Can You Expect Great Pretender Season 3?

The Great Pretender on Netflix is like a buried treasure waiting to be discovered. The release of the third season has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the show. Wit Studio’s Great Pretender is a Netflix Original anime series that premiered on the streaming service on January 25, 2019. The show will be released in two seasons, one in June 2020 and the other in July 2020. Great Pretender turns out to be a Japanese violent drama. It becomes pretty straightforward as a result of this definition. Every moment is shocking, and the tension continues until the last episode.

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How Great Pretender Season 2 Ended?

Makoto returns to Japan, determined to rebuild his life, and finds work, but he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. Cynthia and Shi Ohn arrive in Japan to begin the con on Scarlet Company, while Makoto and his employer follow them to the United Arab Emirates to watch an abduction. When Makoto comes to translate for a delegation from the Suzaku Group’s Shanghai division, he notices the interpreter seems familiar. Makoto is still working for Akemi two months after the con ends, and one night he is visited by a guy he believes he witnessed die in front of him.

After assisting a bunch of con artists in Paris, a younger Laurent joins them; while they travel across the world, he falls in love. Dorothy is misidentified as an Ethiopian princess, and her kidnapping is staged for the Shanghai gang, but everything goes wrong.

When Laurent returns to Shanghai, the final phase of the con on the Shanghai gang begins; the stakes are higher than ever, and there is no room for error. Both sides are preparing for a crucial meeting in Tokyo, where Laurent and Makoto will serve as interpreters; everything hinges on Makoto’s decision. The Wizard of the Far East performs one more magic trick, and some individuals receive their just deserts.

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Update About the Great Pretender Season 3

Wit Studio and Netflix have not ordered a third season of the anime. When we consider the show’s reputation, we find that it has a 76.5 percent rating. This music sounds interesting for the third season when compared to other anime scores. There are no obstacles, in our opinion, to the series receiving a third season. Wit Studio or another studio will be ready when Netflix requests a third season. Rather than a lack of storyline, the insufficiency of rebirth might be attributed to disturbances caused by the worldwide epidemic.

Even if the previous season’s verdict was reasonable, it was nevertheless a cliffhanger. Even though the previous season’s finale had a respectable finish, it was still an open-ended conclusion. More heists and significantly more interactional soap operas among the major characters were suggested in this episode. After their final theft, they took a step back. Laurent and he talked about his intentions for retirement.

great pretender season 3

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Who All Are the Cast of Great Pretender Season

Makoto Edamura Voiced by Alan Lee

The protagonist is a small-time Japanese con artist with big dreams. In order to pay his sick mother’s medical costs, he starts working for a corporation he has no idea is committing fraud, and he gets caught and imprisoned as a result of his involvement. He decides to become a con artist after being unable to find honest job upon his release due to his imprisonment and the stigma associated with his father’s criminal background.

After a failed effort to con Laurent, he becomes Laurent’s partner. Laurent, who has trouble pronouncing his name, gives him the nickname “Edamame.” He is fascinated by gashapon and purchases them at various stages during the series.

Laurent Thierry voiced by Aaron Phillips

An excellent French con artist known for his persuasion skills and witty repartee. He grew up in Brussels with his mother, Emma Thierry, and intended to be a diplomat, so he mastered multiple languages as a youngster. Hugo, an investor, took advantage of Emma’s dyslexia and defrauded her of her life wealth. Laurent attempted to kill Hugo one night, but instead stabbed a lady named Dorothy, with whom he eventually fell in love. He is a gentleman thief who exclusively targets wealthy, corrupt individuals who are a detrimental influence in society.

Abigail Jones voiced by Kausar Mohammed

Laurent’s second-in-command is an athletic, quiet woman. Her exceptional athletic talents stem in part from her ballet training as a kid. When Baghdad was bombed, her parents were killed, and she became a child soldier. As a reminder of her parents, she wears a damaged medal she earned at a ballet competition.

Cynthia Moore voiced by Laura Post

Laurent’s accomplice who manipulates her prey with her feminine charms and acting talents. Her talents stemmed from her training as a young adult to become a theatre actor.

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Wrapping Up

Despite the show’s tremendous popularity and the release of the second season some months ago, there has been no word on whether it would be renewed for a third season. Fortunately, Hiro Kaburagi, the series’ director, provided clues for enhancing and continuing the anime’s plot. According to sources, he praised the audience for their overwhelming support, both in Japan and abroad, in an interview with the anime news network. He went on to say that the squad is hoping for a stronger season than the previous one. He thanked the crowd and requested them to help resurrect the narrative for a second chapter by delivering additional Netflix views.

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