Girls: Is It Officially Cancelled? New Season Updates

Comedy-drama series that revolves around the chaotic lives of the young girl, Well! This is something that has been popular for a long time. Over the past decades, we have been filled with series that share the same plot but the audience is still not over with it. One of the series that resembles the same story is the Girls. 

Released back in 2012 for the first time, the series made millions of fans from all over the world. After the show ended, the audience started to ask for another season. Well, there is already a lot of information out with this comedy-drama series that you should know. If you are someone who is eagerly waiting for the upcoming season of the Girls, then stay on this page. 

Keep scrolling to read everything about this series. 

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Girls: A Comedy-Drama Series!


Released in 2012 for the first time on the popular HBO channel, the girls were something that attracted the eyes of everyone. The show revolves around the Topsy-turvy life of four girls who still manage to make the show interesting. Created by Lena Dunham who is also the main protagonist of this series has done her work amazingly. 

The show gained massive appreciation from the people worldwide and it became a source of entertainment at that time. You can also understand it by seeing the frequent releasing of the seasons by the creators. Till now, the series has released 6 seasons back to back for the audience.

After the show was released, it fell several times into controversy for being sexually provoking screen nudity. The creator, Dunham, who is also playing a major part in the series was accused of provoking screen nudity by the critics. 

With all these controversies, the show never failed to entertain the audience over time. Even the series receives well appreciable performing awards in the big-fat awards shows including Golden Globe, British Academy Television. 

Girls: Is the show is Coming with a New Season?

Girls season 2

After releasing its sixth season on 16 April 2017 the show has never released more seasons afterward. The officials have not released any statement after some time and the audience was hoping that there might be more seasons for the series. 

The Girls, which made its first arrival in 2011 ran on the television for 2017, and then it stopped airing. It’s been 4 years since the fans last heard anything about the show. 

The future of this comedy-drama isn’t bright enough to make any conclusion. Also, after a while, the creators announced that the sixth season of the Girls was the last and the final. There is nothing much to happen after the series ended on a good note. The audience was looking for more seasons but sadly there aren’t any.

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Girls: Is it Officially Cancelled?

Girls season 2

Lena Dunham, through her Instagram post, revealed that the sixth season of the show will be the last and final. The Girls have officially come to an end and there are no more updates if the series will ever get renewed or not. The fans are not that happy with it but with the fact that the series is not able to attract as much audience as they thought they will, it seems quite appropriate to end the show. 

As the show started initially, it caught the eyes of many people but as the show moved forward it was more dull and boring. The jokes weren’t that funny and people started to decrease. At the end of season 6, the number of active watchers decreases by nearly half and that’s when the creators decide to end the show. 

Now, the show is officially canceled and there isn’t much to say as the creators and the cast are busy with their other projects. 

Girls: Are there any Chances of this series happening?

The show officially ended after releasing the sixth and final season. While there is not much of the content available as the cast has been looking to move forward with their works. Even the creator, Lena Dunham has been reported to be busy with her new project. 

The loyal fans are hoping for a spin-off and another reunion just like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S have done recently. So far, there isn’t much released about the upcoming season of Girls for now. If there will be many updates to this series then I’ll let you know. 

Where Can I watch this series?

If you are a fan of this series and want to watch every season of this show then you can absolutely watch it for free. The show is available on Hulu, which is an online streaming platform. 

Other than that, there are more series like The Handmaid’s Tale, Taboo, American horror Story, Archer, and many more. You can check out these shows on the site too. 

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Is the Show Worth Watching?

If you love watching comedy shows then this is something that will surely boost your moods. It a show, perfect for Binge watching and that will make you want to have more of its season. The characters and the story of this drama feel real and you can actually connect to them. 

The show makers tried their best to make this show normal and original for the viewers. On the other hand, the audience also felt annoyed after constantly seeing naked Lena Dunham’s characters in the show. 

The show is great but the character of Lena sometimes gets over the head. You can still give the show a try and then comment down to tell your views regarding it. 

What are the ratings of this show?

Before ending this article, let’s take a look at the ratings of this show. Despite getting a lot of black shades by the critics and audience, the show still manages to make good out of it. The critics have rated the show with nice ratings. Starting with IMDb rating, the show has a 7.3/10 rating in their category. With an 89% of rotten tomatoes and a 7.4/10 rating by, this show is worth watching. 

But after several times, the audience was bored with the constant not-so-funny content of the show. The viewers weren’t that satisfied with the comedy of the show and claimed that the cast is trying super hard to make good out of it. The show has been rated 3.9 ratings in the audience rating summary. 


Girls is an amazing show which was first released in 2012. The show has released six seasons back to back but after the last season, the show has stopped filming. However, the audience was looking for more seasons to see the life of 4 girls in New York street, the creators weren’t that interested in it. It’s been almost 4 years and the officials haven’t released anything regarding it. The show has officially ended for now. 

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