Good Omens Season 2: Release, Plot, Cast and More!

The amazing and fascinating series is based on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s book, Good Omens. The shoe is completely based on fantasy and you can call it as a dream series. Fans loved, encouraged and went crazy about the first season. That is why there’s gonna be Good Omens Season 2.  It is not officially announced but we’re soon expecting so to happen.

Here, we present you what we know about Good Omens Season 2 so far.

Good Omens Season 2: Plot

Like we saw in the finale, Crowley and Aziraphale were charged with the much-deserved/ underserved (we’ll leave it to you, the fans to figure that one out) treason by their respective supernatural superiors for their actions in the series. Crowley was meant to vaporize himself with the holy water. Whereas on the other hand Aziraphale was sentenced to destruction by hellfire. But to everyone’s surprise, the duo survives their sentences with no worse for the wear, and lack of better options the agree to let the, continue living their lives on earth. Wherein it is revealed later on that the duo had swapped appearances to make the punishments less effective and less suited to their characters.

Good Omens Season 2

To be honest, it’s actually quite difficult to go bigger than the end of the world but with the likes of our heroes surviving season 1. Because of their friendship it kind of leaves out a blank slate for the makers to project whatever the story they can plot wise. Thus, the fans can expect events filled with thrills and adventures. The only trouble is that Gaiman has no clue what it actually is. Gaiman occasionally speaks of his and Pratchett’s “potential” follow up to the original Novel “Good Omen” which was tentatively titled, “668. Neighbour of the Beast”, but in an interview to the Digital Spy he has told that they actually mined few of the materials from the novel already. For instance – The Introduction of the angel Gabriel (Jon Hamm) and other fellow angels.

With the unfortunate death of Pratchett in 2015, Gaiman is required to develop a story that everyone including himself and Pratchett would make people think that it lived up to the original work developed with Pratchett if the Season 2 ever has to come to fruition.

Good Omens Season 2

Good Omens Season 2: Cast

With the face-swapping finale of season 1, it’s barely possible to imagine the following season of Good Omen without the involvement of it’s lead cast (actors). Tennant and Sheen who we know are definitely on the list. Their chemistry as bickering frenemies was so believable as they have known each other since the start of the creation. And is a major selling point of the show and to attempt to duplicate that pair can prove out to be foolhardy for the creators.

The best part of filling a show with celestial characters is that, the characters will always stick around for more no matter what the plot may be, they’ll always find a way in. Frances McDormand the voice of God could return for his role and likewise, Benedict Cumberbatch the voice of Satan might be back for his role as well. Hamm and Doom Mackichan may as well return for their roles of Gabriel and Michael if the series goes on a quest to explore the origin of these angels. Lastly, the retired pair i.e. The Medium, Madame Tracy played by Miranda Richardson and the witch finder Sergeant Shadwell played by Michael McKean may be theoretically still be available to the Call of duty.

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Good Omens Season 2: Release Date

The three-minute special episode is released by Gaiman starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. The episode is titled Good Omens Lockdown.

If we ever were to witness the forthcoming season of Good Omen, it’s definitely going to take a while. The leading cast of the show comprises of highly in-demand actors which makes it difficult for Gaiman to guard their time for his show, and since the fans of Good Omen are awestruck with the frenemy chemistry of Aziraphale and Crowley, the star-studded duo is very less likely to be replaced and the fans are definitely not going to settle for anything less. In the meantime, the fans of Good Omen may tune in to the BBC pandemic comedy, “Staged” that lets you an insight into the Aziraphale and Crowley’s chemistry. Let’s see what Gaiman has in store for us.

Wrapping Up

You can watch the first Season of Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video. We will update you as and when we get any news about the show. Till then, let us know your thoughts about the show in the comment below.

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