Is it Worth Watching Good On Paper: True Story?

Comedy with Drama is always a perfect combination for the audience. Good On Paper: the true story is one of such movies. It is a combination of cast and direction. It has something out-of-the-league elements. Good On Paper has many fresh and creative scenes and twists of the debutant director. The movie is unique and impressive. The director of Good on Paper is Kimmy Gatewood. The producers are paul Bermon and sam slater.

What will be the plotline of Good on Paper: The True Story?

The genre of Good on Paper is comedy and romance. Often, we want a person with good looks, humour, similar hobbies, and fit. This is universally accepted, No person is perfect. The core concept behind this movie is being only good on paper and not in real life. With time their truth is seen.

A Review Born A Champion 

The relation between romance and comedy is evergreen. Kimmy Gatewood’s debut as a director is new for the industry. Andrea Singer is a Comedian in this movie and is betrayed by everyone in her life and suffers a lot. Dennis, a Young and perfect boy meets her at flight.

At first sight, he seems perfect, and a good sense of humour make her attractive. They start hanging out with each other. Friendship grows, Dennis helps with her auditions. Propose her at last. She rejects him. They went outside for partying and went high, hooked up. Finally, in the dawn, she agreed to be in the relationship. They start dating, at first, everything seems true and perfect.

Good On Paper

Margret, a friend of Andrea starts doubting him. Later both found that he was faking all good traits all the time. In an interview, Iliza mentioned that most of the movie is based on true events. she also stated, the film is faster than her actual life.

Release Date: When Can Watch the New Movie, Good on Paper: True Story?

The cute authentic events of the comedian have been released. Good on Paper was released early this year on June 23, 2021.

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What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in Good on Paper: True Story?

Good On Paper

1. Iliza Shlesinger played the role of Andrea Singer. He is a stand-up comedian who presents romance in a flirty and cheesy way.).

2. Ryan Hansen as Dennis Kelley. (Andrea love Dennis and show great interest in him. Dennis is a Hypocrite, and a liar, he disguises himself as a truthful person but faking all the time.)

3. Margaret Cho played the role of Margot. she is a bar owner and one of the closest friends of Andrea. She is first to doubt Dennis).

4. Rebecca Rittenhouse as Serena Halstead. (a rival actress who seems to audition for parts of Andrea is going to.)

5. Matt McGorry as Brett. (Cousin of Andrea and from yale).

6. Tyler Cameron as Ruggedly (Handsome Man)

7. Taylor Hill as Chanterelle

8. Kimia Behpoornia as Maggie,( Dennis’s roommate)

9. Beth Dover as Leslie.

Where Fans Can Watch Good on Paper: True Story?

Good on Paper is a 2021 American romantic comedy movie. The brand new story was released on Netflix, on June 23, 2021. Every artist in the Movie explicitly flaunts their acting Skill, to impress the audience. The actor works with their full potential to make it realistic. They did not only act but lived the original life of the characters. It is a must-watch movie only for open minders.

What Are the Ratings of Good on Paper: the True Story?

The new movie, Good on Paper, received mixed reviews from critics. The ratings of Good on Paper is 5.6/10 on IMDb. 51% rotten tomatoes. The new concept becomes very popular among youngsters and artists. Instead, the popularity movie bites the bullet of pandemic and economic restraints.


it is indeed a Deep story and shows events and incidents that happen in the life of an artist. Good on Paper deals with problems of couples. When they are in a relationship. The dilemma between love and career. Director beautifully addressed the major issues of being robbed in a relationship.

This movie is ahead of the time. The script was powerful and demanding.

Being a romantic movie with the comedy genre, you can’t expect tears. Still, it does make an impact on the human heart. Sometimes you feel bad for Andrea. Iliza can easily convert this movie into her live performance.

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