Let’s Take you Through “In the Dark Season 1”

Dark on Netflix is chock-full of Easter eggs. Since the release of the series’ third and final season in June, new and returning viewers have been encouraged to revisit some of their favourite yet ambiguous moments from the series in order to better appreciate the masterpiece that was the final season.

Let’s Take You Through the Episodes of In the Dark Season 1

Episode 1

Murphy, a twenty-something antisocial blind woman, has a very routine existence of drunken hookups and chain smoking, confiding in only Tyson, an adolescent drug dealer who befriends her. Murphy comes discovers what she assumes to be Tyson’s body while walking her dog one night, but after a police inquiry turns up nothing, she falls into a deep despair, ending in her being discovered sleeping with a married man, Bradley, and losing her cane. Darnell, Tyson’s cousin and supplier, greets her as she returns to Tyson’s old corner and informs her that he is still alive. Gayle, Bradley’s wife, withdraws a payment to Murphy’s parents, causing a rift between her and her mother Joy, who has given up trying to assist her.

Episode 2

Murphy chooses to call Tyson’s mother Rhonda because he is unable to make a missing persons report for him. She also finds that her doctor is refusing to treat her bladder infection owing to overdue expenses. Murphy informs Chloe that her father might explore dating while calling Dean for an update. Vanessa doesn’t seem to love Jess, so she becomes anxious. Joy and Hank plan a “barkery” event to generate money for the school where Joy’s kid will be enrolled. Murphy inquires about Darnell’s address, but he refuses to provide it.

Episode 3

Murphy shoves Max off while having sex and injures his genitals after he reveals his emotions for her. She and Jess attempt to talk with Tyson’s girlfriend, but they are ejected from the school grounds. Murphy persuades Felix to host an outreach event at the school in order for her to gain entrance.

Murphy pushes Max out as he tries to break through her emotional barriers. Darnell tries to steal part of the money he’s collecting for Tyson’s mother, but she refuses. Felix is anxious about speaking to the pupils, but he learns that if he pretends to be blind, he can connect with them.

in the dark season

Episode 4

Murphy and Chloe steal Dean’s police computer and use it to look for Jaime’s address, which is six hours away in Wisconsin. Because Jess is unable to drive her, she turns to Max for assistance and lies to Joy in order to avoid a prior engagement. Murphy, on the other hand, refuses to help when she gets caught in a restroom stall and then nearly gets struck by a truck. One of the school’s trainers is adamant about keeping her guiding dog.

Felix inadvertently reveals Murphy’s deception to Joy. Jules, Dean’s colleague, finds that Tyson saw a murder just before he vanished. Jaime turns out to be Tyson’s biological father’s name, who informs her that Tyson is alive and well outside of Chicago.

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Episode 5

Dean tells Murphy about his new lead and strikes up a conversation with Chelsea, a bartender. Murphy grows increasingly concerned that she is expecting a child. Darnell attempts to go out on a date with Jules, but the date is ruined by an unexpected phone call. Murphy, unsure of herself, chooses to touch a corpse to see whether she truly did sense Tyson’s body.

She and Jess visit Felix’s dying uncle, and his mother offers them a place to stay. Darnell informs Max that he needs to put a stop to his relationship with Murphy. When a drunk Murphy learns why the girls arrived, he kicks them out. Felix admits to the girls that he is mainly separated from his unsupportive family and loves their companionship.

Episode 6

Murphy is crushed when Dean informs her of Tyson’s death; she is caught while attempting to smoke near the crime site and refuses to answer any questions. When Max persists on discussing her feelings, she dumps him as well. Rhonda is adamant about Darnell paying for Tyson’s burial.

Murphy is summoned by Dean and Jules, who disclose that Tyson was murdered by a gunshot to the head; Murphy then learns that he was still alive when she discovered him, making her feel guilty for his death. When she attempts to bury her remorse by hooking up with a bar customer, he rejects her since she’s too inebriated to feel anything.

Episode 7

Darnell is denied permission to deal with Wesley by Nia, who claims she wants to handle it herself. Murphy calls the cops and chooses Wesley from a list of possible suspects. Hank asks Felix to get him some cannabis in a stealthy manner. Murphy drives Chloe to the shopping centre. Wesley abducts them while out on bail, but Murphy uses a lipstick message to encourage a passerby to contact 911. Darnell, Max, and Jess hunt down Wesley, who tries to flee but is hit by a vehicle.

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How In the Dark Season 1 Ended?

After a night of wandering in the woods, Murphy finally receives assistance. I’m on a mission to find out what happened to Max. Murphy pays a visit to Max’s ex-girlfriend Jenny, hoping to learn more about Max’s location. When Murphy and Jess realise Max isn’t heading to Jenny’s house, they go to Max’s favourite pub, where he eventually shows up.

The reunion, however, is cut short when Felix reports the Guiding Hope van stolen and Murphy and Jess are jailed. Murphy and Jess had a confrontation in jail about Murphy’s concern with Tyson’s death. Jess makes the decision to quit aiding Murphy and takes Felix’s place.

Felix and Jess need money for Guiding Hope, so they travel to the lake cabin to look for the drug money that Max concealed. Jules phones Murphy and gives her information about Tyson’s killer. One of Nia’s thugs then assaults Jules. Murphy seduces Dean and convinces him to confess to the murder of Tyson.

Dean admits to giving Nia tips in return for money to pay for Chloe’s medical costs, and that he killed Tyson when he threatened to divulge Dean’s secret. Murphy attempts to flee with a tape, but Dean apprehends her and pushes her into his car. Murphy assaults Dean, resulting in a vehicle accident. Nia pays a visit to Murphy in the hospital and informs her that her friends have died.

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Wrapping Up

On March 2, 2018, it was announced that Perry Mattfeld would play Murphy in the series’ pilot, alongside Brooke Markham as Murphy’s roommate and best friend, and Keston John as Darnell, a local drug dealer; on March 9, Kathleen York would play Murphy’s mother, Joy, and Derek Webster would play Joy’s husband, Hank. On March 12, Austin Nichols was cast as Dean, a cop with a blind kid. On May 16, 2018, The CW confirmed that Dean’s character has been recast, with Rich Sommer replacing Nichols on July 13, 2018. Matt Murray was cast in a recurring role for the second season on September 10, 2019.

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