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Hello to everyone, who is in search of a reliable brand to shop for fashion-related stuff, or maybe you are someone who is a foodie and loves to try different kinds of foods and wine just like me. Now you must be thinking that there are a lot of other websites and apps too that serve the same. So, for that keep reading this article till the very end.

Well, here your search ends because I got your back friend.

Let me introduce you first with the brand name which you might have already heard of but let me give you a brief overview now.


Harvey Nichols is a renowned brand in the terms of premium luxury fashion retailers, premium food and wine offers just as I have already mentioned earlier.

Harvey Nichols came into existence in 1831 in Knightbridge. Harvey Nichols and a vision of sourcing the most popular and wanted cutting-edge designer brands. In the way towards the brand’s success, this brand Harvey Nichols has been recognized as the United Kingdom’s premium luxury fashion retailer. Not just in the United Kingdom but also in all the other countries that know about the brand and Harvey Nichols is internationally renowned for its expertise. There would be no lie if we call it award winning in terms of premium restaurants.

Now, in terms of the availability this brand Harvey Nichols is available in 7 places in the United Kingdom and Ireland itself. Which consists of some large stores and some small as well. London, Edinburg, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester have the big stores of Harvey Nichols whereas Bristol and Dubblin have a small one comparatively. Now, it is not just this but Harvey Nichols also owns another larger format store overseas. Which includes the one in Riyadh, and another one is in Dubai, two of the Harvey Nichols stores are in Hong Kong, and the other isin Doha Festival City, and last but obviously not the least the one in Kuwait.

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Later in November 2012 Harvey Nichols came up with the concept of beauty stores, Beauty Bazaar which they opened in Liverpool.

Now, all the stores in the United Kingdom consist of Luxuries like Food markets and Restaurant, some luxury cafes and Brasserie on the South Bank of London.

So, if you want to experience an ultimate fashion experience go grab the deals from Harvey Nicholas stores, as we have already mentioned they have an amazing and premium fashion collection for you all. You might have not seen a place like a club for which you do not need any membership, that is amazing right?

Well, Harvey Nicholas is that club which literally does not need any membership at all. This Harvey Nicholas is the place where you will get everything you need- from everyday to some extraordinary fashion stuff you get right on your hands. Exclusive, niche and established labels are all along the sides of the accessible daily routine collections, to offer the customers and the edits for the must have edit items in the stores available right there on time.

Now, after reading this you will get to know about it a lot, but you might have some questions regarding privacy like-

Is it safe to use its website on your phone or laptop?

Is it safe to do transactions online?

And maybe if it is safe to post your personal information like your address and cell phone number?

Well do not need to worry we will give answers for all of them one by one without any fail, but before that we would like you to know about the policies they have and they strictly follow it.

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The Idea behind this amazing brand Harvey Nichols has come up in the mind of Benjamin Harvey in 1831. He started with a Linen Shop at the very corner of knightsbridge of the Sloane Streets of London.

Mr. Benjamin Harvey worked really well and his hard work gave him a result as the expansion of the shop in 1835 as no. 8 next door and since then this keeps on expanding and earning success from the following years.

In the year of 1850 the Harvey Nichols company had to face a real mishap, that is the death of Benjamin Harvey after which the business went into the care of his wife Anne. Mrs. Anne made some wise decisions on the account of the business’s wellness, she went into partnership with James Nichols after which the Linen shop became the Harvey Nichols & Co.

In the year of 1872 Mrs. Anne died and that time Mr. James Nichlos was the only person in the partnership or can say he was a sole partner of the firm. But unfortunately after Mrs. Anne , Mr. James died in the year of 1874 that time business had its value in the market. After Mr. James’ died that time Harvey Nichols occupied the entire block between Seville street and Sloane street. After that In the year 1904 the location went into address changes and became 109 – 125 Knightsbridge.

After all these sudden changes in the year 1975 there was a launch of a restaurant named as Harvey’s on the fifth floor and instantly got success. By the time of the 1980’s Harvey Nichols was driven by the forces in the introduction of mixed collections, which mainly encouraged the likes of Max Mara and Nicole Farhi so that to encourage a variety of pieces rather than to focus on only one department. Majorly they wanted the mix of fashion and not stuck at only one. Which resulted as out of 6 floors the 4 floors were devoted towards fashion. And finally in 1985 the Harvey Nichols was bought and owned by the Burton Group.

After this the Harvey Nichols was under the ownership of Dickson Poon of Dickson Concept. And just like this the store keeps on undergoing transformations and changes on and on, over and over again. A new restaurant, a cafe and a bar and also a food market were opened on the fifth floor with an amazingly and obviously very unique idea of an express lift which allowed for later opening hours after the main store opened. And trust me with this information the store gains an amazing level of popularity among people and in the market.

In 1996, Harvey Nichols was listed under the London Stock Exchange and also launched the OXO Tower restaurant at that time. It also became the First international fashion store of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2000. Now, Looking at the current phrase of Harvey Nichols today they own 7 stores within the UK and Ireland.

Policies for Harvey Nichols


The privacy policy of any company explains a lot about them so while picking up from any new brand or company do check its policies. The privacy policy explains that the brand explains how they use your personal information only for the business related stuff which is under your considerations and will.

  • The site and the services which Harvey Nichols is providing is made available by various groups of companies in the Harvey Nichols group of companies, some of them including third party licensees.
  • They have also given you options to exercise your own rights to set out in their privacy policy, also if you have any questions regarding their policy you ask questions to them as well. They have provided a few contact numbers on their website. So, if you have any questions I would suggest you have a look on their website else, you can click on the Button.

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  • They collect all your personal information which is required to provide services to you including the products which you have ordered from them. They maintain your personal data and submit them to fulfill the purpose of supplying services to you.
  • The data they process included in the name of your personal data includes your name, address, phone no., email address, and your payment information (wherever applicable). All this just to fulfill the supply services, maintain the database, and keep records for the potential customers.
  • In this time of pandemic covid 19 and the guidance of the UK government in relation to the NHS test and the trace service. They have started collecting your full names, your address, email addresses of the guests or maybe the primary guests in case of the group visits. But for your confirmation they do not already retain your information, your information will be secured with the security systems for 21 days and after it will be deleted. So, by all means your personal data can only be shared with the NHS that too only when it is required and relevant.
  • Although they do share your personal data with the third parties like-
  1. Credit Card Companies or any Payment provider to help us with the payment process and refunds.
  2. Delivery and Courier Services to help us deliver your products and in the case of processing returns.
  3. IT Service Providers to help us run and manage and also backup our internal IT System like- Cloud based software service provider, website hosting and management, data analysis, and data backup, and Security services.
  • Also, they change their policy time to time about how they use your personal information and you can always check for the current policy because they believe in transparency. In case of anything in particular you might get an email related to that sended by them.

Now let’s discuss some of the information and the services they provide.

Information and Services

  • Incase if you have ever buy anything from Harvey Nicholas from Global-e then you must have noticed while making payments that the payment method has been automatically changed to Global-e// Nichols and then your purchase would have been subjected to Global-e terms and for that, the privacy and policy can be found in the given link down below.

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  • Now, all international orders are subject to Global-e orders and for that terms and conditions will be changed. All you need to do to make a Global-e order is that you have to give your valid email address In which Harvey Nicolas will send you an order acknowledgement email in which their will be the details of the products you have ordered and by this it does not really mean that they have accepted your orders, the order acceptance will happen once the despatch process starts and fro that they will send you a mail again. After this dispatch the contracts between you and Harvey Nichols come into existence.
  • But if by any chance they don’t accept your order and you have already made the payments then in that case they refund you the full amount which you have paid and the As soon as possible.
  • About prices, we would like to tell you they have amazing prices in which you would like to buy, and the other most amazing part is that in their website you will get the prices of the products in whichever country you have selected first. At the time of check out you will get the complete picture of the prices including delivery charges, taxes for the country and all other delivery relevant charges. For more detailed information you can check out their delivery page. Link is given below.

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  • They have so many different payment methods available for you all and some of those I am mentioning below.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and PayPal all these for international orders and also for some selected countries, we have named them down below.

Abaqoos, Alipay, ApplePay, CashOnDelivery, Diners, Discover, Dotpay, eNETS, EPS, Giropay, iDeal, Klarna, MisterCash, Moneta, Multibanco, PaypalExpress, Przelewy24, Qiwi Wallet, Sofortüberweisung, Trustly, Trustpay, UnionPay, Wechat.

  • All the questions you have related to their policies, regarding their conditions, you can directly contact them or you can send you a complaint directly to their head offices of Harvey Nicholas. Address for that is as follows.

The Compliance Officer

Harvey Nichols Group Ltd

361 – 365 Chiswick High Road


W4 4HS

Tel: +44 (0)20 7201 8490

Email Address: [email protected]

Pros and Cons about the Harvey Nichols

Now, after all this information regarding the brand, you must have gotten the confidence on the brand that they are totally genuine and have a great value among the market. But now let’s see if it is a good idea to buy from it or not?

For giving you detailed and accurate information about the brand we have gotten too deep about it and grab some amazing things you definitely want to know. So people have a mixed view about the brand.


  • The speedy Deliver
  • The Product Quality
  • The Uniqueness in the design of the products.
  • Premium products availability
  • Supportive Customer Care service In case of refund and any other issue.
  • Amazing In store experience
  • A lot of chances to improve.


  • Maybe sometimes the product might get delayed for delivery
  • Changes of wrong packaging.


  • What is the return policy for your company?

As a matter of fact you can also check their terms and condition policy but for now, the company has a return policy in which it is clearly mentioned that they take the products new and unused with the Harvey Nichols Tag intact and also the original packaging within the 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the products. Any card for authenticity and maybe dust bags provided should be included. If any type of the damaged product gets returned like: (soiled and worn or altered) will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customers again.

If we have received a damaged product. What should we do then?

Do not worry in the case of damage, first, we would really appreciate it if you check the product as soon as you get it. And then contact the Harvey Nichols online team immediately. By mentioning their Order number and listing the product which is damaged.

Can we change the order and cancel it after placing the order?

It has been advised not to do so, because they generally prepare your order to dispatch it immediately after you place it. So, most of the time you might not get the option to cancel it. However, you have to return the order once you get it and for that you will definitely want to check their return policy (Link Provided Below), or may want to contact them online.

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How much time does it take to receive the refund?

Refunds can only be processed by the actual buyer of the product. The one who made the order and it can only be processed forward after the goods have been received by the distribution centre. Whereas on the other hand card refunds can take 10 working days to be processed depending upon the customer’s bank and this may vary from bank to bank and card to card. Deducting the shipment charges the rest will be refunded.

Can we return the products to the Harvey Nichols stores?

No, well Unfortunately they don’t support the idea of returns from the international customers.

Can we exchange the products?

Unfortunately, no but currently they are not exchanging any products shipped to international customers.

Can we exchange the order we have received as a gift?

Unfortunately, no but currently they are not exchanging any products shipped to international customers.


After going through all the detailed information we are happy to suggest you to go for it. We have checked every aspect, every measure to check for the brand and its consistency in the market. As you have read in the first para itself how old it is so there is already no question about that. After that we have discussed the policy it follows, and trust policies are really fine and totally trustworthy. One more thing which I would love to add is the word transparency for the brand. Yes, Harvey Nichols has shown every detailed policy they follow on the website itself and they were so open with the fact that they change their policy from time to time so before making any purchase from them just read their policies. Like they have nothing they don’t wanna tell you and let you know. Which is why you can trust the brand.

A good brand has consistency and transparency first and without any doubts they have both of them. In addition to all these things they also have amazing quality and designs in terms of fashion, an amazing uniqueness you would literally crave for. The designs are super amazing and super rare.

The price of the products are not very expensive. And not just a fashion store but it deals in a lot other stuff and all of them are high quality can say premium quality. An amazing food to eat, nice and premium quality of beers and wines. Super stylish and classy restaurants. Full authentic and adorable.

Payment methods are very simple and almost available for every country. Which means it is very flexible in terms of payments and everything. I really love their website. It is super cool and easy to handle. I would definitely recommend this to you this. You can go and shop now. Totally a trustable brand you should go for.

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