If Anything Happens I Love You: A Movie You Can’t Miss

If you’ve just visited Netflix, you may have spotted an odd cartoon titled “If Anything Happens I Love You” among the top ten titles. Everybody on TikTok is talking about it, People on Twitter is sobbing over it, and after you’ve seen, you’ll be forwarding it directly to your group chat to discuss how heartbreaking it is. So, what exactly is it? Everything you need to know is right here.

If Anything Happens I Love You animator and animation director Youngran Nho told Mashable that she used this approach into the film to emphasise the characters’ feelings.

“Because the film is so vulnerable and raw-feeling,” she explained, “I also wanted to make it seem extremely raw and unfinished, like drawings.”

It works wonders on the parents’ and daughter’s recollections of her, evoking strong feelings. With its black appearance and loving, curious manner, the family’s cat, too, had this extra characteristic that made me connect with it as if it were one of my own cats, and the inherent, melancholy ignorance of what it can comprehend in its head.

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What is “If anything happens i love you” all About?

Following the loss of their teenaged daughter, two parents become estranged from one another. Both parents are watched over by shadows reflecting their actual emotions, despite their refusal to talk to one another in person. While the father goes outside, the mother considers going into her daughter’s former room, but she is stopped by overwhelming pain and loss.

The mother begins to cry while doing laundry after learning she has washed her daughter’s blouse. She sits near the washing machine, causing a soccer ball to tumble down and open her daughter’s room, as well as a record player, which plays the song “1950.” The mother enters the room, where she subsequently meets up with her husband. While “1950” plays in the background, a shadow of their daughter emerges from the record player, prompting the parents to recall incidents from their daughter’s life.

The parents see their daughter grow up in a sequence of flashbacks, including her developing a passion for soccer, celebrating her tenth birthday, and kissing for the first time. The girl leaves her parents to go to school in the final flashback.

Knowing what’s going to happen, the parents’ shadows try to prevent her from entering the premises, but they fail because this is a memory. The daughter is shot and died inside the school during a school shooting, and her farewell text to her parents is “If anything happens, I love you.”

As the parents’ shadows grow apart, the daughter’s shadow draws them closer together, causing the actual parents to remember the beautiful times they had with their daughter when she was alive. In the present, the parents hug, and the daughter’s shadow transforms into a dazzling light between her heartbroken parents’ shadows.

if anything happens i love you

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Things You Didn’t Know About if anything happens i love you

The basic concept for the film arose from a meeting between authors Will McCormack and Michael Govier, who met at an acting school and became friends, where Govier thought of producing a film where shadows symbolised emotions that humans couldn’t access. McCormack agreed, calling the notion “strong.” The film’s purpose was to depict “the pain that still remains in the community, even though the news cycle has passed them by, and what that loss looks like.”

Aware of the difficult subject matter, the team spoke with numerous parents who had lost their children to school shootings and gun violence in the United States to create the film. Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action also collaborated closely with the duo, allowing the groups to provide their own comments on the film’s screenplay and highlight the overall theme.

The couple initially met with producer Maryann Garger to discuss turning their self-funded idea into an animated picture. If Anything Happens, I Love You began production in late 2018, with animation taking place between April and December of that year. Youngran Nho, Haein Michelle Heo, and Julia Gomes Rodrigues were among the twenty-eight persons that collaborated on the short film, which was animated with TVPaint Animation. In February 2020, production came to an end. An all-female group animated, wrote, and lead-produced the short to emphasise the significance of diversity and representation in animation.

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Wrapping Up

So, the movie is now available on Netflix and has become quite a phenomenon, which I’m sure you didn’t expect. This just does not happen with short films. What was it like for you on this leg of the journey?

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