Hillbilly Elegy Author J.D. Vance Walks Back On His Words About Trump

J.D. Vance, most popularly known for his bestselling book Hillbilly Elegy, has walked back on his statements. The statements in question are his old tweets about former president Donald Trump. J.D. Vance is now quite an influential figure, especially in white and rural America. He has taken on the role of the new white supremacist in the nation. In fact, he is so influential, since late June, his book Hillbilly Elegy has sold more than half a million copies in America itself. J.D. Vance himself has graduated from top schools in the country like Yale. He is a product of the region of Ohio himself, and plans to move back there after he is done with his work in SF. Vance is also ex military. He’s also a commentator for the CNN and is very much in demand these days. He is an esteemed public speaker.

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The Controversy

As Hillbilly Elegy started taking America by storm, questions started being raised about Vance. The author had posted a number of anti Trump tweets back in 2016, when Trump was competing for his presidency. The presidential elections were a huge thing for Trump and J.D. Vance was one of the most openly critical people about Trump at that time. And today the author seems to be singing a completely different tune.

In a FOX News session on Monday, J.D. Vance walked back on all his statements regarding Trump that date back to 2016. This comes at the same time as the race for the open Ohio seat in the American Senate is on among Republican candidates and Vance happens to be one of those hopeful candidates. Last week, in a huge announcement, Vance announced his candidacy for the upcoming senate elections to replace Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s seat. The author has started his campaign in Donald Trump’s name, mounting on his reputation and appeal, and launched a populist conservative movement in Ohio. This comes as a shock to those who have been following the author for quite a long time now, as he was very anti Trump during the 2016 elections.

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How It Happened

Vance thought that everything was going well for him, as he had the support he needed. In fact, he has the support of popular billionaire Peter Thiel who is also a conservative. In addition to this, he also has the support of the media tycoon Tucker Carlson from FOX News. So things really were going well for him. Until the controversy happened. The controversy started unveiling as Andrew Kaczynski from CNN started highlighting several of his deleted tweets about Trump in the past. He retrieved an archive of his tweets and pasted it online for the world to see.

And we would not blame him, given the way things have turned against Vance. He was openly critical of Trump back in 2016, and even said he would vote for another independent candidate, but not Trump. He also called Trump reprehensible for his hostile attitude towards Muslims and other minorities. But just a few days ago, J.D. Vance visited Mar-a-Lago in Florida to gain the endorsement of none other than Trump himself. Trump’s endorsement is going to matter a lot, but this is food for controversy.

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How He Walked Back

On Monday, Vance walked back on all his previous statements about Trump on FOX News. He stated that he criticized Trump like a lot of other people back in 2016, and that he asks people not to judge him based on his past actions or what he said. He said that he regretted being wrong about Trump.

In fact, he also added that he thought Trump was a good president, and that he did a lot of good for the nation. He also stated that Trump took a lot of flak for his work during his presidency. Vance also stated that he has been facing a lot of criticism for standing up for Trump and his supporters.

In addition to this, he had more to say about his words. He stated that it was the most important thing to stand up for what you said five years ago and be willing to take the heat and responsibility that comes along with it. And he would be right it seems. The opposition is already unloading at him about his tweets back in 2016. And he’s under a lot of public scrutinies. But we guess that is something that comes with the territory. Nevertheless, this senate race is going to be a nail biter for sure.

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