Flower of Evil The Most Watched K-Drama

The criminal thriller Flower of Evil, starring Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won from Criminal Minds, is now TVN’s most-watched drama. The series has been garnering great ratings since the first episode for its various narrative twists, outstanding acting, and realistic photography, and fans are now anticipating the highly anticipated conclusion, which will air on September 23.

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Let’s Tell You about Flower of Evil 

Because Ji Won and Hyun Soo have been married since the first episode, viewers have only been given flashbacks to put together their epic love tale. Except for their wedding, the show has covered everything from their first date to their first kiss. Thankfully, the conclusion begins with the couple taking wedding photographs. They both look incredibly lovely as they pose for the photographs in various postures.

Ji Won is asked to grin more genuinely by the photographer, and Hyun Soo ultimately asks if they may take a break. He observes her dissatisfaction, and the two of them address the truth of his parents’ absence. He tells Ji Won that he will not be sorry and that she is all he has.

The Flower of Evil climax gave fans the joy of a (spoiler) pleasant ending. The drama’s finale episode, which aired on September 23, saw Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won’s characters remarry and reunite as a family. According to a source on Soompi, a Korean media outlet, the much-anticipated Korean drama scored its best ratings with the Flower of Evil climax.

From the first episode of this drama, Ji Won, Hyun Soo, and Eun Ha’s (Jung Seo Yeon) happy ending was always a question mark. The entire concept of the show is to see if their marriage and family can withstand his ten-and-a-half-year-long deception. The joyful ending arrived in the last minutes of the show, as is customary in Korean dramas. Ji Won invites Hyun Soo to accompany him to pick up Eun Ha from school after they reconcile at his studio.

flower of evil

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Who All Are the Cast of Flower of Evil?

The cast of Flower of Evil Hyun-soo, played by Lee Joon Gi, was treated unfairly throughout the film. However, his character is eventually set free from his dark history near the end of the film. This was only feasible because to Moon Chae Won’s portrayal of his wife Ji-won. He was accused of a murder he did not commit and has been committing identity fraud for over fifteen years. By the end of the film, he is free of the first charge. Despite the fact that he is facing all of the consequences for impersonating Baek Hee-Seong.

Lee Joon-gi played the role of Baek Hee-sung

He is an actor, singer, dancer, and model from South Korea. His first big performance as a clown in the highly praised film The King and the Clown catapulted him to popularity, and he went on to star in the romantic comedy My Girl. He’s moved on to various genres since then, including historical plays (sageuk) and action thrillers. He is well recognised for his role as Wang So in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. His work has positioned him as a major Hallyu star internationally, particularly in Asia.

Moon Chae-won  played the role of Cha Ji-won, Hee-sung/Hyun-soo’s wife

She is a South Korean actress who has acted in a number of films. Moon rose to prominence with her supporting role as a gisaeng in Painter of the Wind in 2008. She was then cast in Brilliant Legacy, one of the year’s most popular Korean dramas. Moon Chae-won was born in the South Korean city of Daegu. Her family relocated to Seoul when she was in sixth school. She attended Chugye University for the Arts to study Western Painting, but dropped out in 2006 to pursue acting.

Seo Hyun-woo played the role of Kim Moo-jin, journalist

He is a well-known South Korean actor. He was most recognised for his portrayal as Kim Moo-jin, a reporter in the 2020 drama Flower of Evil.

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Wrapping up

If there’s one thing the finale has shown, it’s how incredibly romantic Hyun Soo is. Even if he didn’t always realise it, the conclusion confirms his feelings for Ji Won. Hyun Soo must embark on one more voyage to learn how he feels for Ji Won after waking up in the hospital with no recollection of her. His hunt for the ideal workshop location takes him back to Ji Won’s workshop under his house.

He discovers his previous diaries as well as his shop’s name on a business card. When Ji Won enters, he comments that he never informed her the significance of her name. She jokes that no one will ever know now, and Hyun Soo quickly tells her the backstory.

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