Are You Excited For Indian Matchmaking Season 2?

It was a bit contentious when “Indian Matchmaking” launched on Netflix in 2020. Some people felt it was fantastic to have more diversity on the site, while others saw it as exploitative and harmful. In case you missed it, “Indian Matchmaking” followed eight young people of Indian origin as they worked with a matchmaker, Sima Taparia, in the hopes of finding their true love.

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How Good Was Indian Matchmaking Season 1?

The Emmy-nominated sitcom ‘Indian Matchmaking’ has been revived for a second season by Netflix. Sima Taparia, who rose to stardom during the first season of the show, will return to assist individuals discover their ideal partners. After its premiere, ‘Indian Matchmaking’ stirred several debates. Meanwhile, the show received an Emmy nomination for ‘Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program’ at the 73rd Emmy Awards.


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What About Indian Matchmaking Season 2?

In July 2020, the first season of “Indian Matchmaker” premiered. It consisted of eight episodes that followed eight romantic hopefuls on their difficult journey to true love. We can reasonably assume that Season 2 will include at least as many episodes and participants as Season 1, if not more, based on the popularity of Season 1, which begs the question: when can we expect to see it? This is a little more difficult.

Sima Taparia, a well-known matchmaker, was featured in Season 1 uniting lovelorn singles all around the world. COVID-19 is here, and it’s going to make filmmaking a whole lot more difficult. Taparia’s plans to see the world were likely thwarted as soon as international travel restrictions were imposed. More than a year after the Season 1 debut, the programme was officially renewed in August 2021. To cut a long tale short, we’ll have to wait a bit to hear from our favourite international matchmaker.

Who Will Return for Season 2?

Sima Taparia, the resident matchmaker, will return for Season 2 of “Indian Matchmaking,” and she’ll be joined by a whole new cast. “In Season 2, we have characters from diverse religious origins, different socioeconomic backgrounds, and different ideological backgrounds,” series creator Smriti Mundhra told PopSugar in an interview.

One of the most common accusations levelled at the program was that it perpetuated outmoded concepts of colorism, social position, and the significance of the caste system in Indian culture. As a result, when planning Season 2, the producers took it into consideration. “I wanted the show to reflect multiple facets of the diaspora rather than just one,” Mundhra explained.

Netflix put out a wide casting call for the next season in order to ensure a diverse roster. The ad asks, “Are you seeking for love?” “Sima Taparia, a master matchmaker, brings individuals together in the hopes of finding a perfect marriage. Tell us why you’d want to entrust your chance at love to her!” What are the qualifications for making Season 2? Apparently, not much. Netflix just requires that you be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Ireland.

indian matchmaking season 2

We can’t say who’s in the cast just yet because the platform is currently taking applications for Season 2. However, if you’ve ever wanted to be on “Indian Matchmaking,” there’s no time like the present.

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How Season 1 Ended?

Aparna Shewakramani, a Houston lawyer, told an entertainment website that she was still unmarried but kept in touch with the three guys she met through Indian Matchmaking. Despite the fact that they were only good friends, Aparna thought the show to be enjoyable. Pradhyuman Maloo, a Mumbai-based jewellery designer, claimed that he and his partner had broken up because they desired different things out of life.

Nadia Jagessar, a New Jersey wedding coordinator, was likewise unable to locate a life companion. Nadia seems to fancy a lawyer called Sekhar at the conclusion of the episode. However, she then stated in an interview with a news website that they both broke up after the cameras stopped filming.

Vyasar Ganesan, the fan-favorite participant on Indian Matchmaking, is also still unmarried. Vyasar told a portal that he was unmarried for no one’s fault because matching was a difficult task. He also mentioned that the folks he matched with were still pals.

Akshay appeared to be the only competitor on the show who was serious about marrying his partner. He was engaged to a girl from Udaipur, but he subsequently revealed to a portal that they had broken up. He claimed that he called off the wedding after learning about several issues that bothered him. In the end, it appears that none of the Indian Matchmaking participants met their life spouse on the show.

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Wrapping Up

While some viewers thought the performance was a tad retrograde, it did bring to light a sad truth that is all too often in India. With the uncomfortable pauses, choice of music, and some of the sentences that can have you in splits, it’s hard to think the reality series wasn’t meant as a comedy. The concept of matching ‘kundlis,’ choosing a female with ‘fair complexion,’ a ‘decent height,’ or who is ‘flexible in temperament,’ and the matchmaker’s renowned advise – ‘you will have to compromise,’ accounts for the majority of the show.

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