our heart breaks for the pain she’s going through.

Wrapping Up

Flack Season 2 is even more entertaining than Season 1. It’s not just because of Robyn’s messy struggles but also for her dangerous spiral makes room for other characters. As Robyn becomes more and more incapable or absent from the narrative, other characters step in and fills the gap she leaves. Go watch the amazing story and let us know your reviews in the comments below.

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